Practice English Speaking&Listening with: #VLOG 5 : LE TEMPLE DU KAMASUTRA EN INDE - KHAJURAHO - 4K

Difficulty: 0

let's go to exlpore the Kamasutra Temple

we are on our way to the Kamasutra Temple

we are going to the western group of temples

it's the best place to see

the small kamasutra sculptures

the weather is perfect

we are fine

Tuk Tuk tour

here it's very funny because it's just 40 roupies for the locals

and us 600 roupies

there are 22 small temples

but there are some temples smaller then the others

some are really impressive

we will see the most impressive, with more details

and there are some small, some baby

this one is very small

we have to remove our shoes

apparently the erotic lingerie already existed at this time

we just took 10 000 selfies

small picture, group picture, family picture..

now we continue

which one do you want to go ?

I like the big thinks

we will first begin with the bigger one

this one is really impressive

ok ok, let's go there

and just here a beautiful monument

it's beautiful

you thought I was talking about you like that

Yes, I wanted to be sure about who you were talking about

this is not a horse


a cow

beautiful cow

so now we understood how does it work

we have to remove our shoes

can you read this for me please

I don't know if it's braï but I don't really know what does it mean

it's inlaid

braï, hindi

hindi braï

what does hindi braï looks like ?

the same, braï

each people one leg on the floor, it seams really complicated

for the balance, congrats

it's always groups

groups, there are 2 next to them we don't know why

they are the third wheel

what happend

so there are two crazy things here

one is the head on the floor, balacing

and the other is leaning

and the other hides her eyes

the gardener are really brave here because

they are working under the sun

and they are in a position, it's hard for me to stay like this

and they don't fall

I don't know how they do

In fact, a temple is like a women

first you will judge the outside, the shell

and then we will enter inside the temple

and so we will discover

the inside of the person so the personality

I'm not saying some bullshit, I'm just philosophic ok ?

so now that we saw the outside, let's go the see the inside

the personality right ? yes personality now

temple personality

we just exit the temple

conclusion after being inside

conclusion, this one is very obscur

I feel less confortable inside

I feel better in other temples

whereas I loved the outside

conclusion, it should not be to dark and to wet

and beware of apparences

this vlog is fucked up

the parc is well mainted

flowers are beautiful

what is awesome is that is a group of temples

in a big parc

and it's sunny, we are wearing a t shirt

it's perfect for winter time

end of the day, we visited all the temples

I hope we didn't miss some temples, it was beautiful

I think it's something to do

because we don't find kamasutra position everywhere in the world

and we saw some specials and weird

LEVEL10, we don't know how to do everything

we'll leave you with this amazing sunset, behind the temple

one of the kamasutra temple

and now we are goind to enjoy our christmas diner

see you

selfie again

with me, with you

ok, I come

can you read me this please

there is for the elephant

for the more gluttonous

do you have children ? not yet

In fact, temple here are like woman

we discover first the outside

the enlevoppe, we judge it

and then we will enter inside

for better


olala, I was not ready