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mexican named guys

Hey, everyone

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Well, we're talking about them a little later though

I'm guess. I'm Kerry. I'm miles. I'm Bertie

I'm uh, I'm very upset that it not where my Pizza themed me undies today was that I would have lost him

Oh, yeah, like I got the last

Ones right now. Oh, so just before the podcast start

Yeah, you were talking about a dude in Scotland who has now gone to jail or he's been sentenced even sentence. Oh

He's been convicted convicted but not sentenced. Yeah, I believe that's where we stand at this moment and he was convicted for

Hate speech is that I believe so, you know

We live in a country where freedom of speech is a very valued freedom. You let people

Will let you scream at a restaurant employees in Manhattan all you want because they speak Spanish forefront of humor

And then the merry you can show us out of your apartment, right? It's a beautiful cycle. It's great. We have we digress here

So this guy calling his girlfriend's pug?

Which she liked too much. He taught her. He taught the pug how to be a Nazi

and now you're gonna need to

Explain there's a world where he doesn't explain and we let that kind of thing

That's a lot of there's a lot of things there. Yeah, so what would would a suit I assume to be a humorous attempt?

Yeah to make fun of his girlfriend. She loves his dog so much

He thought well, what's the most unlovable thing? I could do teach it to be a Nazi

So he taught it to you. Like did you sleep? Oh you're careful

And then he was he would say phrases to it like and I think this is why he actually went to jail

Okay, like he would say things the dog like hey

Do you want to go outside dog would have no reaction ha ha

Do you want to go in the other room Douglas heavy rock?

She goes do you want to guess the Jews and then we've all get excited. I didn't laugh about that

That is I think that phrase in particular is where that qualified as hate. Speech I wasn't

so each chat is uh

I'm checking chat here on the receipts website chat is saying that they ended up just finding the guy so I looked it up and

They find him eight hundred pounds eight hundred quid. Thank you hundred pounds. So that's about what eleven her bucks. Someone like that

Yeah, that's like a couple dog lessons basically

One lifeless. Yeah

Yeah, I think it's got to be that it's just the you know, you live in countries with that were to war

Yeah, because of essentially hate speech they're gonna have a negative reaction, you know

When you're publicizing it are they dating still is my question that guy in has girlfriend weirdly enough. They've never been stronger together

Yeah, the dog now lives in Argentina

That's a day joke for you. Hey, uh, so in addition to well since we're talking about Scotland I heard another

Holland oh, yeah, I started the whole conversation with the used in Scotland

Just like Peter nice for Milan tomorrow the same thing. It's not the Trump. Oh boy Golf Resort


Scotland Gus. Okay has banned a certain drink. What as a drink you think they banned in Scotland. What would be an uproar?

It's not well for the who to Scottish people. What's the most popular drink in all of Scotland? I don't know what

Scotland is the only country in the world word coca-cola is not the number one soul drink. I didn't know that

Knowing that we had no we've talked about this before. Yeah Andrew, what's that what it's

Like well, it's a delicious drink if you're listening from Scotland, you're not from Scotland. It's basically flat Orange Crush

But they baited Trump the Trump Golf Resort in Scotland, I'm assuming somewhere near st. Augustine the birthplace of golf


banning iron brew because it leaves orange stains around the resort around the

Clubhouse, and they don't like the orange stains that or orange really iron brew lead

I've got to keep that joking

Joke is that they're calling it hypocritical. They're a guy who is orange stained. Yeah would ban iron brew. I don't know

I've never heard this before. I think you're gonna go like scotch or something crazy

I thought I can be scotch - yeah, that's racist carry

only place scotches from your so racist

Okay. I've been to a Scotch distillery in Scotland

Yeah, yeah, that wasn't weed it was closed

In the car I was so flew on the Space Shuttle

What they wouldn't let me on but what I flew in the face, I was ten

But my dad was not ten and wanker of a scotch age


He wanted to go to the Glenlivet distillery coz his favorite scotch they were closed

So he just kissed like he legitimate kiss the ground and then we left that was it. There's cows and

When he would eventually kiss you. Yeah

Actually work out, okay

Really cool. Yeah freaked out as a kid. Why is my dad kissing me around?

That's good. You were totally


If he took me to the Lego factory, I would be like guys every brick get some smooches in

Yeah, and it took me like Elena, Florida, you know same thing. Yeah, I think I mean it changed the Lego just recently

What's the change that they made Oh, didn't they do something square pay more like environmentally friendly. Yeah

Maybe still like well, it's so pierce your fucking feet. Yeah, it's not Legos if they don't

Round that if you want to make it change it Lego. Yeah that you proposed it in about 15 years later

They've run through the production pipeline that they already have planned out and then they can implement

Well, they haven't made Lego in like 80 years. I think it's just been the same Lego over and over again

You know what? That is true for what purple hearts? Oh, really?

Anticipating the campaign in the Pacific they made more purple hearts than we have needed. Well

It's been the invasion of Japan. Yes. Yeah, it's bonkers. That's a good thing

Typically a good thing. Yeah. Yeah

Well, yeah

And I'm trying to like do the math here know like I just assumed that

Someone sneaks into my house and steals all my old LEGO sets there in boxes

And I it recycles them because the recycles I'm like that it's someone from Lego comes and takes them

That is I had block blocks

No, that's mega blocks

I don't even think it was LOC kid. He was LOC - be LOC chaos. I'm sorry your parents in loves

Your favorite blocks you guys we can't afford Lego brand Legos ever was the the to buy one and a half

In capper is really good guys this ver was the PI by PI, what do you like that?

Favorite it teaches you to be even more creative like look I built Legos


Finally got there. Yeah. Can I be racist for a moment?

Absolutely by over the border town. Was that like a

Knockoff version of leg when I had locked blocks. I wasn't living on the border. I was living in a suburb of Houston, okay

Look him up

Are you gonna find out it's not pluralized like lego-like walk? It's just lock block. Look. No, it's LOC be LOC s. Oh

Yes, see, okay. They just really fucking everything up on that one marketed in the 70s and 80s by Intex industries

That's a fun household names. Yeah

Index. Yeah, the what they made waffle. It sounds like company would be like intro

Yeah, like an evil corporation in text

I just started watching Brooklyn nine-nine and they end with it from you fremulon

And that sounds like a Futurama brand something or another it does sound like it's from Futurama

Hold on a second. Is it a good place a good place?

It's weird that we're watching the same shows nothing you're watching

I was catching up on Brooklyn nine-nine because I was a loyal viewer up until I fell behind I was a very loyal viewer

I wasn't like some johnny-come-lately yet. I can't

Stop watching and then they became canceled because people stopped watching so you're informing miles clearly you're

I didn't drop off I just didn't start it until now. I've watched 40 episodes. What the fuck in?

Six days, it's amazing. Right? It's so good. It's great. Yeah, are they?

Okay, yeah


I just like I had on the background flight to day story. That'll happen. I did it with a gret psycho

Yeah, I love that show so good. What is that show a gret Seco. It's a Netflix original red panda heavy metal

Yeah, it's like it's it's the studio that does wait. Hello. It's essentially it's about like a workplace environment and like

Dealing with the soul-crushing

Nine-to-five that a lot of people in Japan have to deal with or everywhere. Yeah I deal with

And it's it's I put it on the background knowing like oh, it'll be kind of fun. I'd seen the shorts on YouTube

It's like she's a cute red panda

But her whole thing is she gets pushed to a breaking point and then screams death metal and like eyelets

She gets the karaoke by herself. Yes like for

Troubles away. Yeah, I will kill you. Yeah. No, it's really great. By the way 95 in Japan. I don't know that exists FairPoint. Yeah


Like you feel for these characters by like Episode three

You just want to see this fucking red fan to succeed and happy in life. Just like in Brooklyn nine-nine

Yeah, just like I love that cop panda that they had. They're super great. Really interesting. Have you seen uh evil genius on Netflix?

