Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【18歳の誕生日に】贖罪 歌ってみた / なつなや

Difficulty: 0

Laughing at other people's efforts

Not making any effort myself

Backing out during important times

Giving up at the very last moment

Pushing myself during weak times

Mistaking acting strong for something amazing

Not being able to accept others' weaknesses

Thinking that everyone is the same as me

Holding back tears

Being hard on myself

Making the people close to me sad

Hurting the people precious to me

Refusing things I don't like

Embezzling the things I like

Showing a fake smile to those around me

Acting based on just my own favor

Deciding that sticking with others is for the weak

Preferring to choose loneliness

Not treasuring those who treat me well

Only building up spiteful thoughts

Thinking about living

Needing to give it some kind of reason

Unable to be honest with myself

Pushing away the hand offered to me

Not saying sorry

Saying sorry too easily

Not saying thank you

Selfishly expecting "Thank you" from others

Not realizing that I am loved

Thinking that being special is a given

Regretting having been born

Trying to carry too many things on my back

Ah Today as well, let's try living, step by step


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