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When I was about 18 I worked as a nursing assistant on a surgical floor. We got a range

of patients that varied from gallbladders to knee replacements. I worked with another

assistant and we split the floor in half. She got one hallway and I got the other.

She went on break so I responded to the call lights in both halls. One of her patients

rung out so I went to help. The lady's son stepped out while I assisted her to the bed

side commode. I came out and told him I was done and he could go back in. Instead he chose

to talk to me. We exchanged some small talk and he went back into the room when his mother

called for him. The other assistant came back and I continued

working. I went to chart at the nurses station and the son came out and began chatting with

me again. I didn't think much of it. It was the middle of the night, nothing good was

on TV at this time, and I assumed he was just bored. I got up to attend my patients and

he followed me, asking lots of questions (how old I was, if I was going to school, how long

I had worked here), he even waited outside patients rooms till I came out.

I should have mentioned earlier that this guy did not have the usual creeper vibe. He

was a clean cut guy prehaps in his late twenties. He was charming and funny. I guess his apperence

delayed my creeper sense and I dismissed his behavior as being socially awkward.

He continued to follow me and talk to me and I tried to drop subtle hints that I had a

boyfriend (although I didn't). Towards the end of my shift he became a little more aggressive.

He told me "Well I guess I'll just have to kill him" referring to the boyfriend I spoke

about. He said it with a laugh and then told me he would walk me to my car when my shift

was over. He then left to check on his mother. At this point I was creeped out.

It was the end of my shift and we gave report to the day shift assistants. I had told my

coworker what had happened with the son so she checked the hallway before we left and

we took a little known path to the parking garage.

I went to bed when I got home and around noon the day shift charge nurse called me. She

told me not to come in. She said the son had been asking about me. He asked when I worked,

what my real name was (I put a nickname on my badge), and more personal info. When she

wouldn't tell him he asked other nurses. His mom was going home that day, she said, so

I could probably come back tomorrow. Tomorrow came and my manager called. She told

me to stay home the rest of the week. The son had sent flowers to the floor and had

called every floor asking about me and when I worked. She said she didn't feel like it

was safe for me to come back. Eventually he quit calling and I came back

to work. About three months later I was watching the news. He had been arrested for rape and

murder. So creepy son let's not meet again.

This happened fourteen or fifteen years ago. It was Super Bowl Sunday, the Ravens beat

the hell out of the Giants, and I had spent the entire day waiting tables. I drank amazing

amounts of coffee while I worked. That matters later, promise.

After work the Super Bowl was pretty much over so I picked up a girl I was seeing and

headed home. I worked in Shreveport, LA but lived thirty miles east of the city on interstate

20. As soon as I merged onto the interstate the multiple pots of coffee hit my bladder.

I had to go and right now. There was a rest area just east of Shreveport and I was speeding

and praying that I made it because peeing myself in front of a lady friend wasn't on

the list of cool things to do. I made it to the rest area and Grace started

laughing when she figured out why I wasn't talking anymore. I parked, jumped out and

speed walked towards the bathrooms. This rest area was very instutional, just

two ciderblock rooms under a shared roof with a breezeway between the two. No welcome area

or vending machines. There was a map of the state on a board under an awning. That's it.

A guy stood in front of the map, I could see him when we pulled up, whatever he could ask

for directions when I was done in the bathroom. I went past him at an almost run, but I could

see him turn and start to follow me before he was out of my peripheral vision. The rumors

about this particular rest area flew through my mind, gay sex, robbery, rape etc. I walked

faster and entered the mens room. It was empty. I dove into a stall and stared

urinating. I heard the door open and the guy walk towards the stall I was in. He passed

my stall and entered one a few past me. While I was still going I pulled my knife out of

my pocket and opened it. I was freaking out and felt like I would never stop peeing. I

didn't want to be assaulted or robbed in a damn mens room. Especially while peeing. Finally

I got done and faced my next issue. Leaving the mens room.

I tried to slide the lock quietly but of course it got halfway and stuck before slamming open.

I looked down and didn't see any feet so I opened the door partially. No one was standing

outside my stall so I opened my door all the way. There was a mirror that ran the length

of the room, an industrial metal mirror that was wavy and distorted. I noticed finally

that one of the florescents had been flickering the entire time. I looked in the mirror and

saw him standing in the open door of one the stalls. He had his erection in his hand and

was stroking it slowly, the motion was what drew my attention first. I looked at his face

and this is what scared me the most. Not the creepy following, not the public masturbation.

