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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: We Trained Like The Avengers Cast For 30 Days

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- We're going to be training..

- Like the Avengers..

- For 30 days.

- Yay!

(upbeat music)

- So what we mean when we say "we're training like

the Avengers" just means that we're training like the

actors when they're preparing for their roles.

No poisonous spiders,

we're just hitting the gym for 30 days.

- Our trainer Rashawn, he actually did his homework.

He went out and found out exactly what these actors do.

He found out how they ate, what their workout regiment was..

- And we regular people are going to try to emulate

exactly that for the next 30 days.

- We're all going to be training like our favorite Avengers

and at the end of these 30 days..

We're going to be ready to save the Universe.

Or do a push up... that's the plan anyways.

(women laughing)

- Heys guys my name is Hal,

and I'm going to be training like Thor.

(thunder rumbles)

I chose Thor because one, I don't know how to lift weights.

I like to run and I like to be active but I've never lifted

a weight in my life and two, he's really hot.

So that's why I chose Thor.

- Hey What's up? I'm Ade and I'm going to be training like

his Majesty King T'Challa AKA Black Panther.

- Wakanda Forever!

- [Ade] I don't just want to workout like Black Panther,

I want to be Black Panther.

If I can get my body into shape,

then my mind will soon follow.

- The reason I chose Spider-man, I mean obviously Spider-man

is super cool, but more than anything because recently

Into The Spider Verse came out, and I think its just really

cool that in the multi-universe anybody can be Spider-man

no matter what race, what nationality..

If anybody can be Spider-man, I guess I can be Spider-man.

- I chose Captain Marvel

(loud boom)

- [Ashley] I was following Brie Larson on Instagram

and she was posting all these crazy videos of her workouts

and then I heard an interview about how she could barely

open a water bottle before she started preparing for this

role and I was like "If she can do it maybe I can do it."

Which might not be true but we're going to find out.

- I'm actually really excited because I'm really good

friends with Hal, Ade, and Ashley.

And we have this like unofficial Marvel movie fan club.

It's really cute.

We like go to watch Marvel movies together,

we talk about it afterwards.

It would be nice, get encouragement, cheer each other on,

and become superheros while we're at it.

- Are we ready?

- Yes!

- Yes, I'm ready!

- Okay.

- We need something to like say.

- Lets do it.

- Avengers assemble.

- Aven-a oh! Okay.

(all chuckle)

- Lets do "Avengers assemble" on...

- [All] 1, 2, 3, Avengers assemble!

- Okay, lets go see Rashawn.

(upbeat music)

- [Inga] It's so high tech.

- Hey guys, I'm Rashawn

and I'm a fitness professional at Equinox.

Not only am I a fitness professional,

but I'm a huge Marvel fan.

So I know what its like to get these guys to the characters

that they want to be.

Black Panthers known for his hand to hand combat skills

and his super stength.

So today's program is gonna involve a lot of hit circuit

style training, boxing, martial arts in there,

and of course cardio.

Ashley wants to be Captain Marvel.

She's got her work cut out for her.

Captain Marvel is the strongest character so far

seen on screen.

So that program is going to involve resistance training

3 times a week, with cardio 2 times just to top it off.

Inga is training to be Spider-man.

And Spider-man is really really agile, fast, and lean.

So Inga's program is going to involve a lot of body weight,

and TRX training.

Finally, we got Hal that wants to train like Thor.

So his programs are gonna involve a lot of barbell

complexes, dumbbell apparatus, just like the king of Asgard.

You ready to work out?!

- (everyone cheering)

- Lets hit the gym floor, we're going to get started.

Week 1 was one of the most grueling, intense weeks I've ever

had in my entire life.

- We just finished our kickoff session with Rashawn.

And I think everyone was a little bit nervous.

Everyone was a little shook.

We had a lot of work to do to get from point A to point Z.

- I'm really tired but I can see that this is..

I think it's gonna work.

- So at this point I'm thinking "maybe it's not that bad."

