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Welcome to chapter 5 of this cat introduction series. Chatzi has been living in his own

isolation room upstairs for the last 4 days, to allow the other cats to get used to him.

Today is his first time downstairs, and you can see he's in explorer mode - looking and

sniffing at everything.

Of course, the others have spotted him straight away. Fortunately, neither are aggressive

cats. Teego has already met Chatzi a few times, but Freya didn't show any interest or curiosity.

They sniff noses as a sort of greeting and Teego lifts his paw, I think just because

he remembers how feisty Chatzi is. In another situation, it could be possibly to start a

fight, but not here.

Chatzi continues to explore, completely unchallenged by either of the resident cats. this may be

partially because they're naturally calm cats, but equally, because of the correct introduction

procedure, they've been fully aware of the new cat for the last 3-4 days, without being

threatened by his presence, so its not a big shock that triggers any territorial or defensive


Often when a cat is exploring, you'll notice a sense of nervousness, by squat legs and

a low tail, but not our ninja Chatzi! He ain't scared of nothing!

Teego is intrigued by his nosey cheekiness! Chatzi continues to explore the room, and

dares to touch one of Teegos toys. Teego rushes Chatzi, but Chatzi's obvious play response

is triggered and he pushes back. Teego isn't a dominant cat, and backs off - He tried it

on, but Chatzi wasn't swayed by his bravado. Chatzi continues to explore, and re-approaches

Teego, and you can see a little tension in the air, but no big deal. I'd expect some

tension in this situation

Chatzi jumps down and butts Teego. Queen Freya hisses loudly and everyone stops to look around!

- I think Chatzi is just reasserting that he still intends to be top cat round here.

As shown in Chapter 4, Teego doesn't want to be dominant, although he's no pushover and

won't be bullied.

Hawkeye Freya continues to watch from apparent safety. Whenever she catches his eye, she

blinks and avoids wide eyes to say I'm not threatening you, I don't want a fight,

Uh-oh - He's taking an interest in her now! - But a fierce hiss from Freya seems to discourage

him temporarily! She continues to blink, to say, I don't want to escalate matters, just

keep your distance. Chatzi didn't want to go to her smelly sofa anyway.

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The Description of Bengal invasion! First visit downstairs - Part 5