I think we talked about it very briefly last no, but I've been hearing good stuff about it

Yeah, I finally watched it was like four. It's only like four episodes long. Does it kinda like young Sheldon? It's a ball. So I

Think I just started watching blahblah country

I watched the first episode I couldn't get into it. I was really slow

I think I'm like, I think I'm only two episodes in


I know all I know is that they really got wild there towards Anand did some super horrible stuff

But so far just being like one or two episodes in

really feel bad for the weirdos and red outfits van

it looked like they just wanted to do their thing and have their own little weird rants where no one would bother them and then

All the people in was the Antelope like they're fucking strange. I don't like it. We gotta get them the hell out

people in Far Cry 5

That that game is like Far Cry 5 has always kind of

Walked this weird tonal line of like, hey, we kind of want you to take this seriously

But also like look at this Bank ladder sick a bear. They fight you me Far Cry in general. Yes for crying Jen

Okay before cry five is just the most

Tone-deaf like I'm afraid to play it it's wait for to go on sale. Yeah fine. It's fine. It looks very nice. I

Love three and four. What was that? There wasn't there's a mission early and far cry 5. It's been a while

So I played it so I can't remember. I think I know exactly the ones with the Bulls. Yeah, I forgot this

No, it sounded like you go from one mission. It's a story mission. It's like you're fuckin crucifying people

they killed a baby girl and they're

Rapists and everyone's dying and then the very next mission is like we got around ourselves up some bull testicles. We're having another

I think I had a tweet about it

That was like far cry 5 there's a evil religious cult has taken over a town and is arming themselves also far cry 5

Hey the homeless dude who listed the dump maybe invented a teleporter

But if he did it could help out so much and would you I'd get those

I'll be fine

It's fun, but it's like buttfart cries also

It's like the DC Universe of the videogame. Enjoy

Meaning the villains are way better you show up for the villain

Oh, yeah, you know show up necessarily for the storyline of the heroes. Yeah, I

Still don't think they've done better than far car threes Foss then they spoiler fucking kill and like halfway through the game

And now you have to deal with like every Marvel early villain ever. It's like I'm a businessman

Watch out fuck off. Let the crazy do that

Every Marvel villain is let's take the hero and just make the exact same version but bad

That's fine but like when every year where every single time yeah

It's like how come you know Ironman didn't have to fight the bad black panther. No, it's literally Black Panther

He's literally fighting another Black Panther even by title and everything. Yo, did you see you see today?

For homecoming. Sorry man, homecoming to you the bad guys gonna be Mysterio. Okay, talk about that

That's a rumor that was announced say that Jake Gyllenhaal is gonna be playing Mysterio. I want it in the new Tom Hollands spider-man

Movie they're all drew he is

So, I don't know if I had to live that's all I had to say my buddy to list the top 10 villains that should

Never appear in a movie. Mysterio would be

Probably right just below mr. Mick

So play I wouldn't be with you

If it weren't for fact that they made the vulture one of the best villains in the MCU ultra would've been on that list

so I agree with you actually made the same point to me tonight when I was talking to her about he's like

That's what they want to do. It's like they want to try and find some of the more secure stuff

I mean like was it wasn't that basically everybody's first reaction when they announced guardians. It was like, yeah

Guardians is my favorite Marvel film Squirrel. Girl is gonna be the best Marvel MCU

They're not gonna do that sure though. I can't

Really? What are you talking about? What do you think girl girl? Literally couldn't be anything else that an actual superhero? Yeah. Yeah

Okay cult comic hero people absolutely love her like in the list of

Characters that could beat Thanos squirrel girls showed up on almost everybody's list along with like Adam warlock

Yeah, and they under thankful. I'm real good and have like fancy cheese like Danis when you break him down

He's just kind like a nut go on

That's all I got. You means crazy did you know?

The guys the director looking for any more I can't remember brother no no brother brothers. Yeah

Did you guys come Rose would have been it did you guys know that their current Twitter avatar came from our very own Joshua Nellis?


when they when and then we're the brand new when the first trailer that showed off Thanos walking out of the portal came up and

Everybody was making fun of that like, you know, they made it look like a Jonathan whatever

He's the one that did the Hank Hill one

That was like propane dot jpg that Josh ornelas made that in on our mission in my department

And they made it their fucking profile pictures. I think your fashion. Well another connection his phone wouldn't work

He was getting so many notifications so quickly that any time he would go to try and open Twitter

It would crack like Rick his phone. That's like how many likes it again?

I was curious like what's the most popular Twitter BIOS Larry Larry from achievement honor had one about Trump that one just crazy. Yeah

70k likes don't like that the Wendy's one too, but there's another word connection with the Marvel Universe and Twitter and roosterteeth where James Gunn

Director of the aforementioned guardians of the galaxy one and two and soon-to-be Squirrel Girl. Oh

By the way is now an executive producer for all Marvel movies him. He's an executive producers. I saw him on infinity war

That's a pretty good fucking deal. Yeah, even Robert Downey jr. Doesn't appear there

But Jon Favreau does give credit where credit's due

He Jon Favreau started this whole MCU thing off still lately top favorite Marvel movie

He directed the first Iron Man. Yes. Yes, but it was the first one that really he proved. Yeah be done

You know what? I mean and then started the after credit scenes and things like that

That's when all that began which by the way, I'm done with that. Can we be done with that?

I saw a Deadpool. I loved it. I

Waited till the end. There's nothing

I'm happy that people

Have a reason to sit through the credit exactly and watch the names of people and see how many people work on these they fucked

Up and Deadpool though. There was nothing after those credits. He went to nothing. No, that's not true

They plays song at the end of Deadpool do they? Yeah, there was a solid that we stuck around. Oh


Yesterday so it's so

Come on, this spoilers has gotten out of hand

72 hours after the movies come out all bets are off

Deadpool 2 - not as good as Deadpool 1 I've heard the opposite I will I front whatever to mix the things everybody

Going in with below. I did you like the first day I fucking love the fridge. I think you're gonna like it

That's what I heard - so I'm gonna go in with middle-of-the-road expectations, and I just think it's fun of that

We could just make more tea a squirrel - shut up - you though you remember by the way?

They handled Silver Surfer was great then yeah, that was very good. Also, Moon Knight. Yeah, I

Announced a fantastic 5 in that movie

Yeah, and it's all digital recreations of the Jackson 5

Yeah really weird thing to do but it was great I really liked that

They were the variant of the Hulk. This is go bad comics

Now the one that wore a trench coat and a hat and could talk what Bruce banners mind? Yeah

There's a lot of different ones. I can't do comics. It's too much too much

Yeah, I like it when the host-only line is. No that's good. I remember uh in college

I walked into a comic shop and saw I think it was Superman versus alien. I was like, I did a 180 and I

Wanted to start right?

like I've thought about this like the

Marvel movies are so huge is so much backstory sex if I wanted to start if I walked into a comic shop and I was

Like I want to get started on comics like where do you even start? So that was me four years ago

Okay, and they had started a line called Marvel now, which was they had they didn't restart the universe?

But they did restart every single storyline all at once so you could get in on it and I got so you know

I just have to restart from four years ago. Here's the problem two years later. They just reset the universe

Anyways, yeah all my books in the car for two years. Maybe I know it's great was talking about that

Yeah, his problem his problems a lot of comics these days is you get really invested in some heroes individual storyline

But then there's some galactic event that's happening in that comic universe anus comes and fucks everything. Yeah

It's like hey, what's a bitch?

Everybody has to drop what the fuck they're doing is like I was dealing with this alcoholism, but let's go save the galaxy again

Had to buy her groceries and she can buy them sucked out

That's what I've just been thinking with image lately and just doing not a normal stomach movies

Oh man what it is mine

If you ever want to get the idea of how hard it is to to write across multiple writers across multiple decades across multiple titles

Where characters appear just go read

the backstory of the vision

It is all over the place just use a Wikipedia entry on the vision and not only can I don't even thinking about that one

Because I just read it after infinity war. Do you think when they reset the Star Wars Canon that?

Everybody who had worked on it up to that point were relieved or mad that they threw away

So much of their lives keeping continuity. I'm sure thrown in the garbage people who created stuff felt upset that it was removed

But if you're making new stuff, it's probably easier to be like, oh, thank god. Alright worry about all these other things

Yeah, you know so - honestly where I just saw solo. I'm not gonna say a fucking word about

With you take the Squirrel Girl audio and put she wasn't solo oddly enough oddly enough

I'm not gonna say anything about solo whatsoever. I don't forget. I brought the suckers daughter miss of it

I already confirmed more that I don't know what you're buying but

I do think that people get really bogged down by cannon

yeah, maybe this just like maybe don't you know, like there's also I think though what happens with cannons specifically is that

people get in their heads an idea or they latch onto one thing and if that one thing is then wrong or eliminated or

Contradicted then it really unravels everything that they like about that show or story

I know like a lot of people and I'll do this on certain shows where it's like being able to theorize what's gonna happen is

Really important and fun and the second you start throwing away cannon bits and it's like well then now I don't know

Yeah, I can like sample from you know, anything started that hmm

I think lost is what started bad loss and

It's kind of backed off a little bit from this but lost for a really long period of time

fused the mister and sci-fi genre

Everything was everything in sci-fi was suddenly a mystery that we had to figure out

I never was trying to figure out anything in Star Wars growing up as a kid

I was just watching it and saying oh, this is really cool

why no and they were crazy twists and reveals what came first lost her bow circa, then the remastered I

think lost

Battle story definitely had that vibe to it. Yeah, everything everybody was like I have a mystery that you got a truck

Who's a Cylon? Yeah, not you know, what are the clues do you want list all the Cylon so we can bleep?

