Practice English Speaking&Listening with: コロナを予防し退治する「シンプルな実践法」【ヒマラヤ大聖者ヨグマタ相川圭子 公式】

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Hello everyone.

Im Yogmata, Keiko Aikawa.

Some of you might be meeting with me for the first time today.

I trained in the Himalayas and achieved the ultimate Samadhi; Nirvana in Buddhism.

I experienced becoming one with God.

Purifying my body, mind and spirit, I went beyond death, became supreme consciousness,

and after 4 to 5 days in a deep state, I resurrected.

Being chosen to be a Himalayan saint, I had a very rare experience,

traveling throughout India and holding public Samadhi to prove the truth for promoting world peace.

Currently I am teaching Himalayan Siddha meditation and the truth, in Japan and the US

by giving secret initiation and blessings to guide people to a more beautiful life.

Following a truly harsh training,

I was selected and blessed at a meeting of Himalayan saints.

They bestowed me with the power to save and transform people.

Now I am teaching meditation.

I discovered Yoga when I was 18 years old.

At that time, no one was practicing in Japan.

I was attracted to it.

I broadened my learning into Eastern medicine, healing, psychology and religions.

I was nearly 40 when I first visited the Himalayas.

Back then, I was holding Yoga classes at 50 locations around Tokyo.

I was a kind of a pioneer of Yoga in Japan.

However, having taught Yoga to many, I felt the need to develop myself further.

Fortunately, I had a chance to meet a Himalayan saint and was selected.

I travelled to the Himalayan hinterlands going back and forth to Japan over 7 years.

Subsequently, I taught how to be happy through invigorating the body, mind and spirit,

awakening inner power and balancing.

Through this teaching, in seminars, everyone can surely become happier.

Also, Ive published 50 books in Japanese as well 3 English books.

Still there are many people who do not know about me.

Since COVID-19 has spread out around the world, many people are suffering from anxiety.

Here in Japan, people also face this continuing dangerous situation.

Id like to offer encouragement, to you, to overcome this difficult time.

Thats why I am taking this opportunity to meet and share some tips with you.

Originally, Himalayan teaching was a secret mystery conveyed from master to disciples.

The master is a guru who guides people from darkness to the light.

Until now, I have been teaching the secret mystery

only for those who wish to train for living a true sincere life for world peace and love

and to make others happy and not just for selfish desire.

I wish for all to feel happiness in this critical situation.

Your body and mind consist of the same materials as the universe.

How can you cleanse and strengthen your immunity and life force?

We all have unlimited love, wisdom and life force within.

However, in times of anxiety, these powers are weakened and you are unable to utilize them.

Our body consists of 5 elements.

Our body consists of 5 elements.

Soil is the body element.

Cleansing water is also important.

By purifying this water element, our life force can be boosted.

We also have a fire element.

Fever is the state of fighting with the virus for balance.

Himalayan teaching conveys using fire energy to burn such unnatural matter.

Air energy circulates life energy taken into our bodies through the breath.

If we have difficulty in breathing, it causes confusion

Sky energy moves freely.

There is also sound energy.

I provide an initiation of sound as a secret mystery.

There is light energy and the secret mystery to generate light.

By all these elements, we can brighten our body; our micro-cosmos and reinforce our life force,

bring out wisdom, foster love and then live this life easily.

You can overcome any difficulty.

Today, Ill share the way to cleanse water energy, which is very simple.

So, please try it.

It is important to receive humbly with appreciation and not with poor thoughts.

Id like people in Japan and around the world to try this for strengthening life force to defeat COVID-19.

This is powerful.

First, drink boiling water 4 times a day.

Not too hot, about 70C / 158F.

This will moisten your throat, improve blood circulation and enter your organs.

4 times a day

Next, prepare boiling water (100C / 212F) and put it in a large bowl or washbasin.

Put your face over it and cover your head with a clean bath towel to stop air coming in.

Now, open your mouth and breath the steam into your throat to moisten it.

Please keep breathing like this for 2 mins.

This will cleanse your nose, throat and eyes.

Im sure you are washing your hands.

We take breath through the nose, food via the mouth, and anything from the outside through the senses.

Information coming in through the ears causes anxiety.

Your mind is easily swayed by this information such as worrying about the economy or the future.

And this worry increases your anxiety even further.

There is a soul deep within us.

Encountering your soul is the great benefit of Himalayan teaching.

That soul is self.

Finding self is known as self-realization.

Everyone is swayed by their own mind.

Being swayed by negative emotions will attract negativity further.

So, trust yourself from deep within.

Then practice this steam inhalation four times a day.

If you have family members, reheat for them to try.

Please practice 4 times a day for 4 consecutive days.

Then you can overcome the coronavirus.

Your throat and nose will become clear, and so will your vision.

This is a truly simple method you can practice at home.

Without visiting the Himalayan hinterlands, you can easily practice this in daily life.

Cleanse your senses. Purification is very important.

And become stable like calm water.

For example, the surface of ocean has many small waves.

The waves are just like the waves of your mind.

I teach people how to calm the waves of your mind.

There is the self as well as a calmness deep within you.

You can calm the self by connecting with it.

It requires time to teach this, so I will arrange a seminar for another occasion.

Then I will tell you a sacred mantra to overcome the coronavirus.

The mantra will have maximum power, cleanse all your stress and protect you.

It will be for your own security.

Since various energies and viruses are floating outside, you are scared of them.

And you might become unable to trust others.

With this mantra, you are truly protected all the time,

you can connect to the essence and live your life comfortably.

My strong hope is that you will receive the sacred vibration to proceed with your life.

To save everyone, is why, I offer such webinars.

Today I talked about the great energy of water.

In India, people cleanse themselves with water like bathing in the river Ganges.

In Japan, we call purification by waterMisogi.”

For purification, drink water.

If you want something tastier, a cup of black tea or milk tea, during the day, is okay as well.

Also, drink hot milk to become invigorated.

To minimize and remove your anxiety and to protect you from COVID-19, today,

I am urgently sharing some easy tips that you can do at home.

As a Himalayan saint who teaches in America and at the UN,

I hope for everyone around the world to be peaceful in mind with love, and to help each other.

By performing this activity, I hope for World Peace.

And I will continue to support you.

Please listen to this message and trust.

The Himalayan saints are wishing your happiness.

I was chosen and sent here by them.

Having received their blessings, I was told to save people in Japan.

I have arranged this opportunity to support everyone.

So please try this.

I hope you will receive an initiation of sacred vibration.

Im able to teach you how to achieve great success in this society.

And to support your life.

Thanks for today

I pray happiness for you all.

You will be okay. Stay safe

Lets overcome this difficulty together.

Hope to see you soon.


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