Practice English Speaking&Listening with: PokéTuber Reacts to Jaiden's "best Pokemon game you never played"

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- Greetings Pokefans, Michael here, and today I a PokeTuber,

will be reacting to Jayden Animation's recent video,

"The best Pokemon game you never played".

Over the course of the last several months

I have gotten a lot of requests from you guys

for me to react to her video

about her Pokemon Ruby NUZLOCKE.

But I haven't done it and have said no to that

because I've already seen the video.

I watched it like less than a week after it came out.

So the reaction video would be terrible

because there would be no surprises in it for me at all.

But then she came out with a new Pokemon related video

and you guys immediately flooded me with requests

to react to this new one.

So that is what I am doing.

This new one, I don't know anything about it,

other than the title and the thumbnail,

but based on the thumbnail,

it looks like it's about Pokemon ranger.

I did send Jayden an email asking for permission to make

this reaction video, and she hasn't responded,

but I didn't want to let you guys down

since so many of you guys wanted to see this.

So I'm doing it without technically having permission

from her to do it.

So Jayden, if you see this video

and you would like me to take it down,

just shoot me an email and I will do it promptly.

Also, of course, if any of you are not subscribed to Jayden,

which is probably none of you, you should do so.

She's one of the most successful animation

YouTubers of all time for very good reason,

her content is excellent.

So go subscribe to her.

Links to her channel and the original video

are in the description below.

And also you should subscribe to me too.

And yeah, that's all the intro stuff.

Let's dive into my reaction to the best Pokemon game

you've never played.

Or have I?

Okay, so assuming I've done nothing technologically wrong,

should be able to just, just hit play on this.

And I think we're going to be able to get to go.

Let's get, actually,

let's make sure our phones are silenced.

Class, silence your phones, our phones were not silenced.

I need one of those like movie theater reminder things.

If we ever go to movie theaters again.

Anyways, let's get started, play.

- I just played one of the best Pokemon games ever.

And I'm here to tell you all about it.

- That's a tall claim

- I'm a huge Pokemon fan.

Ruby was one of the first video games I remember owning.

- Wait, I knew that.

I was like excited.

Cause I was like me too and then I remembered,

I like knew that from like years ago,

like one of her other Pokemon videos,

I think her first starter was Torchic and mine was Treecko.

So Jayden you and I, Hoenn babies.

Fist bump.

- I've decided to devote the rest of my life

and soul to the franchise.

And by that, I mean, I'll play the new games

when they come out.

Do I have to like them?


Frankly, I think the past few recent ones

have been kind of garbage but...

- I can't say I saw that coming and

do we need to unsubscribe?

No, we don't need to unsubscribe, but I'm hurt, okay.

Did I make the games?


Did I like the games?

Oh yeah.

So this, this is, this feels like a personal attack.

It's not,

but it feels like one.

Also, she said, I devote my life to the franchise,

which means just playing the new games when they come out

and I was like, hey, I devoted my life to the franchise too,

Oh, you do a lot less than I do

in regards to this franchise.

- [Jayden Voiceover] But that won't stop me

from getting my hopes up thinking the next game

will be different.

Even though deep down, we all know it won't be,

but Pokemon does have a few side games you might've heard of

like Pokemon mystery, dungeon or Pokemon stadium.

- Pokemon mystery dungeon.

Not for me.

I don't like the gameplay.

I've never gotten more than like an hour and a half

into a mystery dungeon game before losing interest.

Stadium I have played minimally.

Please let her mention Coliseum or XD.

Those are the best spinoff games.

Please let her mention Coliseum or XD.

- Or that weird geometric one, but...

- Oh wow. She mentioned Quest.

You guys remember Pokemon Quest?

That game feels like a fever dream.

It was like,

all I played for like two or three weeks

and like getting shinies in that game and stuff like that.

And then haven't touched it.

And I don't know if I've even thought about it since.

This is like my first time thinking about Pokemon quest,

I think in genuinely like two years.

- There's one franchise that I feel like doesn't

get talked about nearly as much as it deserves

and that's Pokemon Ranger.

I had the original.

- All right I was right.

In the thumbnail I recognized the outfit

and like the little wand thing.

- Pokemon Ranger game as a kid

And I remember two things about it.

I liked it.

And circles, lots of circles.

- Yeah.

Yeah, that's correct.

- [Jayden Voiceover] when I remembered

Pokemon ranger existed, I decided to look it up

and see if it was worth possibly making a video on.

