Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Eating $2000 Of Gourmet Seafood • The Food Babies

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- Today, we're eating almost $2,000 worth of fancy seafood.

(energetic orchestral music)

- Wha?

(upbeat funky music)

- Hey guys, it's YB.

- And Alex.

- And Miles.

- And Will.

- And Keith.

- And welcome to another episode of-

- [Everyone] "The Seafood Babies!"

(water bubbling)

- On today's episode of "The Food Babies,"

we are eating fancy seafood at the Old Brea Chop House.

- So we all dressed very nicely today,

'cause it's a fancy place.

- Unlike the people here,

I have full confidence that I'm not,

I'm gonna have to stop at some point.

But I'm gonna just try to keep going.

I have a somewhat healthy relationship with food.

I eat, and then I get full, and then I stop.

(all laughing)

- When we last shot this fancy seafood video

in Australia, I was behind the camera

with my number one guy, Jonathan.

Jonathan, say, what's up?

- [Jonathan] What's up?

(all laughing)

- He's in such a sad looking corner.

(all laughing)

He's so far away from us.

- It looks like he's chugging caffeine over there.

(calm string music)

- My name's Tony Fasulo.

I'm the owner of the Old Brea Chop House,

located in downtown Brea, California.

The true sign of a great steakhouse is our seafood as well.

So we have tremendous shellfish platters,

raw seafood, such as scallop crudo,

oysters on the half shell, grilled oysters.

- As usual, we'll be starting off with the speed round,

followed by the endurance round.

And for the speed round, we'll be eating scallop crudo,

New Orleans barbecue shrimp, and beet cured salmon.

So we're each getting three appetizers.

- Oh my God.

- That's awesome.

- The endurance round,

we're each getting the platinum seafood tower.

There's three types of seafood towers here,

platinum is the biggest and the fanciest.

It's literally a tower, two stacked trays

filled with ice, raw and cooked seafood, oysters,

there's crab legs, there's caviar, there's shrimp.

Each seafood tower is meant for six to eight people,

and we are each getting a seafood tower.

- [Will] Wow.

- Are they gona be able to see us?

- Yeah, 'cause it's kinda big, huh?

- Now, let's start the speed challenge.

Three, two, one.

(eaters snapping fingers)

- Whoa! - Wow!

- Oh my goodness!

- [Alex] Wow, that's beautiful.

- Holy shit, it looks so good.

Lemme tell you, that barbecue shrimp smells unbelievable.

Everything here is obviously gorgeous,

but that one is like wapow!

- I am getting a little worried

about the idea that a seafood tower is coming after this,

'cause I feel like this looks like a lot.

- This is a meal, this is a full meal.

- And I'm gonna die, it's a full meal.

- Nah, you'll be fine.

- I'm so excited for this.

- Everyone ready?

- Yeah. - Yeah.

- Okay, three, two, one, go. (bell ringing)

- Here we go. (clock ticking)

- Oh God. - Mm.

- [Keith] Oh yeah, that's good.

- Oh my God. - Mm.

- Oh, it's so tender and good.

- Oh my God.

- It's so soft.

I don't wanna eat this fast.

- I know.

- The beet cured salmon.

It's like a riff on gravlax.

We take a variety of yellow and red beet, shaved,

and then they're wrapped and cured for a few days.

And that essentially cooks the salmon.

And then we thinly slice it

like you would smoked salmon or gravlax.

- Oh, that mandarin orange in there,

it gives you that little citrus burst.

- The saltiness of the salmon

with the sweetness of the orange,

and then the creaminess.

I mean, it's perfect.

- And look how pretty it is.

- [Will] The crme frache at the bottom is incredible.

(cutlery clinking)

- Oh, Keith's nearly done.

- [YB] How?

- You're done already?

- Juice up these scallops, beautiful.

- [Tony] My most popular seafood dish

has become the scallop crudo.

