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(engine revving)

- This is an SUV. (laughing)

Automobili Lamborghini.

The House of the Raging Bull.

Since their first car,

they've established themselves as

the leader in mold breaking design,

and ground shaking performance. (engine purring)

Sport utility vehicles are the fastest growing segment of

the automotive market.

And they're by far the most profitable.

Lamborghini's hope is that this time,

the S in SUV stands for Supercar.

We're 'bout to go bumper to bumper,

on the Lamborghini Urus.

Urus, (chuckles) Urus (foreign accent) Urus.

Ur (makes engine purring noise) us.

(upbeat music)

Part of being an SUV means you have to look like an SUV.

So if you don't like those, you won't like this.


I love SUV's 'cause I wanna' have kids one day.

Conceiting that it looks like an SUV,

the Urus still looks very much like a Lamborghini.

Iconic shapes and details can be immediately recolonized.

From the hexagonal elements,

the hood's center peak,

and the cross lines on the rear doors.

The extreme portions and singular silhouette line,

further drive home the fact that this SUV

came from Sant'Agata Bolognese.

there's hint of the LM002 here on the hood.

In what Lamborghini calls Powerdome.

And no, by Powerdome I don't mean a lot

of fun on a Saturday night.

I mean this thing,

it's supposed to hint at the power

and position of the engine.

One of my favorite elements of this car,

is the frameless doors.

I mean where have you seen that in another SUV?

It's a nice little,

to Marcello Gandini's Countach and Miura.

The more you know.

You know what else screams

(screaming) hey I'm a Lamborghini?

Big ass wheels.

Comes with 21" standard.

These are the optional 22",

and you can also get them in 23".

Like Michael Jordan, that was his number.

Before he came back he was 45,

but you can't get 45" 'cause (chuckles)

that would be too big.

The Urus is meant to be tracked daily,

and even taken off road to get muddy.

So Pirelli manufactures no less than

six different tires for the gravel pull.

These are the Pirelli P Zero max performance summer tires,

because we live in Las Angeles and today is

the only day its rained in the past 25 years.

They are undeniably Lamborghini.

A look that is only buttress by these

massive calipers and rotors.

The Urus has the biggest from factory brake rotors,

ever on a production car.

- Look at the size of that thing.

- Carbon ceramics are standard and

they measure a whooping 17.3 inches upfront.

To put that into perspective,

this is the biggest pizza that the best producer

I've ever worked with could find.

And it's over an inch smaller than the front rotors.

(muffled by food) it taste better than

carbon ceramic though that's for sure.

(awkward laughter)

The Urus.

(funny voice) Urus.

The (coughs) Urus.

The Urus is the fastest factory SUV,

in the world!

With a top speed of an insane 195 miles per hour.

It gets to 60 from a stop, in just 3.6 seconds.

Which is 1/10 of a second slower

than the Jeep Trackhawk SRT.

Which I've been in, I pooped my pants.

Oh my god! (laughing)

(engine purring)

All four wheels, breakless!

The Urus gets its name from um,

(yells) A bull! (chuckles)

But the Urus isn't just any bull,

it was a legendary European wild ox.

They've since gone extinct and become a thing of legends.

A primal, legendary, wild bull.

(bellows) To which, all other bulls must bow!

(fingers snap) that's a good name for a Lamborghini SUV.

(upbeat tune)

I just wanna' point out, mud.

'Cause this this thing really does go off road.

It was filthy when it showed up,

they offered to clean the inside but,

we said no.

Let them see what the Urus is capable of.

And in this case it's off road fun, man!

While Lamborghini has been known for massive,

naturally aspirated mid engine V10's and 12's

the Urus breaks this convention in favor of

something a bit more practical.

Because you know, when you're buying

a $200,000 SUV, you're lookin' for practicality.

Under its front hood you'll find a

modified version of Audi's 4L V8,

an engine the Urus shares with other

VW group performers like,

the Porsche Cayenne Turbo,

and the Panamera Turbo, and the Audi RS7.

This thing is basically a lifted RS7.

The engine pushes out 651 horsepower.

And 627 pound feet of torque.

And for the first time Lamborghini

is using forced induction from the factory.

It uses a twin turbo set up, or Bi turbo.

As they say in Europe.

(soft music)

Like this video, buy my shirt.

Like this video, buy my shirt., like button.

Another reason for a smaller engine,

is weight conservation.

The Rambo Lambo tipped the scales at about 6,000 pounds.

But the Urus takes that V8,

and strategic use of carbon fiber throughout,

weighs only 4,850 LB's.

Giving it a remarkable power to weight ratio.

Power that drive through an eight speed,

all wheel drive, drivetrain who uses

torque sensing differentials at default settings.

Torque is split 40/60 front to rear.

But, up to 70% of the torque

can be set to the front,

or 87% to the rear.

It all depends on drive mode, and settings.

It's all up to you. (blows a kiss)

The great thing about making a super car inspired SUV,

is that what makes Lamborghini's great on the track,

lets the Urus preform well in the crud.

I'm talkin' 'bout four wheel steering.

Adaptive air suspension.

Active dampers, all of which can adapt to road conditions.

They behave differently depending on how you set them up.

Which we'll get to once I'm inside,

which we're gonna' enter from back here.

I'm gonna' remind you again,

that unlike its super car bro bro's

with only glove box storage,

the Urus is designed for utility.

