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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 9 Scariest 3AM Videos YouTubers Caught on Tape

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3AM is supposed to be an unholy hour for paranormal activity and even chaos.

Take a look at these videos taken at 3AM and tell me if you think they are just urban legends

or truly paranormal . . .


A YouTuber named Joes Paranormal TV decides to explore a haunted forest in Michigan in

the early morning hours.

The first thing they notice is how all of the trees look unnatural, like nothing theyve

ever seen before.

In fact, the deeper into the forest they go, the stranger things seem to get.

A metallic clang draws their attention, followed by faint cries in the distance.

Joe thinks he sees moving shadows and tires to reassure himself that he and his friend

are alone in the wilderness.

Still, his cameras batteries are draining fast despite being brand new, and now he feels

like hes being watched.

Then something in the forest calls out to him again.

Joes equipment starts to malfunction for a moment.

It clears up just in time to catch this noise.

Its the unmistakable sound of a baby crying.

I think that they probably really did hear this, but let me know if you think its

real or edited.

Anyway, they eventually find a clearing of slashed trees that have been rearranged into

strange symbols.

Maybe someone in the comments section can tell me if these are Pagan symbols or not

and, if so, what they mean and what they would be doing here.

Eventually Joes terror becomes unmanageable and he flees after he thinks he hears something

close by.

Strange voices continue to follow Joe and his friend as they make their way out.


A YouTuber named BadChoiceNoah decides to live up to his name by feeding his huge collection

of snakes alone in the dark at 3AM.

Hes hoping to catch something paranormal on video while hes at it, but something

almost catches him instead.

The large snake misses its target and nearly pills out of its container, onto the floor.

Noahs incredibly lucky to have pulled his hand away in time, or the snake would have

had that to bite on instead..


A YouTuber named Sam Golbach is making a video at the notoriously haunted Roosevelt Hotel

in Las Vegas.

He gets inside the elevator and takes a 3AM challenge thats supposed to teleport you

to a parallel world.

In order for this to happen, he has to push the elevator buttons in a special order . . .

After that, you go to the 10th floor with the girl and step into a parallel world.

As hes doing trying to do this, the elevator music cuts off at random intervals and the

buttons sometimes dont work.

Its hard to say if this happens because the hotel is so old, or if its genuine

paranormal interference.

At any rate, Sam completes the sequence and reaches the fifth floor.

When no ghost girl comes into the elevator to guide him, he decides to go back to the

lobby . . . and thats when things go wrong.

Instead of going to the lobby, the elevator goes the opposite direction and lets Sam off

on the 10th floor.

He isnt sure if the challenge worked or not as he walks around the seemingly abandoned

floor looking for paranormal apparitions.

Hes trying to determine if hes really in another dimension or not when something

makes him pause.

He quickly gets on the elevator and heads back to safety.

To this day he isnt sure if the challenge worked or if it was just his nerves getting

the best of him.

Let me know if you think he successfully crossed over and heard something paranormal.


A YouTuber named ImJayStation and his friends decide to take a 3AM stroll down Clinton Road,

a 10-mile stretch in New Jersey thats supposedly haunted by phantom trucks and other spirits.

A thick fog soon surrounds their car just moments after turning on the road.

They eventually come across a bridge thats rumored to be haunted by the spirit of a young


If you drop a coin down the bridge, the boy is supposed to return to you.

They decide to test out the theory by dropping a coin off the bridge, and then sure enough

. . .

The coin materializes about 10 feet away from them.

Its obvious that they couldnt have dropped the coin themselves because its nowhere

near them and it couldnt have rolled that far.

I guess one of them could have thrown it.

Otherwise, it appears that the legend is real.


A YouTuber named Aldosworld takes an Elmo doll into a haunted playground at 3AM to see

what happens.

Apparently Elmo is supposed to move by himself during this hour.

Aldosworld and his friend put down the doll and start talking about how nothing is likely

to happen.

When they come back a minute later, they claim the doll has moved.

They also say that his face looks a little bit different, though I cant say that I


Let me know if you see a change in his facial expression or not.

A short while later, they look down again and see that Elmo has repositioned himself

once more.

Now he is face-down.

I dont know why they keep taking the camera off of Elmo, so I think it could be fake.

But then again, when this happens, it makes me think it could be real . . .

Let me know if you think this sound happened in real-time or if it was edited in later.

Overall, I feel like this video is real though.


In December of 2017, a YouTuber named Marlin decided to celebrate Christmas by sealing

himself inside of an inflatable snow globe overnight.

He thought he would feel safe surrounded by presents and decorations, but at around 3AM,

something weird starts to happen.

First his fog machine turns on by itself, blocking his vision with a ghostly mist.

Hes trying to remember if the fog machine was even plugged in to begin with when an

abrupt audio disturbance interrupts his already-scattered thoughts.

The sound is followed by random objects falling on his inflated shelter . . .

. . . and finally, this drops down right in front of him.

Marlin decides not to wait for anything else to happen and gets out of the ball in a hurry.

Let me know if you think this was just a prank on Christmas or if he experienced something

truly paranormal.


A YouTuber named Jester is trying to test a theory about the Talking Angela app on his


Some people say that using the app at 3AM unlocks demonic properties and features, so

he decides to give it a try.

At first the app is just repeating what he says, but after a while it comes up with an

answer seemingly of its own free will.

Then Angela goes on to give some interesting details about her real identity . . .

After a while the app stops saying much else to Jester.

But just when he thinks its over, she does this . . .

Somehow Angelas eyes go red as if she has been possessed.

Let me know if any of these strange occurrences have ever happened to you while using the

Talking Angela app and what you were saying to her when it happened.


Jake Dufner is a YouTuber who took a 3AM challenge that left him with a bizarre and unsettling

problem hes not sure how to solve.

One morning his girlfriend Ashley woke up covered in random scratches, so Jake sets

up a camera over their bed and records the following night.

This is what comes to visit them early in the morning.

An unidentified man stands over the two of them as they sleep.

Although the stranger doesnt seem to cause them any harm, Jake is sure that this is the

person who scratched Ashley the night before.

Obviously this video could be staged and the person dressed in all black could just be

a friend of Jakes.

However, you can still see the shape of the persons nose through their mask.

Some of Jakes fans say that this persons nose doesnt look like it could belong to

any of the channels regulars.

If this is true, then maybe this stalker really was a stranger after all.

I will say that this video looks like it was shot during the daytime, which is a strong

indication that it could be fake, or at least probably not a true 3AM challenge.

Either way, stalkers are somewhat common, and Jake does happen to be a popular YouTuber,

so it would make sense for him to have an unwanted admirer.

Let me know if you think someone is living in Jakes home without his knowledge.

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Moe Sargi is exploring an old train station thats supposed to be haunted.

A few things happen during this expedition, two of which are so subtle that no one notices.

The group keeps saying they hear a little girl crying, but you cant hear it very

well so I wont bother including it here.

Still, at around 6 minutes and 50 seconds into the video they come across very tiny

handprints smeared across the window of a train.

None of them seem to notice, but if you look closely youll see them here.

Maybe these prints belong to whoeveror whateverwas crying earlier.

Later Moe and his friends are joking about a ghost named Tom when suddenly a voice chimes


Many people think that this voice is clearly sayinghi”.

Let me know if you hear it and whether or not you agree.

The three friends eventually trip an alarm and rush off the property, completely unaware

of the numerous paranormal encounters they have recorded.

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