It's a fresh scallop on the half shell.

It has a citrus segment, cilantro,

and white soy vinegarette.

- Wow, this is really good.

It's very briny, salty, but in a wonderful way.

And it's got this great (bell dings)

cilantro complexity.

- I tapped out round one.

I'm moving on to these bad boys.

- Oh my gosh.

- Wow.

- I like every component of this.

- Wow, it's really good.

(bell dings)

- Oh my God, Keith.

- Oh my god.

- Think I'm done with the first one.

- Wow, this like is, with the citrus and the brininess,

you taste the ocean, the best version of the ocean.

Only the cool kids.

- Wow.

Ooh, that sauce is amazing.

- Hit after hit. (bell dings)

Every single one of these (clears throat) is incredible.

- I just inhaled that, and I'm the slow-

- You can just squeeze it.

- Oh, you can just, whoa.

- And then that's to catch the seeds.

- Okay, wow, I'm not used to fancy stuff like this.

- This shrimp almost tastes like steak, it's incredible.

- You're already on the shrimp?

Oh my God.

- [Tony] New Orleans style barbecue shrimp

is a big hit here.

It's a riff on a New Orleans dish.

You have to come here and try it yourself.

It's got some sherries and cognac,

touch of cream, black pepper and roasted peppers.

(clock ticking) - Moving onto the shrimp.

(bell dings) - Oh wow,

there's like a little soupy broth in here.

It's so good.

- [Miles] Keith, are you putting them on a little toast?

- [Keith] I'm playing around, bro.

- You're playing around? (Keith mmhmms)

- This is not a good thing to eat fast,

because there's so much- - Oh wow.

- Flavor going on.

Like, it's so complex.

- [Keith] Isn't it like steak?

- Oh, I feel like it's my birthday.

- It's all our birthday today.

- It does taste like steak.

- You're on the shrimp too?

Oh my god, I gotta pick it up.

Okay, I just have to beat you.

That's my- (eaters laugh)

- Well, that's like beating someone who can't run that fast,

you know what I mean?

- I can't run that fast either.

- It's like beating a baby at chess.

- [YB] I could put the rice in here,

and mix it, and eat it, that would be good.

- [Alex] Those scallops are one of the best things

I've ever eaten.

- [Will] That was incredible.

- One hundred percent. - Wow.

(bell dings)

- I'm done. (bell rings)

- Holy cow.

Like, I don't know if I can finish the seafood tower.

- Wow, I can.

That was great. I would like six more of those.

That's a soup.

- It does, there's an element of sweetness to it,

like, it doesn't look sweet,

but there's some underlying sweetness that balances it out.

- There's something in there, I'm just scraping this sauce.

- Done! (bell rings)

- Oh no, oh no, oh.

- 7:25, all right.

- How many shrimps do you have left?

- I think I got two.

- Okay, I could be-

- Done! (bell rings)

- [Producer] 7:39.

- Yay, 7:39.

- There's like tiny, little bits of lemon juice

with the brininess here.

- I know, you know, it's a crime that

we rushed through this,

because you looked at it.

But truly, all the flavors are so thought out.

Every single one was uniquely complex,

but very well-rounded.

- I feel smart. - You look a lot smarter.

(YB laughs) - Thank you,

yeah, I feel like the flavor.

- Yeah, you normally, you look like a huge (bleep) idiot.

- Done! (bell rings)

- Yeah, normally, I do have kind of idiot vibes.

- What was it?

9:02. - 9:02?

- Not my worst. - Oh, a good time.

- When I'm done with the shrimps,

I'm just eating the broth.

- Okay, you're done then, Will's done.

(bell rings) - Oh, you're done.

- Oh, Will's done too.

- [Producer] 9:14

- All right.

- It's such good broth.

- That was amazing.

- It was really good.

- Also like, everybody suddenly looks like more handsome,

more attractive, like, everybody's looking

really good all of a sudden.

