Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【元関西2位】あなたは、このスネイク巻き込みサーブが取れますか!?|ちぃちゃん【卓球知恵袋】逆回転 最も

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As he shook him please

Make snakes

Down with a sidewalk

Hook serve for your cooperation I didn't know the serve.

How do you do it? How do you have?

The Grip Initially Removes Strength It's a way of holding things in such a way that you can't get the power.

With his fingers quite retracted Is it a state?

Yes, the racket usually does. I think I'm holding it.

By any means

No force is applied when the racket is held. In the same way

With a way of holding it so that it is hard to enter For the purpose

Put forces together for a moment of exposure With the feeling

It's too hard to rotate by hand at this moment. As I can't get rid of it

With his waist

As if he were going forward With the feeling

To be sure

I actually thought of it. Are there any ways to make the planes ...

Hook serve or sideways There are many people.

As a way of holding

Is there a different side? together

With the start at the basic time But I'm just going to be here.


Sometimes it looks unexpectedly I've been trying to do so.

Let's do it when you pull it in yourself. As if he had returned and deceived his opponent

Down with a sidewalk

It's with you to use your waist as a stream.

In a shorter serve As he tried

In a tingling pattern

There are many good ways to do it.

Serve below at the time With the face facing downward and facing straight

In the state

I'm afraid I'll be in front of you, haven't you? By turning it from here

Downward position from the moment of hitting Return to its original state after hitting

Actually this is the Slow In this way with a motion

Do this

This is easy to hold. That's right.

Is it easy to do?

It is easy to leave this surface.

It's a bit painful at last. It is painful to stretch.

By the way

I noticed that it was moving quickly. In fact

It looks like a snake, like a sea urchin. I have nothing to do with it.

The horizontal hour entered from the side and went down. At the end of the day, putting him beside him

Be the same

Cheating and sea urchins Make snakes

With all his power in his waist Put forward using

The basics of the system are rotated in various ways. But this is the same shape, isn't it?

Yes, we are together. Don't you just raise it?

That is the moment, isn't it?

Extremely like this That's right.

That's why it's going to grow so fast. That's right.

It looked at me at the beginning, isn't it?

As he thought it was side-by-side

There's a yatz and a gun beside him. And it was a little troubled with the fellow beneath him.

Before the fore

On the racket when uploading With the aim

Do you feel a little wrist?

In this strange way I'm putting emphasis on my thumb.

So I haven't shook it. I'm doing it and I'll see it from here.

Cut across

With your fingers and your stomach

Do you feel that you are putting effort into your stomach?

Is it the abdominal muscles?

The ventral muscles feel breathless in both dorsal muscles. so

During the overall serve hook serve Are you sure?

Focus on the belly

So I think my teeth are a thing.

I'm doing my best.

At first, we are pulling out of force.

With a racket in this state I just have it to keep it from falling.

In a confused manner As if he were a man of this nature

For himself at the foreground As it was before he fell to the table

With an awareness

From the first bounce basically We are conscious of where we can't do it.

Are you there?

The first bounce varies from course to course. But

It's a nice time for a long serve to come out, isn't it?

At the same time I am also conscious of the short points.

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