Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Moshi Monsters Zommer Keychain Unboxing (HD)

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On this episode of Scott Vs. Box, I open up Moshi Monsters Zommer Keychain! He's so cute

and deadly! (Childlike noises) (SINGING EXPLOSION)

This is Moshi Monsters Zommer Keychain. Oh good, my keys are just loose in my pocket

all the time, so I need something to keep them together, and what better than Zommer!

It's for six and up, good thing I'm up! See on the back here, oh all the other keychains

I can get! I gotta collect them all. Welcome to Monstro city! Choose your favorite monster

and collect all six! Diablo! Katsuma! Furry! Zommer! Poppit! Lovely! Well, I got Zommer,

but soon I got to get the other ones. Maybe they'll be on my wish list on Amazon. Who's

to say? Mind candy. Alright let's get it open, let's enjoy all the fun of putting my keys

on there. Oh, you don't really need keys to your mother's basement. I'm just kidding everybody.

Ah, but let's see here, oh it comes with extra goodies, look at this! Comes with a little

friend. Oh, it's a little, it's got a bow on it's pyramid, so other little keys, in

case you have a dwarf for a friend. And then you got Zommer, rocking out! Oh, super cool.

Oh, and that is gonna be really spiky in your pocket! So you'll never fall asleep during

class. Or during a business meeting, or while driving. Wait, why are your keys in your pocket

while driving? Wake up stupid! Wake up! So there you go! Zommer, and his little buddy,

the keychain! From Moshi Monsters! Be sure to check out other hilarious Scott Vs. Box

videos below and subscribe to my channel right up here. And be sure to send me anything you

want for me to unbox on the show. Send it to this address, right here. And I'll give

you a free plug on the show. For free! Free! Unbox! Free! Free unbox Scott Vs. Box, free

free free free box box box box box (Yells in fright) I'm trapped! (Scratching noises)

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