- Jonathan, already super hot, looking even better.

- Yeah, so.

- [Keith] Looking good, can't even see Jonathan's face.

- Shout out to Jonathan, house hunk of the Try Guys.

(eaters laugh)

- But now it's time to climb the tower.

(suspenseful droning music)

- Ooh, let's move on to the endurance round

in three, two, one.

(eaters snap fingers)

(eaters gasping) Ooh!

- Wow, wow, wow.

This is a lot.

- This is so much, there's so much food.

- This is crazy.

- Cheers.

- Cheers. - Cheers.

- Oh, cheers. - Cheers.

- I'm starting with the oysters.

- Yeah, me too, I'm gonna lemon them up.

- Let's just acknowledge that today,

we are eating almost $2,000 of seafood.

Most of it raw.

(eaters laugh)

- [YB] Seafood tower is the best thing in the entire world.

- [Keith] Probably the seafood equivalent

of a box of chocolates.

- And it's two tiers, mixed oysters on the half shell,

the Mexican white prawns,

giant Alaskan king crab legs, and lobster.

Some of our guests like to add on some caviar to the dish.

It serves comfortably six to eight guests each.

- Let's dive in, should we go?

- Yeah. - Let's go.

- The time, are you liming it up, bro?

- Is this a lime?

- I mean lemon.

- We have like a few lobster tails.

We have an entire tin of caviar per person.

- I can't even reach all my food. (laughs)

The oysters are huge, by the way.

- [Miles] They're huge.

- It is, and they're so soft, oh my God.

- Oh my God, these oysters are enormous oysters.

- Dive into the oyster pool and then suck down a lobster.

- [Keith] Whoa.

- People say oyster is an aphrodisiac,

there's a lot of sucking involved, you know?

- Okay. (eaters laughing)

- He's not wrong.

I'm going for a shrimp, too beautiful not to eat.

- [YB] I love oysters.

I feel like they're light, they set the tone for the meal.

You don't get too full.

- Will, do you wanna tell your story about your mullet?

- I had a mullet, I, early into the pandemic,

I realized that my hair was long,

and that I wasn't gonna get it cut for a while.

And I decided, all right, I'm gonna do something dumb.

I fully grew out a mullet and then,

you'll see see in some videos,

and I started seeing it, in the late stages,

syncing the footage and going,

this looks like a guy who doesn't give a shit.

(Miles laughs) And like not in a good way,

you know? (YB laughs)

- Well, maybe it's the oysters talking,

but I think you look pretty hot with this new haircut.

- [Will] Thanks, Miles.

- I will say, after seeing how I looked

in the spicy chicken "Food Babies" video,

which was, again, like absolute dog shit.

(YB laughs)

I got a haircut yesterday,

so that I could look different in this one.

- Look at this full-on dong of a crab leg.

- Holy crap. - Oh geez.

- It is enormous.

- Wow.

- Peek inside.

- [Alex] You guys, look at this lobster tail.

- [Keith] It's like so savory.

- Oh my gosh. - Wow.

- Look at that lobster tail.

- Cheers. - Cheers. (laughs)

- Cheers.

- Cheers.

- What do you dip it in?

- [Keith] Nothing.

- [Alex] Nothing?

- [Keith] Oh my God, that's so good,

you do not need to dip it.

- Really?

I dipped it.

- [Keith] I mean, you can but it's very flavorful as it is.

- Wow.

- I can't even believe this.

- Wow.

- Wow, this is great, it's luxurious.

- [Keith] I feel like I live on underwater now.

- [Will] We're just taking up primary residence in the sea.

- I do feel like I'm in a fish tank

and everyone's watching me,

and I'm just like a little spaced out over here. (laughs)

Oh man, I'm full already.

- Me too!

Okay, let's try the caviar.

I'm curious about this.

- Oh yeah, we should all try that together.

We each have a full tin of caviar to ourselves.

