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heyho I'm So, an Adaptive Scuba Trainer

and sometimes I make short videos for the IAHD

like this one

How does an Instructor Cross-Over work?

We are familiar with the 'regular' scuba instructor

but there's also scuba instructors that

have had extra training so they are able to dive with people with

a physical or light mental disability

How do you become such an Instructor with Jedi gifts?

what you actually need is an active instructor certification

from a recognized scuba organization

and a large dose of motivation and love

to be able to actively work with this group of people

and that's it!

today me and my fellow instructor trainer


visit Aqua Sub in Breda (Netherlands)

at Aqua Sub they offer dive therapy to special divers

everybody in this crew is already an instructor with another organisation

so let's just go over what's waiting for you

at one of these programs

it of course starts with an introduction

who are you? who are we?

what does the IAHD stand for?

and why is it important to you to be an andaptive scuba instructor?

futhermore there's a theoretical part

this is nothing new, because

you're already an instructor

so most of this material is known to you

or at least sounds familiar :)

it is followed with an exam which you HAVE to pass

the final part of an IAHD cross-over

consists of practice

simulation and workshop(s)

with this we try to create situations

which your special diver may experience

of course there's a whole range of special divers

so we can't discuss all in depth

but there is a large array that is discussed and simulated

that should give you a reasonable idea of

how things may be for people with various conditions

And that is pretty much what the program is about

it is always fun, it is alway great and even intense

and for some of the participants the program is a mirror and

have a look at them selves or inwards

and come to the conclusion 'wow i never thought about it like that'

or 'well yes I could have approached that situation different in the past'

Well everybody at Aqua Sub passed and received their certification

and can call themselves certified IAHD instructors :)

congrats everybody at Aqua Sub.

Go out in the world and spread the joy!

Are you still watching after all this information? Fab! Thanks so much!

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