God I want to go back and re-watch battle. Okay. I need a watch for Tricia Helfer. Yeah

Lost I give a lot of criticism to because they didn't pay off a lot of those mysteries sir

Where's Beth skirt Battlestar Galactica went off the rails? Because it did reveal a lot of that shit

Yeah It was one episode in particular where I'm just like I'm what why was they watching this whole time?

Wondering who's the Cylon and who's not I didn't finish the last season. It may have been the same episode. It was an answer

I was like, I'm done

Hi fuck top that I

Didn't start watching it until about season three was airing so I binge the first three seasons because then they did the season like 3.5

Yeah, and they started a house so I had to start when it got to that point

I was now watching it week to week which is the worst time to watch it because it was just like

Now introduce a concept that nobody would have ever thought was coming. And is that the Honda robot? What's going on? Yeah

Dude, is anyone watching Westworld? I'm like three weeks behind on it. I've been a bit curious know your opinion of the mouth. Yeah

All right, it's not like I'm right driving me bat

Like I've well now the thing about it, though

I guess I did binge watch the first season cuz I got onto it real late

and then once I started watching I was like about it, but watching week to week it hasn't been as

That like me to watch

Programming for me. I've heard that about season two in general III two weeks ago. They had maybe the worst episode of the series

Yeah, but then last week I got the best episode of the series and no no the one before and then the one yesterday

Was good, but it makes me worried a bit

It's just I wish I I wish I wasn't

Caring enough to at least be watching it while it was airing because I know the week

Everybody really liked because everybody fucking tweeted about it and I was like, oh, I guess this gif happens cool. Thanks like

MIT dude, I going back a little bit to like spoiler territory on Twitter. I

Muted every word I could think of that could have something to do with

Infinity war leading up to that movie coming out cuz I mean I wasn't able to see it for a while. Um

As soon as I unmuted those words, I could not fucking believe the shit like oh

Yeah Forbes magazine had some huge huge in headlines like such and such and such ending bla bla bla. Bla. Bla bla

I was like, are you fucking me right now? Like what like I'd be furious if I'd read that and not yes

I mean the end of infinity war instantly became a meme


It's like wow, I mean that it's just out there

I read an article the other day it was talking about how the end of infinity war. Hmm

Okay, like how to talk with your young child

when they're watching infinity war I

guess keep taking his young son to watch affinity war and then like at the end towards the end of the film you like looks

over at his son and then like I guess after some stuff that happened on screen the sons like the life was gone from his


So lovely and the father was like no it's okay. It's gonna be fine to my dad

And then the kids like how can you say it's gonna be fine? You're like so so Joe, I just watched him die

Very quickly

Like nobody dies me if any more can I do a very quick?

Thing about the end of infinity war and I like Flay on my hands when I'm done

I'll still flail my hands when I'm done talking about end of infinity war

So I went to go see that movie on a Monday night by myself at like 7:30 or something

Barely was able to get a seat. Mmm that whole thing. I just thought was amazing

And yeah, I I thought the movie was fine. It was fun

Um, I still think it's incredible accomplishment what they were able to do but towards the end


Thanos does his little snaps. Yeah and everyone starts disappearing. I'm like, holy shit. We're doing this

Okay, because I never read the comics or anything

So T'Challa goes and I'm like, okay, so this means nothing wrong as Disney would have to be fucking insane

Unfortunate that you can't separate yourself from that

Yeah, I know that person has a sequel coming so that person so I'm what I'm watching it and I'm like, okay

I'm kind of out of this moment, but

Still this is a pretty ballsy thing to do

Yeah, and I hear like I feel like a few sniffles in the audience and then I hear a big one two seats the sorry

And there's this like middle-aged woman. They're just like like oh, yeah, I'd like she's in I'm like, oh man

Wow, she's really into this like that's really cool

Yeah, having ass emotional connection with this film

But then she had a ruin it for everyone else because as soon as you get that, mr. Stark, I don't feel so good years

And of course Peters going and he's clinging he's like I don't I don't want to go and she goes

Like I'm trying not to laugh and I feel bad for like a number of reasons but like talk she was in this zone

Like her only child was like going obviously I wanted to go over and like give her a blanket and cocoa be like have that

Talk with her miss 2ds that with his son man. I

I can't think of the last time I saw the Wonder Woman have that one

So the woman who was sitting in front of me when I watched affinity war like there's a scene where

Tongue start gets stabbed. Yeah

yeah, and I was like, oh my god, they're gonna they're gonna kill him right here Bennett the woman in front of me goes

And and then like avenge like she has a few comments about the rest of the movie and then you know

They have a after credits scene or like people

Disappear and stuff and then the lights come up in the theater and she goes well that movie fucking sucks

There's like the the opposite of this is when something so fucking stupid happens in a movie someone has to call it out

I was still in high school. So it was like the Transformers two or three but a bunch

We'll see the new Michael Bay transforms like night sheriff line in one of those movies produced

Yeah, let's go and do it and we're done okay back. I thought you're doing that for transformers

In one of in one of the films yeah Shalaby

yeah goes through what can only be described as the most violent and

Horrifying car accident like ever it's like roll roll roll cuts a roll roll fucking explosion world like five stores closed and the very next

On all the music like cuts out

Yeah, and he just like gets out scores like that was crazy and some do doesn't focus. What the fuck?

Bullshit and like the entire audience just lost it it was one of my favorite movie moments of collectively all of us going

This is a stupid fucking movie. There was a

Years ago when I was in high school I saw

Faceoff. Hmm

I was it was a very empty theater. It was me and I think it was Frank

We were to see face off and it was like theater was almost empty

There was like one dude in the theater like two rows behind. It's like seated directly behind us and

There's a scene towards the end of the movie

They're like on the boat chase and like one of the boats flies up in the air

It's like a huge explosion and the guy behind me. Only the guy that goes yeah

You would like so into it. Have you would you'd have you ever been in a theater where someone tries to start a clap?

I'm just done it don't don't go

That's a really uncomfortable

Situation to be in for like like the remainder of the film that was in that situation with a friend of ours. Oh no

We went and saw the show me he started the Star Wars

Special editions when they came out in theaters Oh

trilogy, but when they added all the garbage to it and you know we went and so on you hope and everyone was like

Yeah, you know, what? Do you feel like first time ladies on screen arrays clapping?

Solo the 3d

episode 4

But then when we can Empire we went saw Empire I want to say they came out like months apart

But or maybe I don't know they seemed like they were pretty close

Hey when just saw Empire together never ended the same thing with a clap when Leia showed up with Darth Vader showed up the first

Time but then Boba Fett appeared

All right, what are you to do yeah, he's great I have a theory okay go on

Oh something like this

I mean be very careful, but what I say here because I have seen solo and I don't say anything to worry

But I go yeah, I do feel like I don't know. I'm unclear I

Wanna be blameless if I fuck up?

like the Star Wars universe

There is an ever-diminishing

list of perfect characters


That I think most of the characters through the first three movies episodes four through six. Mhm are fucking great

Like I really can't

Pick apart anything and then you didn't you start getting the prequels and also they start fucking with characters that were working

It's ruining things. Yeah

Finding out who does and does not like sand

exactly ruins so I I have a

Finally put into words how I feel about Star Wars movies

Is I grew up watching four through six and there are kids movies and I fully recognized that kid

They should be made for kids and kitchen watch them and they should grow up and love them like any rope and watch the fucking

Prequels cuz I don't know something's wrong with him. But uh, I feel like a time

They took those perfect characters and I feel like the first trilogy

Yeah episodes

one two three

It seemed like the whole purpose of those movies was to fuck up the villains the Emperor and Darth Vader and just make him unlikable

And not at all menacing just weird and now it seems like the final trilogy is to fuck up all the heroes

That's what they're doing. Well, they've got to make yeah, they've got to make all the heroes look bad

So then the new heroes can look good exactly right or so

They can make their you know

Darth Millennial he can see my super menacing if he like kill some other stuff like that Lubin

They got out of a ridiculous situation of a thousand times, but not it's like this guy's killing them all

Yeah, I just want know more about Broome kid

We're finally getting to the heart of the fucking story. He and Squirrel Girl really a

Future together there. I heard somebody wrote in chat Jade eight eight. Seven six. There are too many Star Wars movies now, I agree

I don't even know how the solo movie was coming out this but I've seen it are there too many movies

I have no fatigue for Marvel. That's the thing. Yeah the worst two hours

You know, it's like I hope this movie is six hours. Whoa. Oh

Wow. Yeah, I want the Lord of the Rings extended edition. Just do the next one. Just just keep playing

I wanna see what happens maybe before the next one

We should do a marathon leading up to infinity ward's I would do it. If every article like two hours or something

It's not even that every single time. Someone talks about it. The stink comes up

Yeah, and that like the fact that that can't not enter the conversation

It makes me just like we can rent a theater Carrie and you could sit on one side

Okay, and I can sit on the other. Okay, I'm gonna shout. Yeah

Okay, cool only if it's cool stuff, oh, yeah, you'll clap when vision comes on screen the first yeah

Yeah, so he's been retcon so many different times

Originally, he was an Android built by

Ultron who was built by Hank Pym. Yes, not by Tony Stark right Hank Pym is the guy who's in?

