Practice English Speaking&Listening with: BAS Trucks Introduction

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In Veghel, we have over 1000 vehicles in stock, from all brands and types.

Trucks and trailers, tractor heads, but concrete mixers as well. Actually all kinds.

Our purchasers buy trucks across Europe, so from North to South Europe, in over 10 countries.

Besides purchasing, we also make sure that the trucks are priced well and from here, the trucks will get on the internet.

Because we export to many countries, we have vehicles in all price ranges.

There are countries in which they only want nice, young trucks, almost new ones.

But in other countries, for example Africa, they are looking for older trucks. Thats why we have trucks in all price ranges.

Primarily, I think in 70% of all cases, the first contact occurs via the internet. Customers find the trucks on our website, can find all pictures and information and can request an offer.

They will get an answer within 4 hours and from there, the customer decides whether to visit BAS Trucks to have a look at the truck, or buy the truck directly via the internet.

This is a beauty it is beautiful, isnt it? Really a very nice truck.

We speak over 10 foreign languages. We have employees from different countries, so we are always able to speak to a customer in his/her own language.

Hello, Arie speaking. Yes. About the cars in Germany, they can go through.

Here we are at our transport department. Here we arrange the transport of both sold and bought material. Material which we have bought, has to be transported to Veghel as quickly as possible.

Sold material has to be delivered at the harbour or at the customers as soon as we can.

Our staff can demand to all wishes of our customers. We sell to more than 100 countries across the world and each country has its own legislations.

Documentation is different for all countries, but we can take care of everything. In addition, we ship more than 2,500 trucks per year, so we can deliver the truck to the customer's own harbor, in his own country.

Maybe the mechanic has to see it.

We are here for the second time to buy trucks. We have been in other markets, but we prefer to come here.

I bought 4 vehicles here and Ill buy three more.

Next time we will come here again.

We have a lot of customers who buy a truck via the internet. They see the truck on our site and see all data and pictures. From there they choose to buy the truck.

We think it is very special that people buy a truck on the basis of data shown on the internet. They apparently think we are a reliable partner and transfer the money very soon.

This gives us a special feeling and we feel that we really have to serve our customers well And that is exactly what we do!

They are honest people who sell reliable trucks. That is important to me. They are nice, thats just it.

Because we ship this much, we have many contacts and we are able to find boats very rapidly. This allows us to quickly deliver both small and large parties to customers.

Parties up to 80 trucks per boat is very common for us. For the customer it is a great advantage to get the material that they buy, quickly at home.

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