His face had no expression, his eyes were either dark brown or black. His face was completely

blank. I held up my knife and turned it so I was

sure he had seen it. We kept our eyes on each other for what seemed like minutes but was

probably seconds then I walked out of the mens room. I ran to my car and locked the

door. Grace had her cell out ready to call the Louisiana State Police if I wasn't out

in another minute. I got out of there as fast as possible and took a long complicated way

home. A few years later the state demolished that

rest stop for activity like that. Every time I drive past where that place was I have to

look. I don't use interstate rest stops after dark to this day. So creepy, scary, rapey

guy lets make that the closest we ever come to meeting.

So let me start off by saying I move around a lot in between SoCal and Arizona. At the

time of this (December 2015)I was still living in Southern California, at my grandmas apartments.

I had gotten a seasonal job at Toys R Us to do something with my time and to learn some

people skills (I'm a 24 yr old girl and have some pretty extreme social anxiety and find

it really hard to talk to people) so I figured this job would help.

Another important thing to mention, My grandmother is on a government program with reduced housing

cost and has a 2 bedroom apartment ever since my grandfather passed, but due to the annual

check at her complex, she is supposed to be the only inhabitant of her dwelling, so technically

I was not supposed to be living there with her but she liked the help and company, and

I liked being rent free. Now, since I wasn't supposed to be there, I technically had to

sneak around and most definitely couldn't park on the parking grounds for the complex

as it would draw attention. There was a cemetery across the street from the complex and then,

half a mile of houses leading down the street next to the cemetery, along which most of

the visitors for the houses/apartments nearby (including myself) parked. I was getting free

rent and staying with my grandma which was awesome to me even if it meant I had to usually

park half a mile away from the complex, I didn't mind the walk.

So all was well for a few months from when I got the job in October minus a scary incident

with a stalker at work (I'll leave that story for another time) But eventually, they started

putting me on nightshifts, which I definitely did not mind since I tend to be a night owl,

also if you've ever been on closing shift at any retail store, you'll know you can easily

stay an hour or two overtime after the store closes doing reshop during the holiday season.

It was early december at the time. I ended up getting off of work past 2 am.

Around this hour at this time of yr in this part of Socal, the mist gets unbearably thick,

to the point of having to drive 30 MPH down the freeway with brights on and still being

unable to see a foot or two in front of your car. Tonight was one of those nights, I wasn't

too bothered by it at THAT time but it does set off my anxiety a little bit so by the

time I got home and it took me nearly 20 minutes to find a parking space, I was pretty anxious.

Of course with my luck, I parked at the very end of the half mile stretch.

Now, it's kind of a tradition of mine to get out of the car, close the door and linger

near my car for a minute while I audibly stretch a bit and sometimes complain ("fuck today

sucked") etc. It's just a little habit thing I do and tonight was no different. I immediately

after tucked my purse under my arm, turned on my phone flashlight and stuck it in front

of my face to see where I was going because the fog was so thick i couldn't see a foot

in front of my face. I had walked in this weather many times before so I knew my way

home - a straight shot walk for half a mile and a sharp turn left at the end of the cemetery,

then crossing the street and into the gated complex, so I was on my merry way, until I

heard it. A loud, almost obnoxious cough, and footsteps.

My alert mode set in and I instantly started walking faster and trying to be quieter about

my movements. Call me paranoid but I've had a fair number of "lets not meet moments",

and I certainly wasn't keen about meeting the stranger walking behind me, especially

given the fact that I can't see a foot in front of my face even with street lights and

my phone flashlight. This continues for a few minutes, with an

occasional cough behind me, and then I hear a whistle, the kind catcallers do which bewilders

me because 1. You can't see shit. 2. Since you can't see shit in this weather I assume

he is purposely intimidating me at which point I give up on walking and break

into a run. The steps behind me break into a full blown run and I hear panting,clearly

the dude isn't in the best shape (neither am I, but the run didn't wind me as bad).