Michael Douglas plays I mean I can't man

And so he was like the Brainiac of the Marvel Universe the brand ant-man. Yeah, exactly. It was giant man and and

Then they I think they wrecked Condon. I'm gonna get out of order here. We said John racing around where he was

The old body of the original Human Torch who was an Android before Johnny Storm was the Human Torch

There's a different Human Torch from back in the Silver Age of comics. There's also different human sorts and

Changing them up. Yeah, in fact, it's it's funny how the Human Torch does seem to be

The pathway for like Chris Evans became captain passing the torch. Yeah, and then uh,

Thank You Gus we were talking about people played multiple characters in the Marvel University how no one cares like Michael Keaton

Well, he played Batman, but then he was vulture

You know Anna magnets and now we have cable and Thanos played by the same actor as well. They

Do not get on the fucking Josh Brolin diet for whatever he's doing right? Holy shit, dude. He seemed Deadpool yet. No

I've seen Deadpool too you seen solo

That's somewhere now seen a very specific part of the

But I actually took my kids to see Deadpool pull two they talked about not doing that in the movies

My young I guess no

13 no, I was a filthy mouth. Yeah major. Yeah, it didn't matter. There's nothing. I in Deadpool. That would have shocked me

Well, no, I know one of my parents made me stick to ratings

what am I was like 15 one of my favorite memories being a teenager was

My dad took me and my three friends to go see the Jackass movie

mmm, and I remember leaving that theater and there's some kids from school that were fucking assholes and they were like

Oh, would you and we're like we saw the Jackass movie and they're like what? How did you get it?

I was like my dad's fucking rad I can walk away

But then I'm sure they're I'm sure after I left they were like that guy goes with the theater with his daddy

Hmm. I think that was like they've taught you so many naughty words

No, my dad to give a fuck. Yeah, that was rad. I fuckin love that. I don't care

When I was five my parents I

Sat there with recite Star Wars to them because we had seen it over 30 times in the theater

Like this fucking kid loves this science fiction stuff. Alright, there's another Star Wars movie coming out with taking this do that

What's the Star Wars it was aliens?

Old I remember we met all the way through the chest mercy scene

I made it to the face how you see and all the way up until the

Seizure at dinner and I was they got me the fuck out of there. You heard what happened to Jenna glow see?

No, I think was it his sister. He was Joe sister story. Um, he gets a text from his sister. That's like

Guardians of the galaxy to was awful. I couldn't handle it white like he's like, I mean, I thought it was pretty okay

But like what was it?

She's like I just it was such a tunnel ship there was so much blood and where was the cat?

And he's like first off I think I mean like her

Joke in the MCU that you just did. Um, what the fuck are you talking about? And she says it was so violent

And so scaring like I didn't know who any of the people were and they all died

She went to go see the new aliens movie

Instead of guardians and I was like bullshit and no one is that lady? We've come an in covenant. Yeah. Yeah

He walked into alien covenant and like sat through the entire film. That's awesome

And then left and was still like yeah, I saw Garland's. Where was the 80's music dude, like were you?

Yeah, can't this your sister isn't real you're paying someone to text he showed me the whole like the entire thread he's like yeah

Any more

Fucking like you're not a fan you're not super hardcore in that scene

I totally get it you I my my mother but always called everything a cartoon

It didn't matter what it was like when you play the Nintendo like no, this is an Xbox. Yeah

yeah, but the

with you

At all could be like where to go to buy a ticket?

In the fucking title comes in the movie. Yeah. I don't know. I don't know what the fucking deal is. I don't know


Will not call Joe a liar. I do not believe him to be a liar. I don't know man

He's that well

He's got a hole he's made of he made a mini career off of making fun of his family members with movies

Remember his name sisters one of them. Yeah, was that his girlfriend? I don't know who did Star Wars specifically

Yeah, he asked was it he s his mom to explain the matrix made a video out of that and she watched the matrix

Yes, and so she had seen it in the her explanation of what the matrix is

So my father on YouTube, it's so add things. Yeah, my mom explains the matrix or some like that. It's really good fucking fun

I think I thought it was either it's a girl about his age. So maybe his sister or his girlfriend at the time

She was explaining Star Wars. Yeah, yeah. Yeah because she hadn't seen I feel like I've seen that yeah

I just I'm funny reaction video on YouTube

Which is somebody watching the big twist that comes in the original trilogy of Star Wars

It was the seminal spoiler moment for so many generations

Until $0.06 came along and she was seeing it for the first time. She was like

Yeah, you don't care anymore, I mean people we

Fucking 35 years their shirts that have that spoiler on it like yes

Buy assurance liquors speaking of which great moments is spoiler history not spoil anything. Mmm. Say that before spoil something

Lower their guard David Prowse who played the huge guy in the suit for Darth Vader James Earl Jones at the voice

So after episode one took place gara pisode force tease me

Uh, there was a lot of people were really super interested in it, and he actually went to a convention. Mm-hmm

And he said it's in the paper. Like there's a printout of a news article

Somebody has where he's at the convention like nine months before

Empire comes out and he's like, oh, yeah, you guys are gonna love it

Like this is the big one we reveal that Darth Vader

My character is actually Luke's father and I just like lays out all the spoilers ands like because it was no internet

It didn't go anywhere, but it might be a big reason why he doesn't like George Lucas doesn't let him speak

I've heard that George Lucas blacklisted him from doing events because of that. Yeah

Just pulls him aside like this is why I didn't let you talk. Yeah, this is why I replaced you

He didn't know either I guess. Yeah, the story goes that he didn't know he was being replaced

Tom Holland now they're with him spoiling so much shit for the MCU. I think that was what hover what did he do? Oh,

There was some party for some reason

Apparently AFC no, oh you're right

So like


I may have seen on Twitter like all the the compilation of him doing they finally got smart and stuck Tom with Benedict Cumberbatch with all

Of his interviews because I'll ask him a question about all. Oh man, you're gonna level win and then

Q Cumberbatch is just like I'm actually all on so this one

Yeah, and like cuts him off every time he but apparently like at some infinity war

screening like

before the thought he was coming in after the audience had just watched it and

Don't worry, everyone

Oh you have a CD yet like it was apparently what happened he says oh my god

The best still is that when we talked about a couple weeks ago or it's Don Cheadle and Mark Ruffalo on the Good Morning America

Yeah interview from like July of last year. Oh, yeah

Serve it you have to watch it

Yeah I think that Tom Holland things actually cover for how much Mark Ruffalo actually does spoil stuff

And that interview with Mark Ruffalo from like eight months ago

There's a point where Ragnarok yeah, it was in the last you're talking out

There's a point in it where Mark Ruffalo Chris John Cheadle go goes

Am I gonna be in trouble and Don Cheadle goes? I don't know and move on. Yeah. Yeah, I heard about that

I don't know what he holy shit. But there's also Mark Ruffalo

Live-streamed the first 20 minutes of the rock and I'm here. Yeah, I just left his Instagram

And that you just put it in his lap and it was just like you could hear the movie

Your life your life check your phone your live phone kept buzzing but you didn't want to check it because the who he was going

Which like props I mean, he understands guy. You shouldn't do that. That's fucking crazy

It's amazing like trying to keep all those things quiet for so long. You know what's fascinating to me about

Spoilers and Marvel in particular. What is that? It's all based on source

so these stories are

really well known and it's like it's would someone have

freaked out if you spoiled the 8th Harry Potter movie to people

Know so well, I think it's it's very different

I think that when you read the books like, you know, Harry Potter book versus a Harry Potter movie. It's a lot

closer of a translation

I'm not saying exactly the same but with the comics it's like who knows what they're pulling from?

Like we talked about already like that. The universe has been reset

Busy wars ever story, right but is is gonna play out the same or is gonna play out different true?

