Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Florida bar employees save woman being attacked in bathroom

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New tonight, Police say the

staff at this popular dog bar

in St Pete helped save a woman

from an attack. She was being

rushed to her aid. FOX 13's

Dan Matics visited the bar

today to explain how they knew

something was wrong. This

happened Sunday here at the

dock bar on Central Avenue in

ST Pete. Police say swift

action from the bar manager

prevented this situation from

afternoon, St Pete. Detectives

say Jared match it came to the

dog bar with a woman that he

had met earlier in the day.

Investigators say the two went

police say things took a turn

and became violent. And

permission was never given.

Detectives say the woman was

able to get to her phone and

message. The dock bar's

Facebook page that she was

being sexually assaulted and

for them to call police. They

did. Bar manager and a trusted

customer was able to get to the

bathroom to intervene. Rushing

the woman to safety. I mean,

obviously we did everything we

could to try and be helpful.

my staff for Jumping in and

doing something immediately.

Obviously this is something you

could sit on. You know, 10

minutes later. Would've been a

the virtues of the staff for

doing what they did. Police say

they were able to quickly track

match it down nearby, where he

was arrested and charged with

The Description of Florida bar employees save woman being attacked in bathroom