Then second training with pow, that's a little different.

Day 2 of training and already I have been defeated

by the machines.

- [Ade] (laughing)

- Thoroughly defeated.

We watch old Mr. Hemsworth videos of him like punching

the bag and just thinking to myself

"this is laughable that I'm trying to do this."

But confidence is key.

- So Tom Holland, you just think he's like this little kid

who just like swings around and you know

is a little bit silly.

But then like, I'm doing all these workouts

and I'm also looking at the workout videos he did

and it is absolutely insane.

He's like flipping around like..

Where did you get al those muscles from?

It takes so much effort to build up all this core strength

and arm strength.

- I honestly expected my workouts to be a lot of cardio.

But I did not realize how much weight lifting I would

actually have to do.

Brie Larson is a very thin person and in my head

I associated weight lifting with big bulky people

like Thor, but that's not necessarily true.

There's so many ways to weight lift so I'm really happy

that Rashawn has opened my eyes because on my own I would

have never done this.

- Next move that we're gonna do

I like to call an alligator walk.

- I'm gonna be running every day.

Boxing, if this is what it takes to get into shape

that Chadwick Boseman has, I'm in.

- It's week 2, I've learned all the movements.

Now it's time to get down to business.

And like really put in the work.

- Week 2, it was almost as tough as week 1

because I'm working through all the pain week 1 gave me.

Whole body, head to toe.

Muscles I didn't even know I had.

Even in my forehead it hurts.


- Honestly, the workouts in it's self I'm like,

it's really difficult, but I can do it.

I just need to put my mind to it.

That part is taken care of.

The hard thing is, my mom is also in town.

My mom just made a bunch of dumplings.

You know, when your parents are here you're supposed to

entertain them, you're supposed to

take them to awesome restaurants, eat a lot,

and I was like, I can't do any of that.

So that made me think about how you know all these

actors and actresses when they're preparing for a role.

I'm sure they're invited to a lot of events.

I'm sure they have parents that are visiting to and they

have these gatherings with friends.

And its so hard to you know, to be strict with yourself.

The key here is that they have to sacrifice a lot,

It's really not easy at all.

Ade is eating a piece of..

- [Ade] Film that.. this is broccoli.


- I am so hungry.

I have never had so many protein shakes in my life.


Trying to fuel my body with only healthy things

like Brie did, but dang.

It is so hard, also it's kind of expensive to eat healthy

al the time.

- [Ade] Look at what Ashleys doing.

- It's me, Captain Marvel.

Eating salad.

There's a lot of barriers for regular people to achieve

this Hollywood lifestyle.

Either you're eating out expensive salads every day.

Or you are meal prepping for like 3 hours on Sunday.

- [Ade] If I'm feeling the pressure to eat..

Soup and salad.

While Inga eats Cheerios.

..Workout and just be focused.

I can only imagine what its like for a Hollywood superstar

to be featured in a superhero movie.

I have the pressure of YouTube.

They have the pressure of an entire industry

that throws millions of billions of dollars at them.

But also, they get paid millions of dollars and I just

(upbeat music)

- Low point for week 3 was me vomiting.

Rashawn made us push him on this like foam block

back and forth.

And we did it a lot, and it was really heavy and really

hard, and I threw up.

- I did not eat before this workout with Inga

and I ended up dry heaving over the garbage can.

But I will definitely be having full meals for now on

because I never want to feel like that again.

My butt literally hurt.

I could not sit or do any fast movements, climb stairs..

I'm exhausted.

So much sweat coming down.

But a few more days to go.

(upbeat music)

- Okay Ade, we got 1 more week.

How ya feelin?

- Feel a little strong.

I feel like we can do this.

(upbeat music)

- [ Ashley] I don't wanna jinx it but I feel so good.

I think the biggest difference is my mood.

I'm so happy.

And I just feel really motivated.

Not just with the working out but with everything

else I'm doing.