Yes motivation is different in the comic than they are

Yeah, I'm really much better than the movie or in the comic. Wait. What no in the movie. There's motivations away better

I agree - ok

Good friend show Nick

Really like ran into us. He's like, it makes no fucking sense. It's insane. I mean

He is supposed to be kind of insane


Mean other materials like The Watchmen comic versus the Watchmen movie. Mm-hmm. They've fixed the ending

point yeah

totally different the ending of the comic is like oh

Okay, I guess sure it works. I think it works

It's like definitely weird but out there

So it was a lot of stuff in the comics Watchmen is my Squirrel Girl because go on because I don't want that shirt

It is that we have a great shirt, we're gonna debut it on next week's podcast you want to spoil it

So in Seoul, oh god, I love doing a podcast for that one time of year

Watchman is my scroll girl

Get it the way other people do like like people who like Watchmen fucking love Watchmen, they think it's incredible

It's this amazing story when I remember just coming out

They're like, I can't believe they made just you a movie and you ever thought they would go this far make a movie

It's so subversive. It's like that's what okay, I'm just a lot of dick. Yeah

Like the big I don't know though. The comic was really good

I think they're good. I think people longer that way of like befriending Vendetta - it's like oh

Is that easier like the greatest movie of all time?

Yeah about the Fifth Element too. Although I know that's also an unpopular opinion

Oh, you know like yeah, it was just like I was always been more of a matrix fan

I really fucking love the first matrix and film it was

Like three or four years before

Era, you know what? I mean? It's like the big here's how I remember the fifth element

I remember because it was when DVDs were taking off and

Maybe about the time that I was kind of getting into the stuff and all like the home theater mags and everything

They were always I always had screenshots a fucking Fifth Element for years and years and years. I was like

Good yeah, it's just you know, like element I think your old names great

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Even though

It wasn't there. I was like, that should be that's good. It's free. That one's you got it

The second one skadoosh my mommy just texted me. My parents are watching

oh there I just texted my mom too, because they always like to know what I'm on and I was like

I'm completely I'm a bad son. You know, I got the text like he could have told us

Speaking of San Antonio Oh for fuck's sake. Let's talk about it. Give a name

No, there was a baboon on the loose in the San Antonio Airport. I think holy shit. That's kind of scary

I think they just caught him right before he went live but Boone on it slam

It's funny you say that because we watched the video right before we started and you know

It's you know, the local news person in front our other graphics. It says monkey in the airport

It's like we're gonna go live to our person at the scene and we cut I've never seen a more nervous reporter in my life

I've seen reporters in the middle of like gale force winds that had like in this guy like custom

He's like as if he's worried them. I

Would be worried I would be worried

Yeah, it's like like you said all the headlines are monkey on the loose

And then you you you look at the video you see the image is like that's a baboon then the report on seems like yeah

It's a baboon. I

Think they just caught it first and it was funny was like we've got people there we've got him isolated to a room we've got

Him through security

We're getting from a pat-down the best part was they had a representative

from the from the airport

that was like yeah, um

You know prior to this incident

the other biggest things we had was a loose cat and I mean

We at a time catching him and I'm just saying they're like God help

You know, what a baboon

In the airport like the security teams there and you see like a door handle jiggling

Learn it could be flying a plane

What is the series of events it has to take place in order for the baboon to get loose

First of all, the baboon had to get into the airport is it it was on a flight?

Where's it going dinner cook in a cage and got loose. What's like a peg? I don't know hangover for



From the people that brought you I key a monkey got a tag

Did he have pre-check though? I

Think you don't need pre-check when you're from your baboon. Yeah

Listen, dude. Yeah, that's nothing to fuck around with. I don't remember what

Particular species of monkey. It was think it was a chimp. Was it chip?

we're gonna talk about it where I was like somebody had won and so

Their neighbor came over to visit and it decided I don't like this person. So it tore off their face and genitals

Tore off the guy's eye London's both of those things about myself

Yeah, those are kind of like those are you know, you can live without them

But what yeah, you don't want any we attach them they put they swapped them by accident

Of all of these like external like of all of my extremities that I could lose those are my two

Those I need those I need this the most yeah via is it legal monkey?

I don't think you can have a monkey icky monkey got taken away from that woman. Oh

That monkey look sad, that's probably good for me

I I always think about like animals being like taken away and then released in the wild and it just makes me think of

every video I've ever seen of someone with like a mouse and in like a trash can it's like

Oh, we'll let you out now and then like within 30 seconds a hot come and swoops it and takes it away

A couple weeks ago. I saw one. I think this family had picked up a squirrel that had like a broken leg or something

I never really see they were putting it onto a tree if squirrels like

Taking a few timid steps and in the family house cat runs out

Those videos are is that the reaction is always the same it's oh no

It's not despair. It's more. It's a strange blend of disappointment. And with this no problem anymore with the squirrel one

It was pure terror. She was filming was

Blood-curdling. Yeah, it was an awful scream

Yeah, I mean if I was a kid I was like I'm doing something good I'm doing something for the environment

Here's the squirrel back fuck mr. Tibbles

Depressing character here a guy was a falconer and got his Calvin goes to the end of this field

Huh comes back decides to come back via the road and run straight into a semi-truck

And you can see the guy's face was just laying people the comments were like look I I've dabbled in this hobby

It takes a very long time

And amount of effort to bond with one of those birds and it's just like you could see it like I'm a falcon

You know

May sound like a comical puff of feathers. No, there's like that. Well, then this is it was there like a slight whistle? Yeah

Any anything and a semi way by the falconer he went like this one

Man I hit a pigeon once and I've never seen so many feathers like you find him. I've know in my car

It was like I didn't realize couldn't that mean brakes take it was deep? Yeah

I I don't know why I got sent this video and I don't member exactly like I think I was probably Austin cuz a weird

Video send me a video of like machined D feathers chickens

I ran into Austin in a weird way. He did a couple of weeks ago. This is Austin Hardwick

He's one of our animators people almost the pink haired anime. Take care an animator

He's been on he's been amber since season 10. It was I was it was nighttime

He's probably close to midnight and trash might I take my trash out to the curb because trash pickup was the next day

I've had a few beers

I was like, alright gonna you know throw these in the recycling take it out to the curb

I roll it all out to the curb set it up and I can feel like there's someone approaching and really close to me

so I look up all of a sudden and

Austin is standing there and he's got like a plant with him and he goes

He shouts what the fuck and I look at her I go

wow, that's weird and I turn around and go back into my house and I'm like

What the fuck was he carrying a plant walking down the street at like midnight?

So the next day I didn't know anybody this the next day. Oh, yeah, that was a different story

Yeah, he comes into our office. He closed his door. He says I

Never guy slips. Now. I was like what the what the fuck he's like

I was really drunk and I realized I didn't have my 10,000 steps for the day

So I just ER apparently there's like open container laws and you're fine

So you just arted walking and drink and walking in tricked it? Oh, that's true. You'll figure that out. I highly does that's fine

He'll figure that's fine. It was juice

But he was walking and he I don't even know what neighborhood was at, but he was walking by good. Yeah. No, I

he he passed like people's like put some trash out of the curb and there was a vase in it full of peacock feathers and

Austin being all like a very normal thing to throw away


And he was like, oh, it's my girlfriend's birthday. She loves peacocks. I'll take this trash

He's just picked up he's like I was walking him there was Gus

I didn't I didn't know what to do and he just like he said like yeah you screen everything

he just didn't say just he just kept walking and he was like I

Don't know like I don't know what to do now is a shy talk. It was like

Really it was such a weird moment was so freaked out and I don't know first year I knew him

I would he struck me as one of those people that just makes up stories for attention

but then I got to know him and I realized there's just something wrong with him and

A weekly basis. Yeah, it's like after they destroyed something beautiful in Fight Club

And then it's just like this is there is these is there it's a beautiful weird the other day speaking of weirdness

I had a really weird experience at a restaurant

There was I went to this Nepalese restaurant. So I realized that I'd never had yeah

Nipple as well mine


So I'm sitting there and there's like a little bit of space and then there's another table to my right and there's a woman sitting

there by herself and she comes in and

she seems like I don't know like a little erratic like she's just like shifting gears talking about all kinds of stuff and

The waiter comes by to take her order and she explains how she's never been to the restaurant before and she wants. Oh

Yes, she wants an explanation for everything that's on the menu

She wants to know what everything is and I guess the widow just have time select the manager comes over to take over the matter

With two managers, very patient manager was very nice to her like this

Is this kind of dish does this mean this kind of sauce is tasty slices explains

Literally everything on the menu to this woman. Then she goes I've been awake for three days. I'm really tired. Mike's just bringing me

Whatever you want and then she shoves the menu back to the manager the manager like, okay

So the manager leaves I guess to put in like a food order for her after all that right after I like he's explaining everything

She's like, whatever whatever you pay me

He's a shit sandwich like so then she's sitting there then after a while like the waiter the original waiter comes back

He's like, oh, here's you know some food put down on the table. If you look said he goes, that's not my food

and the waiter goes

What did you order she goes? That's not my food. So waiters like uh, hold on so waiter leaves

He leaves the food on her table

He leaves ghost gets the manager and magic was back in the marriage is like you told me to order food for you

This is what I ordered. She's like. Oh, oh, yeah, it looks good. What is wrong?

