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What is SkaDate? SkaDate is a turn-key dating software that allows you to build your own

full-featured dating and community site in munutes! What can you do with it? Launch a

traditional match-making site, design a social network with the most advanced features available,

or create a hybrid site that will wow potential subscribers. So, what makes SkaDate so special?

Unlike most dating software, SkaDate has a 100% open source code, which makes you the

owner of your site data and gives you the freedom of complete customization. We offer

a wide range of colorful stylish templates to give your website eye-popping appeal. If

you get tired of the look, you can change it with a click of a button in the administration

panel. Not only does SkaDate offer a range of unique dating and social networking features,

we regularly add features and make improvements based on the customers' feedback and ideas.

We even have a page to log user suggestions - Purchasing the SkaDate

license allows you for branding removal and now makes you eligible for free lifetime access

to upgrades and updates. Is it hard to build a site using SkaDate? it's easy to build your

own dating site using SkaDate Software, all you need is a domain name, a server account

that meets SkaDate system requirements, and of course the software itself. We'll install

the software on your server for free, and you can begin to customize your very own deting

website. How can I benefit from using SkaDate? You can mionetize your site, utilizing limited

features management, user points systems, virtual gift shops, and more! So what are

you waiting for? Go to and start building your own online dating community


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