When you start your day at the gym,

giving yourself some time and giving your body some

attention, it just put you in the right head space

for the rest of the day.

Also, just the biological affects of working out,

I think the endorphins are really helping me out

in all aspects of my life.

I'm hoping it all adds up by the end of the week.

It is my last run before day 30.

And I'd much rather be doing this.

But, we're gonna get it done.

Do you wanna come on a run with me?

(dog panting)

That's a no.

- I'm starting to really get into a rhythm of things.

I feel like we've really started like a routine.

Like, I love being able to come to work and asking

either Ashley, Ade, or Hal "how'd your workout go?

How do you feel? Ya know, are you going to the gym later?

Do you wanna go to a class together?'

Like I really like that sort of comradery.

That was probably the best part of everything.

I really felt like we were all our own little like

Avengers team.

- [Ade] We're almost there.

I want the results.

I need to drop these Lbs.

I need to increase these...

I don't even know the abbreviation for muscles.

I gotta increase these muscles.

- [Inga] I'm super excited.

We're almost there.

I'm so close to be able to eat what I want.

Ugh, I'm so pumped!

And I'm so ready to get this done.

(superhero music)


- Oh my gosh.

(upbeat music)

- Okay Ade, so before you were weighing in at 265 pounds.

Also you were at 32 percent body fat.

So lets see where you are now.

(upbeat music)

(cheering, clapping)

- [Reshawn] That's good.

- That's impressive.

- Very very impressive.

All right Inga, so this is very very exciting.

When we started you were 28 percent body fat.

Now you're 24.


- [Rashawn] So you lost 4 percent body fat.

(more cheering)

Thats amazing.

Okay Hal, you ready to get your results?

- Yeah I am, I'm nervous.

- [Rashawn] Previously you applied 103 pounds of pressure.

- [Hal] Okay.

- [Rashawn] So now, you're applying 27 more pounds

of pressure in just 30 days.

- Wow.

- [Rashawn] All right Ashley.

- [Ashley] I'm down 3 percent body fat.

- [Rashawn] I have you off 2 percent body fat.

- [Ashley] Okay.

- [Rashawn] This is the crazy part..

- [Ashley] Okay.

- [Rashawn] So your dominant hand, right?

Before you were applying between 73 and 74

pounds of pressure.

So now you're able to apply 12 more pounds of pressure.


- [Rashawn] That's awesome!

- For Thor, I feel like I accomplished my goals.

I learned how to lift weights, I gained some confidence

in the gym, and then also I just flat out got stronger.

I guess I didn't realize how much work went into

looking like a superhero.

Fancy trainers, meal plans, yeah those are there

but you still have to put in the work to make it happen.

So, it's really impressive.

Shout out to you superheros.

Maybe some day you'll see me in Asgard.

Ya know, Thor 2.0.


Hal Thor.

I'm not gonna combine those.

It's either Thal or Hor and both of those sound terrible.


- The results are honestly super encouraging.

In the beginning I said "Anybody can be Spider-man."

And after this experience, I will stand by that statement.

I really do think that if you put your mind to it,

change can happen.

You don't need to be starring in a movie,

or YouTube video to do anything like this.

Set a goal for yourself.

Give yourself a deadline and you can make it happen.

- You know growing up, a lot of people admire all of

these actors and their physique.

But this experience gave me a peak behind the curtain.

I realize that it's almost impossible to be a regular person

and workout like one of these superheros.

I had no idea what the regiments were

or the eating plans these actors had to go through.

Don't hold yourself to Hollywood standards.

It's.. not impossible, but just very difficult.

- It's not always about numbers.

It's about treating your body right so that you can do

amazing things whether that's preparing for a role,

or just having motivation to do every day

regular people things too.

Yeah I don't have a movie that I'm training for but

feeling better about myself and having more energy

has only helped me.

Brie Larson trained for like 9 months.

I did this for 30 days.

So I'm really happy with the results,

and I'm really motivated to keep going.

(upbeat music)

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