Well this person well, she had been up for three days

Restaurant was BYOB

So she tries to order like a glass of wine and the manager is like well, you know, we don't have a liquor license

But if you have you know your own alcohol, you can bring it in which I hope you don't

Like a total platitude the manager says there's a liquor store. That's you know, just

Here you can go get a bottle of wine if you want no one goes. Oh, I've got a bottle of wine in my car

And the battery goes okay, you can bring that in and you can pour yourself some wine

She was I don't wanna bring the bottle down. Can you just give me a glass of ice?

I'll go pour my glass of wine in my car and funny manager goes you can't do that

You can bring the bottle of wine down and pour yourself a glass of wine here

Just no no no

Just get me a glass of ice and I'll go to my car and I'll pour myself a glass of wine a manager is like

I understand, but you know, we don't have a liquor license

Like if you're doing that and carrying the wine across the parking lot, you know, that's that could be trouble

She goes don't worry. If nobody'll get in trouble. It'll just be me magic. Well, that's not really how it works

You really should bring down this glass this bottle of wine. If I don't get caught it doesn't count

So we're good. We're good

Think of asking like what kind of glass do you want anyone like a wine glass? And she's like no

No Just any kind of glass a big glass. Just fill it with ice

And I'm gonna go fill up my I'm gonna go pour myself a glass of wine. It was like what is happening here?

and then she'll and then eventually so later like she takes like two bites of her food and

Then she goes I just got a phone call from that project. I'm working on for the last three days

I gotta go and I gotta finish this up have your people box this up for me who your people?

Why is that your word choice like, okay

Like boxes it up for her and gives it her and like she pays and leaves like what is that woman full height?

I didn't think anyone actually said that I thought that was just the joke of like have your people call my people like I

Didn't weirdest thing you've ever done in a restaurant or like a Starbucks or something

Do I have to be an adult kept a kid has any Starbucks rule which you don't have to buy anything to come and send

Their stores that's a new company-wide rule. I don't come back fire completely. Yeah. Yeah

It wasn't weird. It was just really fucking dumb. I

I was like, I guess I was like 15 or 16


had been working at a backpacking camp for about a month and

Sounds super depressed. So

He can only afford a messenger bag

Starter backpack, you can carry I uh, you know, you just drink out of a canteen

There you go. And you're good and I did that for a month

I drank everything like that and then my parents to celebrate we went to what's it called?

it's in Santo the Alamo cafe Allen cafe and

I remember I was excited to have a soda I ordered a big red is very popular in Texas. Very sugary very sugary

So good super red

and the waitress dropped it off put a straw in it and I put my lips on the straw and I went and

I I just poured big red all over myself for myself. I was been in the wilderness for a month

That was no longer part of society Bernie

That happened to Tom Hanks in castaway. Like we bring you back and it bores big red all over himself

No, no, it was stupid it made no, I just my muscle memory just as I was drinking from the straw

I just poured a fucking like Texas gallon of big red all over myself and the

Fucking waitress has the nerve to come back and go let someone have a little accident

You can say you're 16 as a defense, but you literally just poured an entire class big red all over you

I don't think she has another phrase. She can say besides that old

Glasses don't it was like it was like half of it. I was like it was like you're cold on my nipples. No

It was like it was so bad coach after a fucking I remember like my family's laughed at me

Was like a soccer coach, right? Yeah because then he would your Gatorade up a big thing

No giant containers and spigots like god damn you FedEx I

Think this isn't a dumpling

this isn't a weird thing that I did but it happened to me I guess so I went to I

Was probably eight or ten or some like that and my parents. I'm in a magic time machine

He's gone now right I think it helped

Well, I have a very vague memory of it

It's just it's they dress up in costumes and it's like you're eating in a different era and all the shit

No, it's still there. Is that open get out of here weird? They don't fall. It's a San Antonio

They don't follow the rules at all. They're like, hey, what would matter time machine? I'm Tinker Bell and I'm like bitch. Yeah

She didn't exist. Give me another waitress. Well, here's the thing

They apparently they do is they've got like a cool like Dick's last resort thing going on where they just like

terrorize children

What happened to me? Hey when they fuck with you. Oh, so did I?

They like our waiter really wanted me to get where they've like these like fizzy drinks

But like it's just like constantly bubbling

I was like, no, I just well I could cope like that'd be fine and he's like a fizzy drink

I was like, I really liked the cokes. Like that was like what set us off and like gave us an issue

Pretty much what happened?

So then I went to I had to go to the bathroom. So my daddy takes me the bathroom couples. Are you like some like

And I went to the bathroom I did my business and I was at that age

I still am where it's like I didn't have touch my wiener

So I just I don't any soap I just use water. I was really hoping you're not

gonna say it's like you're at the age where you go to the urinal and just pull your pants down to your ankles you just

Let it go. I was gonna be a drag and jerk off because I was in a bathroom


Can we time how many years Hey pause?

Hey Bernie, you never wrote your formative years like what never reached a point. We had to jerk off at every possible opportunity

Okay. Yeah, but not like in a public bathroom at a restaurant what I didn't do that I never what to do

I was like music. You can't just bring that up like you do. I've never heard. I've never done that

I just you know, I hear things that you jerk off in a public restroom. I mean, I just say never jump

Whew two luscious pancakes next to each other little whipped cream Dolph in the middle and now it's like hey guys

Is that what you're so exciting about your time machine still around?

Do that get fuckin surgery off in the Victorian area and finish the race

Jesus my story's no longer good

The bathroom I didn't use soap I walked back from the bathroom I just washed my hands I suppose mine's a me. So I

Was like I've learned and the waiter asked hey, did you did you wash your hands I said, yeah

He said he's soap. I said no

He's like mmm, then he went on the intercom and announced everybody in the restaurant that Kerry Shawcross did not wash his hands


The fucking fizzy drink Gus yo Leia all of your years of anxiety makes so much more sense

But his birthday dinner under the table, oh my god

That kind of begs the question why do they have a public address system in the moon? No, why pay this man more?

So he's more things to do

Did your father tip him? I mean did your parents tip him? Well after that, I'm pretty sure they were very upset

So that reminds me, so I'm the same night of my dad taking us to jackass

He continued the tradition like oh, I'll be cool these teenage boys

We went to the hooters right around the corner

From the movie theater that we went to and at this point like Papa Luna is like all-time high score

Like ranking for cool dad right now

but then he did something that very much reminded me of like the father I'd grown to know which is

Scary and intimidating like I don't know how to relate to you. I don't know anything about sports

You're really Stern when you're angry, like essentially we went to Hooters. We got our food or whatever taste food shows up late and then

his food is cold and like I'm a

Client I'm just an I like I'm a little pansy III avoid confrontation

Like if I got a cold meal I'll be like we're like back then

Just like a puddle of goo

you might be pause and talk about something been sitting here kind of in my seat Oh you kind of oh, is that hunt like

Kind of being antsy because something was coming. Oh

Yeah the story

no, no, no, please a

Graham cracker graham haddock was here. I saw him

Here sprinting we starting to finish

My dad made this big old stink about how

His food was cold to the waitress and then she brought the check and then he signed the check. He was like, let's go

We're going now and I saw they didn't leave a tip at all

Like he just turned dinner in the most Awkward fucking thing ever and my three friends are with me

Like is he always like that? I'm really sorry. Hey, yo, fuck this story. Also. I love you. Dad. Fuck this story. Um,

Hey gray, gray. Okay. So while we've been on the podcast

Some people have noticed in chat that I had been checking my phone again. And again, oh, yeah because I've been refreshing

Someone's Instagram feed in anticipation of something being said by the way, everyone. Mr. Haddock. He is the head of the animation division

Department anymore. It's guy called the animation division. Are we really? Yeah, we have force now

But and also the showrunner of an upcoming 3d animation project, yeah, good luck, that's right been working a little thing called gin lock

Time but yeah that's been kind of crazy. Um

Yeah, I one of the fun parts about being in pre-production for a show or going into production is a big part of that is

Testing. Yeah. Yeah. I'm so sorry

I'm kind of in a weird place even feel like I'm holding my breath for I don't know how long now but yeah

It's kind of odd what just happened online just a minute ago

I love how supportive everyone's being of the show

but we had an actor online that just posted on social thing that they wanted to be in gin LOC and

I don't know if people out there if you're watching the podcast right now live then you're the very first ones to help me

Suss out. There's a gentleman who goes by the name Michael B Jordan

you might know from the MCU that we

Go check his Instagram. I think it's Michael B for Jordan, but he is Michael B Jordan Michael Jordan

He just posted about playing chase in gen lock. Yeah, apparently he was

So, so are you telling me that I didn't get the role of chase?