And that's when I realized there were

actually three Pokemon Ranger games.

Pokemon ranger, Pokemon ranger Shadows of Almia

and Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs.

- I have only played Guardian Signs.

I still have the cartridge.

It's like sitting like maybe 10 feet from me

in my case of DS and 3DS games.

I never played the first two.

I enjoyed Guardian Signs, personally.

I know she's, I don't know if she's going to

talk about Guardian Signs specifically,

or if she's just going to talk about the first one,

but Guardian Signs. I thought it was fun.

I didn't like it as much as a main series game,

but there was some cool aspects.

Like you just summon Raikou or Entei or Suicune

and ride around on them.

And it actually was like one of the first games,

it had riding through the sky on Latios or Latios,

like before ORAS did.

So I thought that was interesting.

Yeah, there are a lot of circles.

- Bit of a Pokemon ranger mouthful, but I digress.

I was looking at some forums of people discussing which one

they thought was the best and the Shadows of Almia

one seemed to be high on a lot on people's lists.

So I bought the game.

- Dang it, I'm missing out.

I haven't played Shadows of Almia.

I will not be able to relate as much.

I was hoping it was going to be Guardian Signs.

Dang it, I didn't play the best one.

- [Jayden Voiceover] Down and get comfy

because I just played this game for the first time

and I'm here to tell you about why it's the best game ever.

The game starts off with your character

taking the entrance exam to a Pokemon ranger school.

And it only took me two attempts to draw

five consecutive circles around this barely moving Pikachu.

You're dang right, that's impressive.

I guess that's all it takes because now I'm officially a

member of this secret army for this inscrutable team school

plotting to rule the world.

Oh, he's just kidding.

Oh yeah. It's a normal school.

I'm int...

- Okay, that had me going.

I was like, is this going to be like a,

one of those stories where you defect from the bad guys

at the start of the game, like in She-Ra.

Great show, by the way, She-Ra and The Princess of Power.

If you're not watching it, you're missing out

on one of the greatest shows of all time.

Anyways, oh, actually another thing

I thought about Pokemon ranger,

one of the flaws that a lot of the DS games had

was that they relied to heavily on the, on the touchscreen.

Like it was like you were supposed to play it by

holding the DS, holding a stylus and doing things

on the touch screen.

And I had hella wrist problems from games like that

because holding the entire weight of the DS in one hand was

twice as much weight as your wrists were intended to hold.

And also, according to a wrist and hand doctor,

I have loose ligaments.

So I also have more wrist problems than the average person.

My doctor says I have loose ligaments.

Just that sounds so my doctor says ,nevermind,

But anyways, so yeah.

I remember playing Guardian Signs and like

having to take breaks because, you know,

you got to do the circles and so you're like,

oh, this hand is getting tired.

- [Jayden Voiceover] My class and for some reason

they've been like starved for new human contact or something

because they're bombarding the teacher

with questions.

Are they a boy or a girl?

Which is it?

Is she cute?

So I'm introducing myself and apparently the teacher

catches this Keith kid looking at me with a big grin.

- Keith

- Anyway, you go sit next to Keith.

(Michael laughs)

Oh okay, just plop me right next to him.

Yeah, I don't mind or anything, thanks teach.

Anyway, you get a tour of the school from this girl, Rythmi.

- That's pretty funny.

- [Jayden Voiceover] Meeting the other teacher, Mr. Kincaid,

who's apparently a stickler for making sure

kids don't run in the hall.

And this kid, Isaac, that Rhythmi called mushroom hair.

Both my IQ and my height in centimeters are 163.

- Okay, That is a great line.

That is a great line.

Also, I just looked it up for those of you

who are Americans like me and don't know centimeters

to feet and inches in your head.

163 centimeters, about five, four anyways.

- All right, bud.

After getting a feel for the school,

you're taught how to capture Pokemon with your styler.

Loops portray the feeling of friendship.

So the more loops you draw around the Pokemon,

the more it will submit to your friendship.

That's nice.

Touch the Bidoof.

You finish the school day.

(Michael laughs)

- She touched the Bidoof.

That's one of the greatest lines of all time

in any Pokemon game.

I could see why she likes this game.

- [Jayden Voiceover] And are fast sleep in the dorms when

all the students decided it's initiation time.

- Oh boy.

- [Jayden Voiceover] Get up sleepy head it's 4:00 AM

time for your student initiation.

Yes, sirs.

They tell you to find all four of the stylers

they've hidden around the giant school

and after doing so you have to put them in the basement

for some reason.

