Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Superintendent Laurrie's COVID-19 message for 6-12-20

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Hello it's Mark Laurrie, it's Friday June the 12th and we're doing our final

YouTube video of the week - no YouTube, no auto dialer on the weekend, we'll be back

on Monday of course. Let's start off today by reminding you that tomorrow is

the class day motorcade for our seniors. Get on the parade route at 2 o'clock,

cheer like crazy, make noise, wave to the seniors, stay

socially distant of course and have a face covering on, but let's make our

seniors proud, wear blue and gold, get out there and let's make it a great day

starting at 2 o'clock for our senior class we're excited about that.

Let's also remind you that today we distributed seven thousand seven hundred

and fourteen meals, meal delivery will continue on Monday but it'll go to

Monday, Wednesday and Friday and we'll talk about that again. You have to mail

your ballot in and remember they have to be received in district by Tuesday at

5:00 so this is the call that they should be in the mail by now to make

sure that your ballot will get counted. Still time for those parents or friends

or neighbors tell them this: Pre-K 3, Pre-K 4, we have room, the deadline is

June 26, that's coming up but you still have time. Registration room is open from

11:00 to 1:00 every day except for Friday for Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 ballots.

12-month employees start to get ready we're starting to see that the area is

moving into phase 3 and 4, that means we're gonna come back to work very

soon for our 12-month employees. Right now I'm asking you to tentatively put a

circle around the date of July sixth, Monday, July 6, more to come, a video to

come on that return and your supervisors will be contacting you with 12-month

employees start thinking about July 6, it's a date that I have in my head. More

scholarships, let's start with LaSalle first. Education Club first, Mia Coppola is the

Cleon Wilkins Memorial Scholarship winner.

Melanie Rott is the Kelab Sanders, Jr. Brotherhood Award winner,

Molly Chiarella - Albert C Sanders Athletic Scholarship, Lexus Hale - the

Councilman Bob Anderson Scholarship, Sarah Moreno - the Lilly Stevens Female

Athlete Scholarship, Alexa Laskowski - the Shalise Monet Carter Memorial Award, and

Jillian Weber - the Vasalage of Hope Pastor Cauley Scholarship. Those are three

and two hundred dollar awards, congratulations for your work and we

also have heard from Alpha Delta Kappa, a great organization that always

gives scholarships to our kids and does great things for educators. These are all

$750 Awards they go to: Michael Brown, Molly Chiarella, Savannah Hicks, Kelsey

Mountain, Jenna Petri, Yahzee Sarkees, Angela Shoff, Felicity Tiberi, and some

out-of-towners but they're the grandchildren of some of our former

teachers and start with my sixth grade teacher, Sara Robbins, her granddaughter

in Penfield High School in Rochester, Serafina Viola, is a scholarship winner,

as is my friend Christine Bialik's grandson, Colton Bialik, he goes to Starpoint so,

to the grandparents congratulations, to the parents congratulations and all of

you that won Alpha Delta Kappa scholarships we are proud of you. I am

looking and I think we've got everything covered. I expect to see everybody out

there tomorrow it's gonna be as I said, 71 degrees around two o'clock, with high

cumulus clouds, we want you to be out there make sure you're loud and proud of

our Niagara Falls High School graduates. Have a great day, we'll see you back on

YouTube on Monday.

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