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hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal;

welcome back to another session

with your VahChef at Today

we're going to make another delicious

okra dish which is called kadai bhendi

why do we call it kadai bhendi see typically

this is cooked in a kadai where the

items are tossed and cooked but when you

go and order dishes in a restaurant

called kadai you know like kadai paneer or

kadai vegetables or kadai there's

always two three ingredients you will

definitely see that is nicely chopped

onions and tomatoes tossed and nicely

cooked too nicely saucy kind of texture

and they always often use kind of

capsicum that is bell pepper that is

green pepper used in this dishes, to

prepare this dish we need okra so what I

did I slightly deep fried this cut okra see the

reason why I cooked is in the kadai

preparation you don't take too long when

you after you add and you don't want

that sticky kind of texture that okra

can provide so just deep-fry your okra

but remember one thing look at my okra

see how green they are don't fry your

okra till they're crispy brown or

anything just cook them to a consistency

where they are nicely green in color and

that is when when you bite into okra in

your kadai bhendi you get nice okra

texture and taste, some chopped tomatoes

I'm using some green and yellow, curry

leaf curry leaf is an optional because

if you go towards north India in some

of the kadai dishes you don't see

curry leaves but you know I have seen

lot of people using curry leaves in kadai

vegetables, ginger garlic paste, sliced

green chilli, chopped onion, chopped

coriander leaves, coriander seeds just

put some coriander seed and

crush them, cumin powder, coriander powder,

cumin seeds, red chilli powder, turmeric

salt, oil, in this preparation I am not

using whole garam masala so I'm going to

use some garam masala powder but if you

want to use whole garam masala you could

use them add some oil into a hot pan add

some cumin seeds just like a half a

teaspoon and your crushed coriander

seeds and immediately just after frying

them for few seconds add chopped onion

I know I got couple of complaints that

I am not showing the right quantity of

the ingredients I went and bought spoons

here measuring spoons so we're going to

try to use the spoon today just add a

pinch of salt, the salt helps in bringing

out the moisture from the onions and

cook them good for this preparation you

don't have to really brown the onions

so what we are going to do we're going

to add turmeric just one-fourth of

turmeric don't add too much 1/4th teaspoon

of turmeric nicely mix, one table spoon

of ginger-garlic paste and this is tough

make sure you cook it for a minute or so

so that the raw flavor of ginger garlic

paste is gone and then add some curry

leaves, your sliced green chili and again

mix it now the green chilies everything

is sauteed at this time what we do is we

add our diced tomatoes I have taken

two medium sized tomatoes and then added

to this we will let this tomatoes cook

meanwhile you can add 2 teaspoons of

coriander powder and the same two

teaspoons of cumin powder and 1

teaspoon of chilli powder,

ok now I'm done with all these

spices just mix it little bit, see one thing

very good about all these kadai vegetables

is the nice colors that you can see

in the cooked vegetable so once

your let your tomatoes kind of get

mashed up not totally mashed up kind of you know

little bit cooked well see now this

tomatoes are slightly mashed up in

everything you don't have to cook this

tomatoes too much and then add your

capsicum bell pepper now just toss them

little bit after you add your green

and yellow pepper you don't want it to

cook it too much because all you want is

the nice peppery flavor get dissolved in

this sauce little bit ok you can see the

nice green and yellow colors of these

vegetables you can sprinkle half of your

coriander let this also get cooked

really nice see one of my favorite kadai

dishes or kadai paneer oh my god if

you cook it really right kadai paneer

is one of the hottest dishes since your

okra is all cooked just add your okra

the fried okra to this and now just mix


and just cover it up and leave it like

that in a medium flame for like 4 - 5

minutes and your okra dish will be ready

ha look at this see this is what it is

this particular vegetable when you are

cooking you don't see so much of flavor

but when all these ingredients mix up

and that's when you see really nice

flavor coming out and if you want you

can top it off with slightly garam

masala powder don't add too much I don't

like too much of garam masala

powders in my food and then just mix it

up check this out after a few minutes ahh

my goodness okay look at this your kadai

vegetable is ready haha yeah see that's

one one thing very good about after it

is done you will be able to toss your

vegetable really up ah Wow look at this

kadai vegetables and you know

after you cook for just like five

minutes you steam it so that nice

infusion of flavors take place take a nice

bowl and and then slightly garnish it

with coriander oh my god I want to eat

something with this ok now let's taste

this see I remember one thing you know

when we were little kids in school they used

to say you know lot of kids I think

somebody's parent must have told the kid

doesn't eat okra hey you eat okra

you will be good in your mathematics see

that's how they make kids eat different

kinds of vegetables and wow look at this

my goodness

look at the colors my god nice green,

yellow trust me this is another great

finger-licking ladyfinger dishes and I

want you to write back to me after you

make this dish how it turned out and

remember that vahrehvah is all about

inspiring others to cook so please post

your recipes and cooking tips so others

may benefit from your great cooking.

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