So you head down there after finding them all

and are in the basement when,

why are you down here only I'm permitted

to be in the basement leave now.

Anyway, Isaac, have you finished testing

my very secret experiment no one can know about?

The rest of the school year goes on...

- My secret experiment that no one can know about.

That's not sketchy at all.

- [Jayden Voiceover] Without any big problems.

Pokemon Ranger Crawford comes and talks about

what it's like to be a ranger.

You save the milkman from some Bidoof.

You attend a one day internship at the local pub.

- Can we just talk, the milkman needs saving from Bidoof?

That's more embarrassing than Birch needing to be

saved from a level two Zigzagoon.

They're Bidoof.

Like Poochyena or Zigzagoon like they at least

have sharp teeth.

Come on, Milkman.

- [Jayden Voiceover] Pokemon ranger base, and they make you

bring them their lunches is an important mission.

Actually, while you're at the internship,

someone runs over and says the Pokemon

on the beach are acting strange.

- Oh no.

- You go with the Rangers to check it out

to see all the Pokemon going crazy

- Oh boy.

- And save the day by capturing them

with your loops of friendship.

- Yeah, friendship loops.

- That's weird.

Finally, you make it to graduation.

Jayden, come up and make a speech.

- Oh graduation happened fast.

- As the class representatives.

Oh, I'm the class representative, huh?

Well, don't mind if I.

So after saving everyone from a very strange

rampage of Tangrowth you start working at the

Pokemon ranger base you interned at.

- Could you imagine being on stage at high school graduation

and then just from the wall behind you come two massive

sentient mountains of vines and potentially tentacles.

That'd be dope.

- [Jayden Voiceover] How about some more

Pokemon acting strange down in a nearby cave?

So your first mission is to investigate what's going on.

In the cave you stumble upon this weird

missile looking machine.

- What the hell?

- [Jayden Voiceover] It's hypnotizing the Pokemon

in its vicinity and making them go crazy.

So you destroy it and everyone's proud of you.

This Professor Hastings guy is called.

- I just want to say so far, this game seems entertaining.

But one severe thing that it's lacking that Guardian Signs

was not lacking is ukulele Pichu.

Look it up.

It's a big part of Guardian Signs and it's wonderful.

- [Jayden Voiceover] Down from the Pokemon union

to take a look at the cave machine.

And I guess he's like a hundred years old or something

because the Rangers want you to go meet him halfway

in Pueltown to make sure he doesn't get lost

and die along the way.

You take one step in town and the Pokemon are going nuts.

- Oh no.

- [Jayden Voiceover] It turns out there's more of those

rocket machines planted in the town.

And as you're going around, smashing them,

you run into some guys that are not only very shady,

- Very shady.

- But also terribly shifty.

(Michael laughs)

- They're runaway because there's Pokemon Rangers

smashing their stuff and further into the town

You find them again with their admin.

Who's like, dude, what the heck?

What do you have against our...

- Hold on a second.

What did that guy's magazine say?

- And further into the town you find them again with...

- Gen's Reveal.

And that looks like

it looks like Coco, but with a backward C.

Is that supposed to be like a nod to Coro Coro magazine that

always like reveals or at least in the past revealed like

new Pokemon and new games, like ahead of time,

if so, very impressive, subtle reference there.

- Their admin who's like, dude, what the heck?

What do you have against our Gigaremos, you vandals?

Treat things with respect and then attacks me

with Rattata and a Toxicroak.

- Oh.

- Not going to lie, the battle music kind of bangs though.

(video game battle music)

- I feel like I should be in some swing dancing club.

- It turns out their part of this team called Dim Sun.

and after capturing their Pokemon.

- Dim Sun?

Like a dimmed sun, but it just sounds like dim sum.

Dim sum is a style of Chinese cuisine.

This team sounds like

they're just named after a genre of food.

That's like, what is, what is the, what is another example,

guys, we have to get out of here.

We're being invaded by team pasta.

And then in the other version,

guys, we have to get out of here

we're being invaded by team sushi.

- And after capturing their Pokemon with friendship loops,

they decide to retreat.

We're able to find Professor Hastings

and bring him back to the base to analyze

what we now know are Gigaremos machines.

He finds a tiny black crystal in the center

that seems to be the thing that allows team Dim Sun

to control the Pokemon.

The base considers this a problem, which is reasonable.

- Yeah.