And that means, room in back for thangs'.

The Urus has 22 cubic feet of storage space,

under the rear tailgate,

which is roughly 21 more cubic feet than most Lamborghini's.

And it increases to 56 cubic feet,

if you fold down the rear seats.

Yeah, a Lamborghini with not only rear seats,

but foldable ones!

I mean, take a look at this rear lift gate.

Yeah it's an SUV but its unmistakably Lamborghini.

(muffled) its about four feet higher than

you'd normally find on the Lambo.

And yeah, this wing is much less pronounced.

But between its massive rear window,

these integrative tail lights,

the functional diffuser beneath the bumper,

and this long cursive Lamborghini script.

It harkins back to some of the iconic V12's

that Lamborghini similarly covered with glass.

Only here it's one piece, and it's all vertical.

Just starting off it's frickin' awesome in here.

While the outside screams (yells) I am a Lamborghini!

The inside subtlety whispers

(whispering) James I'm a Lamborghini and

I love you.

Just like in all Lamborghini's

all of the stitching is done by hand.

And just like other Lamborghini's

you can choose the wood,

the leather, the thread color, the carpet,

the options are nearly limitless.

We went to the Lamborghini factory

and they literally have hundreds of colors of leather.

And if you can't find one in their books,

they will color to match.

Like I could walk into Lamborghini and be like,

could you make me a leather this color?

And they'd be like, yeah we can.

And then I would just look like a

floating head driving down the road.

The dash and all of the controls are definitely Lamborghini.

The start, stop button is like a fighter jet.

Just like the Aventador which is a trip,

being in a car this big,

with this much visibility.

And here's something that I have not

seen in a car before, three screens! (chuckles)

One screen is for the instruments,

one screen is for the infotainment

and the third is for comfort functions.

Something new for Lamborghini.

And it includes a virtual keyboard feature,

with handwriting recognition,

because when you drive a car like this

you don't text, you write letters.

Only do that while parked.

Even the windshield has options!

You can even choose glass that is both heat,

and acoustic insulated.

And for the market that the Urus is gunning for,

it's important to have things in here quiet.

A bit more peaceful,

because unlike most Lamborghini's this one

is built to carry babies.

(baby voice) To fall asleep on the way

back from the grocery store.

And only Sandra Bullock in Bird Box,

could miss that there's room for

three or four of your friends.

Don't put that in.

Every single seat has the same attention to detail,

that goes into the drivers and that

simply drenches the interior in luxury.

You can do four bucket seats,

with a rear center consol or,

a rear bench seat to fit a total of five passengers.

It all depends on how many friends you have.

Do you have four friends or three?

The back seats also have heating and cooling,

just like the front seats.

And (engine roar) dude,

cooled seats, best invention ever.

Now let's talk about the tech,

'cause there's a lot of it.

Breezing through this control panel

will remind you that you're

in a sports oriented SUV.

Lamborghini calls this their Anima Selector,

and says it's the secret of Lamborghini driving dynamics.

You can change the spirit of the car.

They adjust just about everything from

torque distribution to vehicle height.

Strada or street, in Italian.

Provides ease of driving, comfort and safety.

Sport, which is Italian for sport.

Prioritizes agility and responsiveness,

or fun ness.

Corsa give you precision and maximum performance.

And unique to the Urus are three additional off road modes.

Neve, which is Latin for snow.

Ensures ease and safety even on slippery surfaces.

Terra, dirt.

And Sabbia for sand.

You guys know what sand is? (chuckles)

And finally keeping with the Ewgene inspired Anima name,

EGO mode is totally custom.

You think that you can program it better

than the guys in Italy?

Be my guest, bro.

There's an optional head up display, and night vision.

Both of which are pretty sick,

and will make you feel like you're

in a (whispers) spy movie.

(bubbling water)

It also has massage seats.

Wireless charging, in your little cubby for your phone.

And one of my favorite things,

which is starting to show up in these cars.

The little key cabin.

So the key can just chill right there.

Where's the key?

Oh, he's in the key cubby.

The touch screens are really nice,

and they have Haptic Feedback,

like your iPhone, like you know when you're texting.

And it's like (ticka' ticka' ticka')

Lets not forget the coolest part about a Lamborghini,

the way they sound.

And the Urus, is no exception.

(engine purring)

(engine revving)

(giggles) This is an SUV!

- [Computer] Your Mobile device is still in the vehicle.

- Whoa!

Dude, the car just reminded me that

my phone was in the cubby.

(electronic music)

Lamborghini is obviously hoping that

Urus will be a great success.

And so far, the numbers look good.

Lamborghini produced around 5,000 cars last year.

And over 1,000 of them were the Urus.

And for 700 of these new Urus owners,

it was their first Lamborghini.

By the end of this year which is 2019,

if you're watching this in the future.

If so, try and come back and send me message,

I wanna' win the lottery.

But by the end of this year,

Lamborghini's projected to sell

about 4,000 Uruses alone.

Almost doubling their total production,

some argue that a SUV from Lamborghini,

is a crime against the natural order

of the automotive world. (head in corner saying no)

To them I'll point out Porsche, Mercedes, Bentley,

and even Aston Martin.

Everyone has one,

the automotive landscape is changing.

Lamborghini has never been known for subtlety.

And what could be less subtle,

Ny, more Lambo guy ny,

than 195 MPH truck?


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