Practice English Speaking&Listening with: A Chinese Blogger's Diary "Day 7 After Lockdown"

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It's the 7th day after the lockdown

I rested at home for a day

The weather was better since yesterday

The sun came out

Today the weather is even better

On the street, I saw people taking a walk

I think it's a good sign


In such a good weather

Many people left the house

To take a walk in the park

Get some sun, walk dogs

Or doing Taichi

I went to the Nanmu Community of Yejin Street, Qingshan

It's a typical, old-school community in the area

What information or services has the community offered?

We posted a letter to the community on every apartment entrance

Through weibo, broadcasting, community apps

We asked neighbors to not go out

Protect themselves at home, quarantine, and disinfect

What other services do you offer?

We have volunteer cars

For people with mobility issues, older people

Who need to get meds or dialysis from the hospital

Or patients who need chemo

People with mobility issues who need to buy things

We can provide car, if not

We can deliver grocery to them

Staff, cars, resources, do you have enough?

Definitely not, especially disinfectant and emergency supplies

Alcohol, bleach, masks

hazmat suits

We are short of supplies

Do you have channels to get donations or sponsors?

Very few

Last night, a resident donated 4 hazmat suits to us

We are talking to the district and other agencies

to try to get whatever that is being allocated

That's what we can do

This is for the family of a confirmed patient

People in close contact with a patient

We have to give them grocery

[Unclear Wuhan Dialect]

Do you disinfect everyday?


Where do you disinfect?

Hallways of apartments

Main entrance, doors of residents


Locks, places where people touch a lot

There are two hospitals near this community

Wuhan No.9 Hospital and Wuhan Puren Hospital

It's noon

I heard there was a restaurant catering to medical staff in the two hospitals for free

- Do you only cater to medical staff now? - Yes

- For free? - Yes

- Why do you do it? - No reason

Isn't that what we ought to do? No reason

Do you worry about coming in close contact with medical staff?

Not too worried

Not worried at all

But my car was prohibited to go on the road today.

Wanna use our car?

How long have you done this free catering ?

January 26th

You started on Jan 26th?

Because we didn't have much business

And medical staff does not have food guaranteed. That's a fact

How many meals do you deliver a day?

About 100 meals a day

Only lunch? Or lunch and dinner

Lunch and dinner, combined

How many meals are these?

28 meals

Are you lacking in other resources?

Hazmat suits, masks..

Do you have enough


How long will the free catering last?

Until they don't need us

I'm visiting an old friend

To see how she's doing

Are you coming to disinfect me?

Long time no see

We are meeting at a special period of time

How many days have you stayed at home?

The 9th day

I didn't stock up on food. I just bought some groceries

It's enough for 7-10 days. I have a bit of vegetables left

I don't want to o downstairs to buy it

What have you been doing at home

In the past several days

I did nothing

I was not in the mood

When I open Wechat moment

My friends would share all kinds of things

But now

99% is about

how horrible the oubreak is, how panicked they are

I get more scared reading it

The news at the beginning, we didn't take it seriously

We were still joking about it, making fun of ourselves

Then it became very serious

I felt really sad reading it. I always wanted to cry, shed tears

Many people became volunteers and built chat groups

They were posting about getting donations, things like that

I felt I

I felt I

Couldn't do things like that, was not capable, and did not know what to do

The two sides of the emotion

Became a pressure

I felt that I wasn't doing well

Many people on Wechat also said they were pessimistic, stir-crazy

That they cry everyday

They felt sad reading the news

I realized I was not the only one

A doctor online said it was

a kind of PTSD

I wanted to build a chat group

For people who stayed in Wuhan alone over Chinese New Year

When you are alone in a crisis like this

You might not feel emotionally stable

So a group of people staying home alone

So they can check in

When you woke up, when you went to bed

What you ate, what you did

It can distract us a little bit

A few of us would do a tongue twister

"Red Hazmat Suit is Red, Yellow Hazmat Suit is Yellow"

And then we go to bed

I don't know if it helps. But it helped me.

When I made myself feel better

I started drawing

cats, other therapeutic stuff

In the past few days

I started listening to buddhist chants

It calmed me a little

I wrote some

mantras that ask for luck, dispell bad luck and illnesses

I have a lot of friends who are single, especialy guys

Many of them told me they want to fall in love after this outbreak

Maybe even get married

I have friends who broke up say that they want to get back together

They felt that they didn't do enough before

I hope, after this outbreak

we can

be more genuine, open our heart. I hope

More people can find someone

I used to think I was so strong and carefree


I feel like I need a companion

I realize I am actually pretty fragile

Not like I imagined

or like I pretended

Before Sunset, I went to see the construction site of Leishenshan Hospital

It changed a lot compared to three days ago

From tonight,

Wuhan will turn on the light along the river banks

It didn't only light up the night

Wuhan, stay strong

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