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hey naturals how's it going it's your

American English teacher

Gabby here at go natural English now I'm

excited to share six tips with you about

how you can improve your English on your

own quickly and for free now this is the

fifth tip in a series of six so make

sure that you watch them all this tip

I'm gonna talk about how staying current

with the news can actually help your

English now this series is sponsored by

our partner I talked E and I talked E is

a great place to actually discuss the

news with a native English speaker

teacher so you can get a special from I

talked ethat they're offering for you my

go natural English learners if you click

on the link in the description promos

dot I taki comm slash go natural English

you can get 10 u.s. dollars in I talkie

credits after you take your first paid

lesson it's really affordable and it's

an awesome way to connect with a native

English speaker and discuss whatever you

like such as the news so how do you use

current events or the news to improve

your English well I suggest that you

start by learning about the news in

English with a special site for English

learners two of my favorite sites are

VOA news Voice of America news or

breaking news English now there's lots

of different levels and lots of

different articles available at both

sites and you can listen as well as read

so those are resources that I've used in

my own English teaching classes of

course if you are a high intermediate or

advanced english learner then you should

go straight to a regular English website

intended for native English speakers you

could look at the BBC or the New York

Times or CNN or whatever you enjoy and

look for an article on a topic

the news that you're familiar with in

your native language

so perhaps consider reading an article

about the topic in your native language

first and then reading in English

because you're going to be familiar with

the topic and simply learning how to

talk about it using English vocabulary I

think this is a really interesting way

to improve your vocabulary and to give

you something interesting to talk about

for your next English conversation

perhaps with an ice-hockey tutor so

thanks so much for watching and I hope

you take advantage of the offer from our

partner I talked to you in our next and

final sixth tip in our series of tips on

how to improve your English in a fast

and free way I'm going to talk about

finding a native English speaking

partner so I'll see you there

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