- I love how you're doing it like a makeup.

- [YB] Yeah, makeup. (laughs)

- [Keith] Yeah, looks like a makeup palette.

- Okay, so we put a little bit on the bread.

- A little bit of caviar on the bread, not too much.

And this is what the rich people do for breakfast.

It's like a little salty jam.

- So delicate.

- It's salt, it's the best salt,

- [YB] But it's not like super salty either.

- It's almost refreshing, even though it's like salty.

- Yeah. - Yeah.

- You should do a "Food Babies" where you only eat caviar.

Eating 12 ounces of caviar.

- Oh my God.

- $100,000 in my body.

- [Keith] You would be full of so many fish eggs.

- One of the things I know about seafood

that I think is interesting is that like,

lobsters used to be regarded as like not good.

- Right. - Yeah.

- Like, if you go back a hundred, 150 Years.

- It was prisoner food. - Yeah.

- It was a similar thing with elevators.

- What? - Prisoners too?

- Before elevators were invented,

living on the top floor was a bad idea.

Like, nobody wanted to live on the top floor.

- Oh. - Really?

- 'Cause no one wants to walk up like 60 flights of stairs.

- [YB] Oh, that makes sense.

- So, like, poorer people lived on the top floors.

- Speaking of delicacies, I'd love to invite one

of our very own delicacies up,

so that I may feed him a crab leg.

Jonathan from the cleanup crew.

Would you please join me on stage?

(upbeat guitar music) (crowd applauding)

Scoot in, YB.

Jonathan, would you like me to shove this in your mouth?

Or would you like something else?

- I don't want you to shove that in my mouth.

- Okay, got it, sure.

- But I do wanna try one of these shrimps.

- Get a shrimp. - Get a shrimp.

- Enjoy this scrimp, I find that it's-

- Dip it in the sauces.

- [Will] It's got a good amount of horseradish too,

which I like.

- [Alex] Yeah, it could be a little spicy.

- [Keith] It's quite horseradishy.

- Very good, right?

- Oh, mm.

- It tastes like the sea, and acts like it.

And maybe it's the oysters talking, but Jonathan,

that haircut that you got-

- [Keith] It looks good.

- (laughs) whew!

- Wow, you've had too many oysters.

- Maybe I should cool it on the oysters, yeah.

- Yeah, you should cool it on the oysters.

- You know, there hasn't been a whole lot

of talk of "Food Uncles" today.

- I know, I've been creepy.

I don't think that they've noticed.

- I've noticed. - Okay. (laughs)

- I actually wrote a dissertation on the role of the uncle.

- For some reason, that's creepier than.

(eaters laughing)


Yeah, I will?

- The office hunk, everybody.

(audience cheers and applauds)

(eaters laughing)

- [YB] Look at this lobster tail.

- The lobster was incredible.

- And the caviar is the best thing on the table.

- [Miles] Are you putting the caviar on a shrimp?

- I am, I'm gonna put caviar on a shrimp.

- [YB] Here, I'll try it on my lobster.

- Oh my God, this is really good.

The caviar on the top is un(beep) believable.

- Yeah, it's so good. (laughs)

I feel like I haven't made a dent in this.

- [Miles] No, me neither.

- And I've been eating constantly.

- When they said it feeds six to eight people,

I thought they meant it was like an appetizer

for six to eight people, I didn't think it was a meal.

- No, it's a meal.

Everything is rich, I thought I'd be able

to fly through the oysters.

- [YB] Me too.

- They're so rich. - Right here.

- [Miles] They're so rich, I can't go with like one, two-

- No, I'll eat something else for a while,

and then I'll have one oyster.

- I'm taking a little break. (laughs)

- I don't know what the correct term is in English,

I only know it in Korean.

- Say it. - Say it.

- I feel very neukkihae,

I think it means like rich,

too much like rich flavor.

Do you guys feel fine?

- No. - No.