That is a crazy crazy mouse we had if we had fun announcement about a new animated project

We had that last week. So it's been this like a crazy seven days man, really crazy, but it's give me that's amazing. That's amazing

Try and play it cool a like. Oh, yeah. Geez some some guy named Michael

I'm just pushed he wants to be part of the cast so notice you guys are talking about Marvel movies

Okay. Well, yeah, it's it's real. This is the thing that we've been talking about or kind of

you know winking at for months, this is

We've been are people have been talking to their people as they say

You know Rooster Teeth has done some crazy stuff before but you know, we we've never

approached casting quite like this and

You know Michael it turns out was at the top of our dream casting list, and we've got some concept art

Kind of using his village to figure out the look of chase from a long time ago

this is before we even thought we'd have the chance to reach out and so we should post that eventually just wrap it up, but

but yeah, when

used at the top of our dream list

We didn't actually think we'd have a chance to reach out then it kind of look like maybe we could so we put together

A package of like this script and some art from the world and the work-in-progress of chases art

We even animated a version of chases model using some of his audio some of his performance from Creed

and and

something up and this message in a bottle to him and it kind of made it across the Hollywood ocean through all the

Point agents and producers and managers and attorneys and whatnot innovating after they call that giant floating island of plastic

Working on picking that stuff up which they're doing a test program for that really, but we digress

Now long story short, yeah, he that the first amazing thing was he didn't say no. Yeah

That that that's amazing in himself

Himself, so what huge fan of anime himself he is. Yeah, so we started talking to him

This was before the premiere of black panther. This was before the whole

anime meme for the vanity fair

Yeah video interview where he was like walking around his crib and put into the map saying you want to go to japan

all of that with the entire table like we can't say anything right now and

But now we finally can

We were talking earlier about human torch's that was just like your butthole clenched

It's been incredible so we can we can finally say that jin lock is in full production and

People can look forward to a bunch of new updates now on a pretty regular basis

we'll be starting to show off some more artists more behind the scenes and interviews with the crew and

R-tx, so what I'm sure they'll be cool stuff at r-tx. Yeah our our TX and we hope to visit a couple different conventions

Announcements forthcoming yeah, but yeah, we're gonna kind of hopefully make it appearances at a bunch of places over this summer into the fall and

Yeah, and I'm not too far away from and I can't believe I'm saying this I'm gonna go

Fly out on one of his days off and we're gonna go like find the voice of the character and start recording here soon

Potentially more casting announcements coming up with genlock is like we haven't the first person. Yeah announcer. This is the first casting announcement

Following that up

Well when when can people see deadlines, when do we know yet I mean given a week

We can announce so the team is still kind of figuring that out

Thanks in advance for everyone's patience

We believe me want to get this into the world

and so you can see it as much as hopefully you want to see it and

But you know, we're particularly with new logistical

announcements like this

I think I wrapping our heads around exactly what this does the production what the best time is gonna be so plate

All right, please fill you in chat saying yes, you can say I'm Jen shocked. Oh nice

Favorite Michael B. Jordan story is a recent one from Black Panther

About the teenage girl who bit through her retainer

Seems so I was gonna I was gonna make I didn't have time to I was gonna make you an iron retainer

Didn't he painted when he bought her an irritated met fantast

Yeah, well grats looking forward to genlock man, yeah

Casting is one thing but we've seen what I've seen of the show so far is just

Incredible, so thank you very much

really looking forward to it really looking forward to literally appreciate it and look forward to sharing more of it with everybody as soon as


Beautiful bastard

Well tonight came all that up earlier Michael B

Jordan also played Human Torch doesn't mourn them went on to be kill monger are more importantly

He's also a gem lock. Yeah, and more portly Syngenta like arguably kill monger is the best

Antagonist in the entire and to see you I think kill monger volts easily

It's even it's hard to call him even a villain right honestly. Yeah. Yeah in that he's a really I really like that character

Yeah, yeah

Holy shit

Finally out there. Yeah your story about the restaurant now I pretty much covered

Michael B. Jordan showed up and he was like, yeah. Well Bernie was in the bathroom doing some weird shit


Like assortment of conversation topics. I just have to send the clip of that individual moment. Yeah. It's like don't watch the episode

You know, I'm gonna be thinking about anytime I go to a restaurant with Bernie now if you have to go to the bathroom

At least I wash my hands At least I wash my hands

It was so like Kerry Look, I've learned as long as I touch my wiener

I wash my hands with soap I behave myself I behave myself

Yeah, you know, honestly

I've often criticized people freaked out about going to the restroom

Yeah, and then washing their hands like that's the end all be all but I think there's way worse things you can do

With your hands and not wash your hands after that then... Murder!

You always wear, you always wear gloves when you murder

Around it immediately run and washed out you dude. I am penny. I never thought about it, but I'll never forget we were it was

Before on the spot came out. We did all those test rounds

I remember you and I were on a team and I had a glass of water that I put underneath my

stool that I was sitting on and I was just like

Bouncing my foot on the bar over that water and you're like fucking disgusted like what you like your fucking?

Jiggling everything that's in the bottom of your shoe. And your water. I was like, oh, yeah

What the fuck?

Yeah, I think about that stuff. How long can a glass of water sit out?

Before you just dump it in three minutes. I'm not gonna drink in

two days

You're an animal. You're goddamn animal look like Oh big red on yourself

Once everyone calls you a fucking animal more than six hours and I'm like no. Yeah

What are you water sitting out for six hours? Well, he's got for two days apparently

The other night I would I would pour myself water and then drink it and that's it

Yeah, so you don't carry like the water with you? No, really?

I mean I might but it's like for just a little while until I'm done with it

Like if I like sometimes I go for lunch

I have a set a glass of water out if I get home from work like four hours later. I'm not drinking that no, no

Drop something in it. Yeah get in your head. It's taste different too. That is true. It's just putting the kid from signs

Signs yeah

No, I'm just illiterate

Talk I've been holding my pee

Up until this mbj announcement. I gotta go now. I promise I won't check off and I will wash my hands with self

I'll be right back. It's amateur hour

Well now I get the whole couch. Didn't you go before the podcast they did

Well, then don't drink what's wrong with you. I hear you. Hey while we're on the topic of animation stuff

We haven't yet talked about the announcement

We made last week that we're doing a project with Rob McElhenney the creator of always sunny in philadelphia

I wish I wasn't million times more involved than I am

You can be as mould as you'd like you think I'm what I know you

Know it's it's super cool. I don't know. I actually have no idea. Kerry is busy directing the biggest show, ever.


Yeah, there was uh, you know

so we're sure obviously everyone at

Roosterteeth so many of us are huge fans of Always Sunny and Rob and so it was just it was really

Serendipitous that he had a idea for an animated show and we really liked it. And so now we're working together

This is a long time in the works as well. Who is it was?

When did we first start you and I start talking about it like six months ago or so while yeah

Well some of these take longer than you expect to

come to fruition, you know because people have very busy schedules and

Yeah, we we went to a couple meetings and it was looking really good and I thought oh man

I have got to get either Michael or Jeff involved with this as soon as possible because

They're gonna if the two of them can murder me, you know, but one of them I got a good chance of fighting off

Yeah, you know because I chose

Michael though, because Geoff I can fight off alone. Yeah, Michael's be fucking jacked, right what's going on with him? I think yeah bored

He's just you know, dad bod! yeah

Yeah, he's although I think our entire cast just kind of moved down a peg on the physical fitness

Yeah, I know no one's biting through a retainer for us no no he's in that movie he's a perfect physical specimen

Did you really wash your hands you weren't gone very long?

What you did you wash the miles are back already, yeah

I told ya, oh oh hey whats up camera two? Cool sure fine.

You have no mic

So we were just talking about spike face the the project we now

Yaess! To be fair we were just talking about how ripped Michael B Jordan is Yaaahhh That is true

Think all conversations lead back to that. That's my face. Yeah. No spike face. I'm more involved than I have

It has been super cool. It's being written by two dudes Geoff and Itai

And we have to spend a good amount of time with them last time. They're in Austin

They write real fast. They write bang. Yeah, I pretty much spent my entire day

going over their scripts for feedback and stuff and it is like I'm so excited for this show it is I

Think it's gonna be a lot of fun. I don't know how much we're allowed or what we can say about it does

point I think yeah, but um how many ever you know, but you know

My favorite part of it is the project so far my favorite part, but really a part

I'm really enjoying is being in a writers room with Geoff because that's not something he typically does. Maybe you should do more of

it's been awesome

This is our Geoff Ramsey. Not Geoff Barbanell. Who is one of the writers for 'Spikeface'

Two primaries are Geoff and Itai I yes and then we have Jeff Ramsey. Yes. We've also in that same announcement talked about

collaborating with Flashgitz Tom and Donna Flashgitz, dude

Have we talked? We said the name of the show, but if we have you shown to me, there's a teaser out for it, right?

