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Hi guys

This is Ask Korean Guys

I'm Hugh

and this is Jongdae

he is a high school student

and he is another YouTuber in Korea

I'm just a small YouTuber in Korea

who does the vlog about Korean student's life

so if you want to go see his YouTube channel you can just click here

Okay Nichola asks What is the differences between high school student in Korea in countryside and in Seoul

So we just talk about that

So I went to high school in the countryside

and I wasn't a good student, so I don't know how can I talk about this

because I drank, I didn't study much

and I always hang out with my friends

Nichola: Do you drink and hang out with your friends?


I don't drink and yes I am still in high school but actually

it is not legal to drink as high school student

so I don't drink

and these days a lot of people think Korean high school students study very hard but

I think not everyone actually in Seoul there are a lot of

students and there are a lot of highschools so I studied very hard

yeah actually there is a lot of pressure from

mothers and fathers and teachers

yes so that's the reason why I studied very hard

but yeah I was very nervous and yesterday I took Korean SAT which is very difficult (University entrance exam)

Actually I went to different type of high school, I went to technical high school

I did the civil engineering

and I didn't need to take the test actually

because I already had certificate

to enter the university so I don't have this pressure

and this experience

so it's a lot different

Yeah similarities between countryside high school students and Seoul high school students

is going to PC Bang (internet cafe) very often and they play games

I think it's same thing

Yeah but there are a lot of students that go to PC Bang but actually I don't go there

he is really good student!

I stay in PC Bang all night and I went to school and I slept

Yeah when I was young I used to go there and I played a lot of games with my friends

but when I grow up I feel like it's spending a lot of money

with very stupid things so I don't go there anymore

I'm still doing that stupid thing

I think the high school near us is quite small

so we have like 2 classes...

yeah I think like about 300 people total in high school

but how about your school?

we have in one grade.. we have 15 classes

there are a lot of students

yeah so sometimes its very fun to go to other students room

so you don't know other students from other classes?

I know some because I attend

You only know some, but we know everyone

each grade, we know everyone there

so if you make some mistake, everyone knows

because it's small

So when I go to school I ride my bike

and go to school when I'm on my way

to school I can see a lot of buildings and a lot of

karaokes, and a lot of PC Bangs and a lot of restaurants

so yeah sometimes it's very good to see but sometimes

I'm tired of looking at the buildings

because it's just like city so sometimes I want to

escape from city

we have mountains and river and greenhouses

and pretty much like farm area

so when you just walk or ride bike just all nature

you can see everything

so I think it feels a little bit different

but sometimes I want to stay somewhere like here

because you can, you know it's very convenient like you can buy anything you want

if students buy some stuff they need to walk 20 mins

they need to cross the river

so it's really inconvenient

so I don't know I really want to have this kind of experience

Nichola: Do you want to go back to high school?

No...uh yes!


If I go back to high school I can study really hard

and maybe my life changed a lot

Nichola: Jongdae, do you want to do high school again?

Noo.. because it was very terrible

a lot of stress

and a lot of studying so I think I can't do it anymore

because yesterday I did just finished my Korean SAT (University entrance exam) and I just want to take a rest

and I just want to just relax

yeah I understand him but like after 5 years or 10 years

you will miss this time

Nichola: You know what you guys should do. You guys should do a body switch

Like in a movie and change lives.

So he will be your husband!

Nichola: No that's a bit wrong

So my parents said that they want to go back to high school again

because they think they can if they go to high school again

then they can do better so they think want to go to their high school again

and they study more hard

Yeah I went to school with boys and girls

So I dated a few girls

So what about you?

I attended an all boys school and my middle school was all boys too

so I didn't have girls to date with me

so I'm single..

Yes you are!

Yeah he is single!

He is still young

I think our high school life was very different like this

so yeah I dated with girls and hang out with my friends

and drink and slept in the class and he studied

all the time.

Yes I always studied

But it just finished right now so I'm so happy

Now you are free

He is free, he can do whatever he wants!...

Until he goes to do his military service!


I did it! I'm very depressed


You did all that you have to do

I finished all!

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