(YB laughs) - Not at all.

- I feel, what was the word?

- Neukkihae - Neukkihae.

It's that the crab is so salty, out of this world-

- It's almost like it lived in the ocean.

- It's out of this world. (Miles laughs)

- I'm gonna kinda take a little gander

into this beautiful claw.

- [Keith] Ooh.

- Oh! - Oh my God.

- [Miles] Wow, wow, this is unreal.

The lobster claw is insane.

- You take off his wrist, open his thumb out.

(YB laughs)

And then he falls out. - Oh.

- Ooh, baby.

- Ooh, Will did it. - You got it.


- Obviously the little tendril claw is like so.

(YB shrieks and laughs)

(YB shrieks and laughs)

(YB shrieks and laughs)

(YB laughing) That'll happen.

(Keith laughs)

It was too strong.

- There we go. - There we go.

(audience applauding)

- Some left in the thumb casing, but you know,

pretty close.

- It's so smooth like a dolphin, it's like-

- Like a dolphin. (laughs)

- Like a dolphin.

- Oh, you know what?

Miles I know you just told the story on the podcast,

but I haven't heard it yet.

Can you tell us your proposal story?

- Absolutely, you got me oystered up,

and ready to talk about love.

It was a beautiful Christmas evening.

I told Sarah we were gonna do a fancy Christmas photo shoot.

And so, I got her in fancy garb.

She, earlier in the day, had been telling me

how Christmas would have been a really lovely time

for a proposal and then rolled her eyes. (laughs)

(YB laughs)

She had a friend to text her,

hey, can you bring in some packages to our doorstep?

'Cause they're expensive items.

She leaves the house, I have lots of string lights,

I'm hanging them up everywhere frantically.

She comes back, she's wearing a Try Guys hoodie.

I say, take the Try Guys hoodie off.

And then I lead her down this sort of aisle

of beautiful, fantastical lights.

And then I say lots of sweet things to her.

And she said yes, which was a joy.

- That's great.

- Yeah, it was very sweet of her.

- What is Keith doing?

- What is Keith doing? - I don't know.

- [Miles] He's under the table?

- I have to go to the bathroom.

(eaters laughing)

Like, he was telling such a sweet story,

I didn't wanna ruin it.

- [Miles] Show Keith's shorts.

Ben, look at his shorts. (eaters laughing)

- I am decadent.

- You look like you're in the "School of Rock."

- [YB] Yeah! (laughing)

- Do you wanna be the teacher's pet?

- Well, guess who else just got engaged?

- Hey! - Hi!

- Wait, wait, wait, yay. - Yeah!

- I've been engaged for one week.

We were in Mexico for my birthday.

One of the couples that was there though,

the newer couple of the group,

and they said, we wanna take some cute couples pictures.

And then like, everyone's rushing me to make the sunset.

I'm like, what's the big deal?

It's night one, if we miss a sunset, it's not a big deal.

And Will's like, you have 20 minutes left.

And I'm like, okay, I can do that.

Two minutes later, he's like, we're leaving right now.

I'm like, no. (laughs)

Until we finally make it down there.

And then we're all taking turns taking couples pictures,

and then it's our turn to take a couples picture,

and we do it.

And then I look away, and I turned back,

and he's down on one knee.

- Aww! - Aww!

- It was very, very cute.

I was so shocked, I didn't even say yes.

(YB laughs)

I still haven't said yes.

(Miles laughs)

Our pet names for each other are chode.

And so, he proposed, and I was like, aww, chode.

(YB laughs)

- It's a great story, and I just wanna clarify

that this is a different Will, and no-

- Yeah, it's not this Will.

- You know, your Alexandria stans out there

will already know this, but it's not me.

- Yeah, it's not this one.

Yeah, you're alone and loveless, right, Will?

- That's exactly right.

- Yeah, yeah.

Oh my God, this could be your audition tape

for any possible love interest out there.

