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Meriam Process Technologies new MFC 5150 Hart Technology

The MFC 5150 has a combination of advantages that make it the best in class Hart Communicator

It is intrinsically safe approved for the worst hazardous areas

It has a class 1 Division 1 rating for the US

and a zone 0 rating for the US/Canadian ATEX IECEx markets

The MFC 5150 is unique in that it reads all Hart devices directly in their native format

Most communicators have limited use based on the availability of translation files required for each device

The 5150 user interface allows for easy navigation

even novice Hart users are able to navigate the 5150 without opening the user manual

There is a qwerty keyboard that makes it easy to label your long tag descriptions

The touch screen display gives you the option of using either the keys or the touch screen for quick navigation

The easy to use touch screen does not require a stylus and the large touch screen can be operated while wearing gloves

The 4.3 inch back lit display has an anti-glare coating that makes it easy to see, even in direct sunlight

The MFC 5150 will enable field technicians to access all Hart devices

perform diagnostics in a shorter time and be able to get through the day without having to worry about the battery

The 5150 is a real advancement for technicians that use Hart Communicators