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Babies are cute, curious, funny, and sometimes, fussy.

Do you ever wonder what goes on inside their little heads?

Actually, quite a lot.

Babies' brains develop rapidly even before they're born.

And once they come into the world, whoosh!

They really take off over the next three years.

And, there are a lot of things parents can do to help them

develop to their fullest.

Early experiences shape brain growth

and affect future learning,


and behavior.

Babies communicate through babbling, facial expressions,

eye contact, and gestures,

and they expect us to respond.

They're watching and listening to make sure they have

our love and attention.

So don't leave 'em hanging.

And remember, babies are suckers for goofy faces.

After all, one of the most important things a parent

can do is simply be loving and attentive.

Smile with your baby,

sing to her,

read to her,

hug her,

and get down on her level and have some fun.

Interacting with a caregiver who is loving and attentive

makes the baby feel safe and secure.

A baby's physical, social, and emotional environment

affects brain development.

So it's important to provide a stable environment at home,

at daycare, or anywhere your baby spends a lot of time.

Remember, babies don't like stress,

and it can follow them for life.

As you can imagine, a baby's health plays a major role

in brain growth.

Developmental screenings, immunizations,

and regular checkups are important to every baby's

heath and development.

And so is healthy food.

Breastfeeding is great for a baby's brain

and provides many other health benefits that last a lifetime.

As your baby grows, positive relationships

with other children become more important.

Learning how to share, play, and resolve conflicts

teaches children how to cooperate with others

and control their emotions.

One way or another, your baby's brain

is going to develop rapidly.

You can do a lot to make sure your child grows up

to be healthy, happy, and well adjusted

at every stage of life.

You just have to put your... mind to it.

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