- Yes.

- Hey, If you love smoking weed and watching anime.

- That's true. (Alex laughs)

- You're gonna love this guy,

- But I have sort of, I've slowed on the anime.

(eaters laughing)

- Oh my God.

Get under. - Get Under.

- [Keith] How can I get back?

- [YB] The way you came.

- [Keith] Oh boy.

- But you gotta go backwards,

so you could like slink back up.

- [YB] Yeah, you have to. (laughs)

- [Miles] Get those legs crawling under.

- [YB] Oh my God. (laughs)

Watch your head.

(YB laughs)

(creepy horror music sting) (Keith groans)

(laughs) Sounds like a horror movie.

- That's very nice, how was the bathroom?

- It's such a nice restaurant.

How's everybody doing?

- Oh. - I feel great.

- You're doing great.

- I kinda feel like I'm like floating right now, you know?

- Yeah, I'm hitting a wall in a big way.

- Yeah, same.

- This is a struggle section here.

Alex and I are struggling.

- No, I'm struggling too, trust me. (laughs)

- Okay, this is getting difficult.

- [Miles] Yeah, I'm getting into a dark place.

- It's so rich.

I feel like this is gonna be the right thing for seafood,

especially something this salty,

'cause it's the sweetest sauce I have.

- [YB] Mm, smells good.

- [Producer] So this is-

- A taco sauce? - A taco sauce.

- Let's go for it. - Cheese.

- Oh wow. - Oh wow!

It's like Spanish shrimp, I like it.

- Oh my gosh. - Oh God.

- I feel like I'm being taken into another dimension,

like, under the sea, you know,

where like all the sea creatures live,

and I'm just, there I am.

- Okay, so I'm at a place where it seems manageable.

That there are eight, oh, nine.

- [YB] Oh, look at all your shrimp.

- Nine oysters and seven shrimp.

- I just have this stuff on this plate and then I'm done.

It's just oysters, shrimp, and then this last crab leg.

I think I need to take a breather.

- Well, my goal is just to finish the big plate.

I don't think I'm gonna touch the second one, it's too much.

- My goal is just to also eat it all.

Miles and I will be the two tall kings of the ocean.

- My goal is to finish one of these plates.

Started here, and then I jumped over there,

because I thought it would make me feel better.

It didn't, it's the same.

- My goal is just, you know, hanging out, you know?

(YB laughs)

I feel like I've been dipped in molasses.

- And if you like molasses,

you too could be Will Whitford's girlfriend.

- What would you like in a girlfriend?

What are the qualities you look for?

- You know, I like someone who reads books.

- And you were telling me in the car,

you said dump truck as well.

(eaters laughing)

- Yeah, if she doesn't have a dump truck ass,

she's gotta go.

(Alex and YB laugh)

No, I'm kidding, that's not true at all.

Caviar shrimp, caviar shrimp

Caviar shrimp

- [Keith] You gotta put it on with a spoon.

The food is ceasing to become food.

- I feel crazy.

- Whoa.

- Keith, how's it going over there in the shrimp?

- Oh my God, there's so many shrimps.

Living by the sea

Whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo

- Logan.

(eaters laugh)

- Hello?

(eaters laugh)

He didn't make it? (laughs)

There's been an accident?

- Oh no. - Oh my God.

(eaters laughing)

- Hang on, I gotta call my dad.

Beep, boop, bee, boop, boop, boop.


- Yes? (laughs)

I'm gaming right now.

- [Miles] Oh, sorry, okay, I'll call you back.

- Okay, guys, this is the final stretch.

We give it our all, and then we're done.

I can't see anything. (laughs)

- Keith, are you almost done?

- I'm not really.

- Wait, wait, Keith, look at that dedication.

(Keith murmurs nonsense) - Keith!

(Alex and YB laughing)

- Don't do it.


- Okay, everyone welcome our new PA, Jack.

