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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: MLA Doc Template

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Hello everyone I'm going to speak to you today about MLA formatting and using template documents

specifically I do have one MLA pre-formatted Word document file that will be most helpful

for you you can use it for all of your assignments in this class or any future classes that require

MLA formatting for the papers first of all finding my MLA document template is pretty

easy you just have to go to the homepage in our Canvas course and click on MLA document

template it's under the getting started module once you've clicked it opened it downloaded

it however you want to access it you should see a Word document in front of you that has

several prefabricated sections all ready for you to fill out you'll notice that I've put

a few things here in red boxes just to highlight first of all the typeface and font for MLA

document papers should generally be Times New Roman with a 12-point font you'll notice

in that top toolbar a little further to the right and almost the middle of it there's

a section for paragraph and the section that I highlight here is for alignment specifically

you want to make sure that the bulk of your paper is in left alignment meaning that the

cursor for your text is going to always fall on the left side of the page the only cases

where you're going to have different alignment are for the title which will be centered and

the works cited page title which is also censored you'll notice that I have the pieces of information

that are required for an MLA header already populated for you all you have to do is change

that information so you would obviously change your name to your actual name put your instructors

name in this case you could write Andrew Bond or Professor Bond either one is fine the class

is English B1A and notice that when it comes to writing the date you have to do it in day

month and year obviously this document is a little bit old because I originally created

in 2016 so you will have to update the year but if you were to do this say on January

31st 2020 it would say 31 January 2020 in the top right-hand corner of every page you

should have your page number in order to change the words your last name to your actual last

name you should double click over that word it will enter into the header and then what

you can do at that point is highlight only the text make sure you do not touch that number

in that right hand corner highlight only the text and then overwrite it or replace it with

your name if you accidentally delete the number you're going to have to start over with a

new document template or close this without saving because if you delete the number you

take away the characteristic and property that increases the number sequentially as

you add pages to your document what that means is if you keep everything as I have it here

and you don't mess with that number as you write your paper the page number will increase

automatically for you and your last name will carry over onto every single page now as far

as title formatting goes the title alignment is always centered make sure that when you

write your title in that you arrow down or click underneath the title in order to go

to the next page or sorry the next line the reason being is if you hit enter after you

put your title in you're going to carry over that centered alignment on to the next line

and what that might mean is when you go to type your paper if you hit enter your entire

paper will be centered so make sure that you arrow down or you click underneath the title

once you've entered it and then you should be left aligned again on the page and also

pre-formatted for paragraphs and what I meant by being pre-formatted for the paragraphs

is that aside from being left aligned as you see in the top toolbar there if you look at

the ruler youll notice that there are two triangular tabs that are marking sections

on the ruler the bottom tab is flush against the one-inch margin the top tab is a half

inch in what that's going to mean is when you start typing your paper the first line

of any paragraph will automatically be indented by 1/2 inch and any subsequent line will go

back to the one-inch margin you can do this in any word document you can set this up and

what it means is that as you type you can type out your entire paragraph and then once

you've completed your paragraph you press enter and it will reset and you'll have for

your next paragraph an automatically indented line for the first line and then every line

after that will be flush against the margin this is just pre-formatted so that it's easier

on you and you don't have to go back and indent your own paragraphs manually using the tab

key or God forbid hitting the spacebar so many times now the works cited page formatting

is already set for you as well this will be specifically useful when we get to your research

papers and the papers in which you're going to be citing sources for your journal entries

you don't need to include a works cited page but for the essay assignments you do now you'll

notice that on the ruler the triangular tabs are actually inverted they're flipped from

the way they were indented before so you'll notice that the top tab is flush against the

margin at one inch but the bottom tab is now indented or marked at the half inch what that

means is when you type in your works cited entry the first line will be flush against

the margin and any line after that in that single entry will then be indented by half

an inch when you hit enter after completing an entry it will start over and reset for

you to where when you start a new entry the first line will be flush against the margin

and then any subsequent line will then be indented by half an inch the big thing to

obviously recognize here is that the indentation is actually inverted compared to a paragraph

in a typical paragraph you will indent the first line 1/2 an inch but in works cited

entries you're actually going to indent only the lines after the first so the first line

will always be flush against the margin so all of this stuff is preset for you so that

you can go into this document and immediately start working on your writing assignments

I could go through this and upload a video where I explain every single setting in Microsoft

Word and every specific formatting requirement in MLA but I think it's much easier for everyone

if I just go ahead and give you a blank template with which to write your papers because then

you're less likely to make mistakes there is a link in the week 3 module that specifically

addresses how to format a works cited page and more specifically and broadly an MLA paper

if you are using Google Docs or if you're using any software other than Microsoft Word

then you're going to want to actually go into that link and follow the instructions as to

how to format your paper generally speaking you're looking at one inch margins double

spacing Times New Roman with 12 point font the page numbers in the top right-hand corner

with your last name and then all the header information which I've already covered so

if you need to set that up on your own there is a link with that information but I encourage

you all to use this MLA document template that I've pre-formatted for you to avoid any

issues alright feel free to email or text me or message me on Canvas if you have any

questions until then that is it for this week

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