By now I'm speedwalking next to the cemetery and for some godforsaken reason, my panicked

mind tells me it would be better to duck into the cemetery and hide instead of walk the

straight shot home. Had there been no fog, I would have a clear

view of my grandmas apartment from the area in the cemetery where I stood. I quickly hid

by crouching behind the entrance posts to the cemetery gates and I knew I fucked up,

because his footsteps stopped too and I could tell he knew I was hiding because of my lack

of audible footsteps. I crouched there for what seemed like 10 minutes, too scared to

turn on my phone for fear of him being close enough to see the light and find me, and too

scared to make a run for it for fear that he was intently listening out for me. I had

figured out he was standing probably 5-10 feet from where I was at the entrance driveway

to the cemetery right before the gates, which was confirmed when after minutes I heard his

voice say "I know you're there, sweetheart". I heard the distinct sound of a lighter being

struck and then smelled cigarette smoke. Figured the dude was focused on his cigarette and

I made a run for it across the cemetery somehow not tripping over any graves all while intently

trying to listen behind me. The cemetery's main entrance has wrought iron fencing but

the back and right end is wooden and serves as a separator between the cemetery and the

back yard of various houses, and the other side (which is in front of my grandmothers

apartment) is chain link. There is no other entrance or exit to the

cemetery but I know the chain link fence doesn't go all the way to the ground, so I laid on

my stomach, pushed the fence out and up, wriggled across and ran directly across the street

to my grandmas house pounding on her door until she opened.

I don't know how this dude found me, he must have been standing around nearby as I parked

and heard me complain to myself loudly when I got out of the car, but either way, that

was one of the most terrifying experiences I've ever had - so creepy stalker guy in South

San Diego who likes to come out of the mist and terrify women at 3 am, let's never meet


At the end of last year my dad had total knee replacement surgery. Hes younger than a

lot of people who usually have this surgery and because of this he had more soft tissue

damage than most. Due to the amount of pain he was in he had to be on pain killers for

longer. The pharmacy that I went to for his prescriptions decided that he was going through

them too fast (even though he was taking them like his doctor recommended) and denied him

his prescriptions a couple of times. I understood why, especially because there was a known

drug problem in the town we lived in, but it was hard seeing him in that much pain and

waiting on the doctor to contact the pharmacy for us. So I decided I would start staggering

his prescriptions at that pharmacy, a Walgreens, and the CVS a few blocks away.

I had been really busy running errands the day that I went to pick up his prescriptions

so I hadnt had time to walk my dog like I usually do. I felt bad about this so I decided

to take her along as a special treat and to wear her out a little bit. My dog is a 70

pound Staffordshire terrier (a pit bull breed) and one of the reasons I adopted her is because

Im a single female and I feel safer having her along when I go walking or am home alone.

So I get to the pharmacy and talk to the lady at the window, she says it will take a few

minutes. My dog is laying down in the front seat, content as could be. Then, as Im

waiting I notice a car drive really slowly alongside me and stop about 10 maybe 15 feet

from my car. It was pretty beat up and I vaguely remember it being red. What instantly put

me on edge is the man driving the car. He was your typical skin head, drug addict looking

asshole. You know the type, bald head, hollow cheeks, neck tattoos, the whole nine yards.

He had his window rolled down and he was staring straight at me.

The guy wasnt just sitting in his seat looking in my direction, I could have maybe

written that off as just passing curiosity. Instead he had his whole upper body turned

so he could stare. We sat there for what felt like forever but really it couldnt have

been more than 30 seconds. He knew I noticed him, I dont see know he couldnt because

I was doing the whole deer in the headlights routine. He just kept staring at me really

intently. Mentally I was running through all sorts of scenarios like the guy following

me home or trying to get into my car. I dont know if or how he knew I was picking up prescription

pain killers but thats the only reason I could think of for his behavior. Maybe the

pharmacy tech had tipped him off? Then, Im not sure if she was just getting

stiff or if she could tell that I was completely freaked out but my dog decided to sit up in

the seat and turned to look out the window, right at Mr. Creeper. I swear the guys eyes

bugged out of his head when he saw her. Like I said shes a fairly large pit bull mix

and she looks like she could do some damage if she wanted to. The guy glared at me for

a couple more seconds before he slowly drove off, still staring until he turned the corner.

Finally the woman returned to the window with my dads prescription and I quickly paid

and got the fuck out of there. I was constantly looking in my rear view mirror on the way

home to see if I was being followed. Luckily I wasnt.

Im almost certain that that man was going to try to do something to me, otherwise he

wouldnt have freaked out when he saw my dog. Needless to say my baby girl got as many

treats as she wanted when we got home and she got to go on lots more car rides to the

pharmacy after that!

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