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when you talk about possible to


well I remember about a few months ago I

was just in a position of on giving

myself an excuse itis of as far as you

know why can I not find a program to

improve my pronunciation and so but I

changed my mind to we're reprogramming

my mind to like well instead of thinking

it's impossible and it's not possible

what how how can I make it possible

right instead of my mind to start to

think a solution to where well anytime

that I'm you can't see what you're not

looking right and so when the mind is

looking for a solution on how I could

improve my pronunciation at all the

sudden I mean YouTube looking for you

know just watching videos and then

something kind of pop out about

pronunciation and I saw your video and

so and I watch your video for maybe a

couple months and so in turn I just kind

of get acclimated in see how you present

yourself and how the pronunciation work

and then other studying I'm like wow

this actually is it the thing that I'm

actually looking for and then a few

months ago I sign up and now Here I am

you know happen to you and Allah stuff

cells that's a good testimony that

instead of thinking in simp not possible

thinking that you know how can you make

it possible so that's one story that I

could probably give out whenever I was

reading that I was like wow that's

actually something that uh it's so so

true that instead of thinking impossible

because he talks about the guy that

started go back to school but he have a

wife and a career but also another baby

on the way and all he all he does is

basically give reason why he can't do it

but the author he he made him practices

like hey why don't you start thinking

about things so things of ways that you

can make it happen to where instead of

thinking is impossible one I think

possible and then he came back and

actually he was able to come back to

to school and I graduated out of stuff

so uh there's any there's all kinds of

way that we let ourselves down because

of the way we think of not being able to

make it happen because of we think we we

think it's not possible but when we we

get to that process possibility actually

rewire our mind to where hey there's a

solution you just gotta find it right

and so um what's one one example that I

could give you

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