Yes, the name of the show's motor night

and that is

It's something that we've been

Talking about for quite a long time. Yes. Those guys are super cool and it's been incredibly fun

Hopping on calls with them and like trading e-mails back and forth

They're rad dudes, and we're really excited to work with him on this. So upcoming

Gen lock you also had a trailer last week for season 3 of camp camp got fat. Yeah genLock, Spikeface, and Motor night

So this will be carrying miles his last appearance on the podcast for about 12 years

It's cool, it's it's like one of my goals last year was to like let's get more writers that we can work with

let's get more diverse crew of writers and

That's been awesome. We've been

It should be y'all should know this now from red versus blue

but we've been working with people like Jason wait our very own Eddie Revis and

Lila javi, and those are some names that you'll be seeing a lot more productions as we go forward

It has been an absolute delight working with those people Tom Horne and gv4 Tom


Tom Alvarado has I crushed it on Ruby Cheney like this last season was our strongest and a lot of that was Tom

It was mainly getting me out of the way

No, well, then you and I are working on Ruby right now we have a lot of fun

Yeah, no, it's it's it's a matter of just getting more more people that we really enjoy come and play with our animated toys

Yeah, and and tell some fun stories

You know what?

I've learned that from the sale process to you is I've learned how trustworthy everyone who works here is

because these all of these things were some of the poorest kept secrets internally in the company for months in months and

Nothing ever got out about any of these acts. It's so crazy

They're all kind of landing in the same one week period or ten day period wild

yeah, we for context we started talking about motor night like

About a month before we even started talking about no matter of nowhere. What's that?

I always think of it as being the same meeting very it was very it was towards it was very close

Yeah, very very close

I remember Nomad was end up like in a meeting with motor night and I yes

It was kind of like we make one of the other it's like why? we like both of these things

Why not make two things that we like? Yes. Yeah. Yeah

Really just working with other writers - dude. Yeah, it's awesome

it's great learning from them - like everybody has a different approach and it's really fun and I learned a little bit of this with

RVB 14 the anthology season of like

what different writers have value like I could always tell like

Funhouse was like Oh a dialogue dialogue dialogue dialogue dialogue Jonah colosi

he is so all about visuals and like visual storytelling very much like Jordan spheres who just will just


Visual gags in the background of everything that he can which is one made rtaa so good

Jason gets into like the psyche of characters and Eddie is remarkable at structure. Like it's just like it's cool

like people that we don't normally work with and see what they bring to the table and then learning from that and then trying to

incorporate that into your own process and

my what? What's your focus? I don't know. I like character and like characters a lot you work with me

What do you what what what's this shit that I do all the time?

There's like a miles is off on one of these again aside for me being like I don't know like is that too?

Powerful, and then you always have to back dude anime like oh, yeah, you ready right? I

Don't know you're you're one of the quickest to come up with a joke like ever you're always great

I think at reminding me of like don't forget. This is animation. We can do whatever the fuck we want

So long as Cohen doesn't kill us first. Yeah

You're a fucking like pierce the heavens type to you like go for it you like go for it

Hey Gus. Should we just like, should we leave. (Mumbled agreement) You guys obviously want.. We're gona go jackoff in the bathroom

Just wash your hands. That's all we ask, (whispers loudly: I'm not gona) that's all we ask

Its like dicks last resort


Yeah no I've always

Because I've noticed all the writers who focus on different things as well you and I it sounded like

Something the same miles as we like comedy with like big moments like big dramatic moments in it as well

It's like you got to have heart to a story as well as having a human times and I really like contrasts I guess

Yeah, like that was the thing that I really quickly learned with RvB was that oh people come to this expecting a comedy

So even just a little bit of drama will hit that much harder and I think that's the beautiful thing about comedy

Is that it gets you to a point where you lower your defenses and then?

The writer can go in and actually have a really sincere and meaningful

Conversation with you when you least expect it and I think that's I think one of the greatest things that you can do with comedy

Yeah, and we're in the middle of pilot month as well. Everything's going really well there

Yeah, Brandon came out everybody seemed to like Brandon. I think the only one that was like kind of mixed reaction was Gork. Amber

We're working on that core quests. I'll of course cool. Yeah, and then personal achievement hunter

And then we have left murder room and we have that's got to be this week, right?

And then MDB animator. Yeah. Yeah, what's this week what could be something this week?

Nothing this week fucking week off for us. Look at that a month, man

Listen we're making genlock announcements. What else?

I had asked you guys to be on the podcast before I knew that that announcement was happening today

Yeah slack to you buddy. Like you know, this is going down on Monday

I'd been trying to get you guys for a little while and we did timing just never worked out then like if we worked out

Then after you confirmed you all hey this uh, you know, what's happening Monday at 6:00 like this Monday? Yeah

Oh, that's fucking perfect. There's like a million things going on the company. It's good

It's a lot of things a lot. It's definitely Thanks. Yeah, and so, you know, it's funny because I

forget what we're talking about earlier, but I

Made a joke and pluralized it. Jeff is adamant to make sure the people don't say achievement hunters Oh

God also think we do that with achievement hunters they say achievement hunters, but that's kind of the, you know individually

It's almost like their position of the company is an achievement hunter, but people tend to pluralize things, you know

Probably worked if they worked at a company where they did that tell a network everyone called

It Telenet works no idea why and fucking Ryan tweeted that people should watch achievement haunters today last week

I think Michael replies to him pointing out very obviously theres no 's' in it I how dare you I

do that much because I slur I

Think y'all are doing a great work on RWBY's

It only happens sounds stupid when you say that but when you say Eckerd's versus Eckerd drugs

Everyone calls it a Eckurds

No, it's Eckurd drugs. No surprise you like the justifications who knows it's called Eckurds speaking of

RWBY. I call it CVS's, Ya its called CVS's now


On the subreddit somebody checked out baby name. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, apparently, uh

People are naming their babies Ruby now not like R or wby


Don't don't do that. Go for it. Dude, Nate. You don't really fly. You got this name know what?

Name them Juniper instead

That's like Oh God just weirds me out like just name them Gus

Just name them Gus

Yeah, or Michael B Jordan, yeah, whatever you want like they're both just as good I

Like Michael B Guss Michael B. That's a good one. Yeah any that B makes anything the does basic?

Do either you guys have a labo Nintendo labo no I've been like this close to buying yeah, I don't get it

Don't get the hype

It's pretty cool. But did I saw a video today where they had the guy who's a composer for Game of Thrones? Mm-hmm

Play the game of Thrones theme using the labo piano, yeah, no

Yeah, like I guess he'd never used the switch never, you know, yeah, he's not another not a gamer

There's pretty much just a mini piano in front of him

This is how it works

See if you could recreate the Game of Thrones

theme and it's really funny to watch it like figure it out and then like layer a couple of things and and

And play it back on that shitty little cardboard piano. Yeah

It looks fun. Like it looks like I'd be like a cool like I'm essentially like waiting flike a rainy day activity

I think it did not sell. Well, really

Well, they didn't they didn't market the hell out of it like Nintendo tends to do for a lot of their first party stuff

Yeah, I don't know I don't know what their what their idea was with this but I'm happy they did it

It's not for me. I'm not particularly interested in it

But that's the one thing I've always cherished about Nintendo is that they'll just do shit that other people don't. Mm-hmm

They are and they got cardboard

Yeah, man buggin that but in a weird way

it's like they're kind of a

Similar cloth like you don't like you just said like the game of thrones dude wasn't a gamer

But he can understand it

Like that was the thing that really made me

save up to get a Vive was I remember I played it at the game grumps office and was like

Holy shit VR is here. Oh my god

I and my first thought was I need to I need my parents to experience this. You went to the game grumps office? Yeah. When'd you do that?

It was a what's up? When'd you do that?

Uh, I think this was for our RVB 14 because Bryan and Ross did one of those episodes. Yeah, I went and saw Solo

Crazy you watch it at the game Rose office

And I ya know like I I remember I got it I set it up my parents came in town for RTX and

My mom loved audio shield and my dad of all things latched on to the Brookhaven experiment Oh horrifying zombie

Surviving he and like my brother and I are like a my dad like he it was a it was this amazing

visual of just like he's got the big dumb box on his head