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Last week, Katilette got on the board stuffing her face with more marshmallows.

Katilette trails by one, but who will win this week?


Man versus wife.

Okie dokie, round number four. Is this the part where the chick in the bikini comes out with a sign that says Round 4.

She's not coming, honey.

I thought she was going to be here.



I fired her.

OK, so today we're going to do something -- I though, you know, I'm a nihilating mommy-tard as it is. Let's give her a little advantage, so we're going to do a cooking episode.

Yes. The rules are each contestant has 30 minutes to prepare a meal that will be judged by our judges.

And our judges, who are they? Our kids.

Our children.

Our offspring. The result of our love and affection.

They will be very honest.

They will be, and that's all -- that's the rule, right?

And just so you know, I cook for them every day, so --

Well --

I'm just saying.

You guys might think that I don't cook, but I used to be a cook, like in college I worked in a restaurant for like, three years.

Bus boy.

I know how to cook.

Listen, I just want to make this clear right now, as long as whoever the kids like more, that's the winner, right?

Oh yeah! That's the rules.

OK. I got this.

[rock music]

See, the thing is that she doesn't think I can cook. I've actually been a cook for three years once when I was in college.

The reality is she's a lot better than I am, but I got a little trick up my sleeve.


Shay really has no chance on this one. I'm cooking pizza, and pizza is always the kids' favorite meal, so I've pretty much already won.


Ready. Set. -

Wait wait wait!


Seriously Shay, are you just going to sit there? I'm like, almost done.

Don't worry about it. I got a trick up my sleeve.

Well, I guess he didn't want to embarrass himself. I've got the food in the oven. I'm ready to go. I mean, I think I've evened up the score, don't you?

All right kids. Pizza!

[unison] Mmm, pizza.

Shay! Are you even going to do anything?

Are you finished?

It's taken forever. OK. I'm coming, hold on.

Who wants ice cream? Yay!

All right. Let's get this disgusting pizza out of here. Really, Mom, always makes pizza - good one!


V-I-C-T-O-R-Y that spells victory.

Stop. Stop it! Enough!

[squealing] Victory!


All right, so my kids, your kids, those kids, they liked my meal the best.

Your meal? That wasn't a meal. You totally cheated.

Complaining is not going to help, Muffin Top.

He cheated.

I just used the rules and twisted them to my advantage.

Yes, you twisted them completely.

You said all that mattered was whichever one they liked the best. That makes me one win, one win away - let's just show that.

It's not over.

One win away from being the champion, the Grand Master Champion. You can call me the GMC. I want a belt buckle that says GMC. Grand Master Champion.

Stop it!

I want a GMC belt buckle. I'm going to win one.

All right guys. Be sure to join us next week when I am sure to win the crown in a parenting showdown. Leave me a comment below. Do you guys think I cheated?

Or just twisted the rules to my advantage, because I'm the genius. And do you guys get competitive? Do you guys have contests between you and your friends?

Leave us a video response with you guys having a contests with your friends, your family, your mom, your mom, your grandma, your teacher, whatever. I want to see your competitive side, all right?

So see you next week when I'm sure to take the championship.

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