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Today, I will finally check out my MBTI.

But honestly, I told ONCE I did it already out of impatience.

So, to tell you my first MBTI result, I'm...

an ISTP-A.

At first, I was unsure,

but when I searched up related sources, it was me!

But they say it can change each time you take the test,

so I'll take it again and compare the results.

But I don't think it can be more like me.

For real!

The characteristics were from the bottom of my heart,

so it felt like my cover was blown.

Well, based on my current emotional status,

I'll check out my MBTI. (Finding TWICE's MBTI)

I'll be 100% honest, really!

It's for fun, anyway.

You often ignore or forget about your surroundings.”

Forget about my surroundings?

To some extent?

"You try to answer your e-mails as soon as possible,

and you can't handle a disorganized inbox."

E-mails? I never read them.

I changed. This part changed.

I couldn't even leave a single unread message,

but now, some of them are several months old...

"You rarely start the conversation."

I... "First Talk," you know?

I've never sent texts first.

Like... "Great job today,"

"Happy birthday," or even...

"Happy New Year," "Merry Christmas..."

I can't even say that beforehand.

So, I don't contact other people first.


I think it will be different from before.

I think I chose more bigger circles then.

Am I feeling calmer now?

"You generally set up detailed travel plans."

Travel plans... I'm more spontaneous.

"Shall I go today?" Then, I can go today.

Package tours?


"For a debate, you have to prioritize the truth

than the others' reactions."

Of course!

Of course.

"If your friend is depressed,

you give emotional support

rather than suggesting a solution."

I tend to ask, "Won't it work out if you do this?"

"Won't you feel better if you try it this way?"

"How about, blah-blah-blah?"

I tend to console them.

"You create schedules and stick to them."

When I make a time table,

I don't make it beyond by capacity,

so I follow it well.

It feels better when I stick to it.

"You're interested in books, art, movies, etc. with many possible interpretations."

Oh, yeah! (Agree)

When I read books...

It applies to movies more than books,

but after watching them, I like to search up interpretations.

They're interesting. Hidden meanings, for example...

Foreshadowing! I love them.

I love searching them up. It's pretty fun.

It's completely different!

Isn't it? IS-- Oh, is it the same?

ISTP-- Down to the "A!"

Wait, I'll double-check it.


ISTP... And it's "A."

I am...


a "Virtuoso."

It's 100% identical. Interesting!

Except for some of the questions, I honestly can't remember.

From the start, from "Mind," most of the percentages were 50/50.

I'm more introverted, though.

I guess I'm feeling calm today.


"People with this personality are natural Makers,

building the useful and the superfluous for the fun of it."

It says they're often mechanics and engineers,

and nothing in the world is more fun than assembling things.

This is...

I don't enjoy construction...

Not at all!

I'm terrible with machines.

And I can't assemble things.

I'm bad at it, and I'm not even interested in it,

so that statement made me go, "Huh?"

This part is a bit similar!

"They're polite and friendly,

but place high value on privacy..."


(Still reading)

"...have a hard time predicting their actions."

That's true!

I heard this from everyone around me.

Even my best friends can't figure me out.

(1. Sociable out of need) I'm pretty sociable when it's fun.

But while some people view me as a sociable person,

"Huh? She was quite quiet and introverted."

is what a few others think.

I think it's correct.

(2. Rather stubborn) I don't think so.

Aren't I open-minded?

(3. Rarely expressive) When I checked the MBTI categories,

it said I was somewhat blunt, strict, and so on.

I express my emotions a lot!

(4. Good at grasping the situation)

I do think I am...

I think I'm quick-witted, but I'm not sure if I grasped it.

I do think I'm quick-witted.

(5. Results better than their effort!)

They sure are, compared to my effort.

Back in middle school, I loved writing book reports.

You have to read the book thoroughly,

but I just skimmed through it,

wrote the report, and got an award!

(6. Separates public and private life)

Oh! Yes!

Public and private affairs, I sure can set apart.

(7. Patterns are more instinctive than planned)

Yes! I think it's true.

Rather than arranging an appointment...

Even when I go home, I never tell my family.

"Should I go home today?" That was common.

I also often went, "Let's do this,"

then went, "Nah, I'll rest today!" and took a break.

Some are false, and some are true.

When I searched it up, I could relate to one thing...

"Cannot say what's not in their mind."

I can't lie through my teeth.

If something isn't funny, I don't laugh.

I'm curious to find out what I'll get after a few months.

Actually, I didn't believe in this test, but...

It's fun for sure.

I haven't met anyone else that falls in my category.

Those who belong to my type,

ISTP-A, please leave a comment!

I bet I'm the only member.

At ONCE's request, I tried this personality test.

I loved doing this,

and I hope ONCE will enjoy watching.

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