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I haven't put any dye in my hair in over 20 years,

and today I'm going to be bleaching

it silver, white.

My name is Steve Doss, and I'm transforming

my hair into a Tan France silver fox.

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While my sideburns and the tops of my hair

are starting to turn a little silver and gray,

I'm having such fun while looking at celebrities

like Tan France, J. Lo's hairstylist Chris

Appleton, Zac Efron did it earlier this summer.

I really want this

fun pop of silver hair because it's so hot right now.

So when I bleached my hair in high school,

I had this kind of crazy experience with it.

It ended up turning a different color.

Sort of scarred me, and I wasn't really ready

to do that to my hair again.

Although, in the early 2000s, I did tip my hair

this kind of flaming red color, a la


And now, because people are doing their hair

in these most extreme colors and it looks

so vibrant and so beautiful and so wild,

I'm like, it's time.

It's time for me to get that sneak peak

of that zaddy look

that I'm going to be having in the coming years.

So I'm ready for it.

To me, nothing is more sexy than seeing a man

who has a beautiful head of hair that's

salt and pepper or silver.

I mean, embrace your age.

Now we're living in a time that people can sort of

be their natural selves and just let

their hair be any color they want.

Hi there, I'm Lauren.

Hey Lauren, I'm Steve.

It's so nice to meet you.

Great to meet you.

My name is Lauren Paglionico, and I am a hair

colorist at Studio 522 and my specialty is blondes.

So have you ever colored your hair before?

It's been about 20 years or so.

Oh good.

So it's been a minute.

So we're really ready for the transition.

I'm not going to lie, I'm a little nervous.


What are you nervous about?

This intense burning of the scalp

that I've heard so many brunettes tell me about who

have bleached their hair.

Can you coach me on that?

Completely normal.

Itchy, burny is normal.

If you feel like you're on fire, not normal, okay?

Okay, very good.

So just keep me posted throughout.


Fire-like burning, I will certainly let you know.


Okay, great.

Let's get started!

For Steve today, we did a global application,

which is when you apply bleach to the roots

and end.

With Steve, we started on his ends first and

then applied it to his scalp.

The reason we did this is so that we can get

Steve's hair as light as possible.

We want to go through all the colors of red,

orange, yellow and get to a pale yellow.

And once we get there, that's when we can apply

a gloss that's going to give it that

overall platinum gray tone.

Growing up, everyone in my family

has this beautiful dark hair.

You know, my mom's side is Mexican,

my dad's side is Japanese.

So we've kind of had this like rich,

dark chocolate, jet black hair.

And I'm curious what my family's going to think when

they see that my hair is completely


My boyfriend Barry is a little...

No, he's not indifferent about it.

He's actually kind of anti-this.

He's like, "Why would you want to do that?

You have beautiful dark hair."

And I'm like, "Because I want to get the sneak peek."

So I'm really excited to let him know

and let him see what this final look is.

It's a little tender.



Back here.


Maybe that's because you were just in there.


Oh, she's cold.

This feels awesome.

Like, what am I going to wear to work tomorrow

with my new fun hair?

How are you doing?

I'm good, yeah.

You are?

Yeah, it doesn't sting it all.

Oh, good.


Wait until you see it.

Okay, Steve, so I'm gonna actually pour some

milk on your head now.

I know that sounds weird.


But the milk is going to soothe your scalp

after we've had the bleach and the toners

on, so it's going to really calm everything down

and close the cuticle.

Oh my god.

I know.

Steve's color overall

took three hours.

This is generally a very short amount of time,

and that's because he had short hair and also,

he has virgin hair, which is very important when

you're doing this process.

The reason it is important is because when

you have old color on your ends, it's very

difficult to lift it out.

Sometimes it's not possible at all.

So if you have virgin hair, you're ahead of the game.

Here we go!

Oh my god.

I feel like I have a really amazing wig on right now.

Do you love it?

Oh, I love it.

It's perfect.

From here, I'm going to go and Nicolette will

be over to cut and style your hair.



Hello, I'm Nicolette.

I'm Steve.

Nice to meet you.

It's great to meet you.

I am dying over this new...

This looks awesome.

I love it.

It's so fun, right?

So we're going to do the cut.

And we're going to kind of just trim it up

and finish it up, make it even more great

than it already is.

Love it.

Let's do it.

I'm all about a transformation.

Do you, do whatever you want to yourself,

whatever is going to make you feel special.

My hair has been this color for so long.

I can't wait to put this color in it

because I know I'm going to feel sexy

and I'm going to feel even more confident.

And it's just a new look.

It's a new change.

And hey, if I don't like it,

I can always dye it back.

You ready?

We're ready.

It looks awesome!

Oh my god.

I feel so good about this new look

that I have.

I didn't know what to expect.

Looks like you were born this way.

I'm like, I can't even remember what I looked

like with dark hair.


Lauren and Nicolette were incredible today.

They made me feel so safe and at ease

when I was nervous, and they really talked me through

this and let me know that everything was gonna be great.

I was concerned about these horrible burns

and welts in my scalp.

Well, I don't have any kind of burning sensation.

It feels so natural, and it still is like

the shape of my hair and the natural curl.

So this might stick around.

Maybe fun in the summer?

We'll see.



Are you ready?

I'm ready.


Oh my gosh!

Look at it.

Actually, I like it.

It's cool, right?

I like it, yeah!

It's nice.

Do I look young and fun?

You look young, but you always look young and fun.

I love you, Mom.

You look so cute!

It's good, right?

I like it.

I'll call you later.

I love you.

Love you too.


I think Steve's hair looks incredible.

It complements his eyes and his skin tone.

It's very youthful on him, and it just

gives him an overall glow.

It's perfect.

You guys killed it.

Thank you.

My one take away from this experience would

be to start thinking a little bit more outside

the box.

It's a new year.

It's a new me.

I'm blonde.

I'm blonde.

I can't wait to see if blondes really do have more fun!

So, we're so fortunate to have a little

dressing room area here in our hair and makeup studio.

Where we try on all kinds of different fashions.

Here, come check it out.

Excuse me, I'm just checking out my...

Shut your face!


You're my hair-spiration!

I know!

Thanks so much!

Oh my god!

Your hair is better than mine!

Can we critique you real quick?

Oh, yes!


Your t-shirt is so nice, your pants are lovely.

Wait a second-

You know I love a white sock with a white sneaker.

And your hair's gorg!

Tan, this is not my meet Tan France outfit!

This is so crazy!

And I have to tell you this if am your hair-spiration,

you're not white enough!

Oh, well this was...

We like the blonde.

We're blondey blondey.

Yeah, yeah.

But, I'm starting to salt and pepper

and this was my narrative.

I'm like this what I'm going to be

and I want this now!


And this is what we have now!

Good, it's better than mine.

I'm really frustrated.

Thank you, thank you!

Oh my god!

Aw you guys!

Hi, everyone!

Ugh, this is amazing!

Tan France!

Thank you so much for watching.

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