(crowd applauding) - Hello, hello.

- Yay. - Yay!

- Happy to be here.

- [Keith] To Jack.

Caviar shrimp

Caviar shrimp

Caviar Shrimp

- Jack, everyone!

- Yay! (eaters clapping hands)

- What a thrilling interview.

- Stop!

- I'm not gonna stop. - Don't eat it.

Stop it, these are for dedications.

- Shh. - Stop!

- YB, I have to, I've got oysters!

- It's dedication shrimps!

- [Miles] Keith and YB are bickering.

- And YB is being such a boss right now.

(YB laughs)

And she's like, don't eat the shrimp,

save it for dedications.

I have five oysters left.

- Yeah, but you can't dedicate with oysters.

- Why not?

- It doesn't look as good. (laughs)

- The people who make it to the dedications

are not gonna be like, I'm out now.

(eaters laughing)

Now I've had enough of watching these gluttons fall apart.

- Keith, how many oysters do you have left, three?

- Two. (clinking utensils)

- Cool, you're almost done.

- I can't believe it, that's insane.

- All I gotta do is believe in myself.

Oh, this is gonna be a meaty one.

(breath puffs)

(intense rock music)

(Keith groans)

(Alex groans)

- Let's go, Miles, let's go.

Three, two, go.

(Keith burbles)

How you doing, Miles?

(Miles laughing)

Let's get onto the dedications.

(warm piano music) (glass ringing)

- I'd like to dedicate this bite to the ocean.

So vast, so unexplored, so full of trash.

It's not your fault, it's our fault.

- It's our fault.

- Cheers.

- [YB] Oh.

- I'm dedicating these shrimps to our producer, Nick,

for finding this wonderful restaurant,

and making the best day ever possible.

- Yeah. - To Nick.

- [Keith] Thanks, Nick.

- To Nick. - Thank you, Nick.

Thanks, Nick.

- Oh.

- I dedicate my last little shrimp,

or perhaps shrimp claws, to Miles.

He came in here with a dream,

and a goal.

I'm so proud of him for that.

(bell dings) (YB laughs)

- I dedicate mine to the restaurant, Old Brea Chop House,

for the amazing food and appetizers.

I'm glad that "Food Babies" finally made it this far,

coming from chicken nuggets and Taco Bell.

- [Keith] I'm so proud of you.

- [Alex] It's only downhill from here. (laughs)

- I dedicate this last bite to every single

person out there watching.

I dedicate this also to "The Food Babies."

(eaters laughing)

And the third shrimp to my lovely fiance. (laughs)

- Aww. - Aww.

(Miles exhales)

(eaters laughing)

- Oh God.

- Yes.

- I can't watch - Yes.

- I have a fiance now too.

To my Will. - Yay.

- Sorry, Becky.

Really screwed this up, huh?

(eaters laugh)

I finished mine. (crowd applauding)

I did it.

Miles did it.

We did it.

Also, remember when we ate appetizers?

Well, this was incredible.

Thanks to the Old Brea Chop House for having us today.

What an incredible array of delicacies.

- Thank you guys so much for watching.

Please let us know in the comments below

what you would like us to eat next.

- Don't forget to buy my hot sauce.

- It's really good, it's really good.

- It's good, you can put it in your bed,

and sleep with it at night.

Caviar shrimp, caviar shrimp

Caviar shrimp, caviar shrimp

Caviar shrimp, caviar shrimp

- (laughs) Why are we so lifeless?

- Amazing. - 'Cause I feel dead.

(YB laughing)

Caviar shrimp

(intense rock music)

- Subscribe to my OnlyShrimps.

- It's a joke.

- Oh my God. - It's a joke.

- Wouldn't actually be pictures of my butthole.

(YB and Alex laughing)

It is eating shrimp.

- Do the oysters! - Sorry.

The Description of Eating $2000 Of Gourmet Seafood • The Food Babies