- [Jayden Voiceover] And now the Pokemon union

starts getting involved, which is like

the big head honcho of Pokemon ranger bases,

- Oh that building looks cool.

- [Jayden Voiceover] Where all the ranger prodigies are.

The story continues as the union tries to

uncover more about what dim sun is up to

and you keep interrupting their plans.

You catch them trying to drill a tunnel

in the side of a mountain.

You catch them having a secret base

and cargo ship in the middle of a volcano,

which Mr. Kincaid is found to be part of Dim Sun.

Big surprise, didn't see that one coming.

- Who could've predicted this twist of the century.

Certainly not me.

My god.

I will say though, the outfit pretty dope.

Like he's got the mask on.

He's caring about public health.

The sunglasses are cool.

And capes who doesn't love capes.

I would wear that outfit.


If it was cold enough outside,

I don't wear pants if it's hot.

I wear shorts.

That sounded like, nevermind.

- [Jayden Voiceover] You haven't been running in

the ships hallways, have you?

You catch them mining hundreds of dark crystal shards

in an abandoned mine.

That one was a bit of a problem because

apparently there was the mother of all shadow crystals there

powerful enough to power this incredible machine

they're in the middle of developing that they plan on using

to control all the Pokemon within a 500 mile radius.

They got their grubby hands on

and helicoptered away to their headquarters.

I love this game originality of dark crystals.

Shadow crystals, you know, like that's something that like,

no one's ever seen that before.

- [Jayden Voiceover] Probably should tell

someone about that, but the good thing is

we ended up finding the diary of the

Dim Sun president's father, who writes about how,

if we gather these three gems called the Tears of Princes,

the gems will be able to combine their power

- Tears of Princes.

- [Jayden Voiceover] And negate the

power of the shadow crystal.

- This is like some, Sailor moon stuff.

- [Jayden Voiceover] The first gem is told to be

in this giant ice castle called Alima castle.

And on the way there, you run into Dim Sun grunts

trying to stop you.

They're not hard to deal with

and they start getting a bit frustrated.

I want to peg you with a snowball.

(Michael laughs)

You make it to the castle after swimming

through a bunch of ocean boulders and whirlpools,

that totally didn't slow me down at all.

And end up at the castle where Dim Sun is already

running around and trying to get the gem first.

- No, stop it Dim Sun.

- These guys are blocked from going any further

because this giant chunk of ice is in front of the door

and the grunts are like, man,

- Is this supposed to be an abandoned castle?

Is the castle supposed to be abandoned?

Because the table setting is impeccable.

- [Jayden Voiceover] That's a big hunk of ice.

If we made snow cones out of it

we'd be able to feed like 403 people.

And then they see me standing there and they're all,

Hey, that outfit, what are they called again?

Pokemon Ranger.

You came for a snow cone.

(Michael laughs)

You deal with that whole situation.

- Okay. I need to play this game.

They've got some really funny lines in it.

- [Jayden Voiceover] And end up in the room just before

where the gem is being kept

where you're introduced to one of the members

of team Dim Sun's, Sinis Trio,


I don't know what his deal is,

but he called me Jayden-noob and then dabbed.

So I had to murder him.

Well, I captured and freed his Froslass and...

- Wait is his name just Ice?

Like, did I catch that right?

He's just named ice?

- He scurried away all, well,

I didn't need the gem anyway.

After getting the trust of the Lucario

guarding the gym with more of my loops,

the blue gem of the Tear of Princes is mine.

Fast forward a bit and you get the red gem as well.

After defeating Sinis Trio, Lavana and her Infernape.

She doesn't doubt...

- Okay, Her name is Lavana.

Did I hear that correctly?

Are there closed captioning?

Maybe that would help.

There's only auto-generated which will not help us.

- Just before where the gem is being kept,

where you're introduced to one of the members

of team Dim Suns Sinis Trio, Ice.

- Yeah, no, this guy's name is just Ice.

I feel like they could have done something like Ike,

or something like that, but no, just Ice.

- All right, there's Lavana, I like her pink hair.

- The guy from school, Keith, who's a ranger now.

- She just, maybe it's just the pink hair,

but she kind of reminds me of Lovrina.

Is that her name from XD?

- And you get the red gem as well

after defeating Sinis Trio, Lavana.

She doesn't dab, but she does do this sexy little dance.

The guy from school, Keith who's a ranger now

was assigned to get the yellow gem

and hasn't come back yet.

So the union's like,

- He's dead.

- [Jayden Voiceover] Alright Jayden, go check on him.

You hop on a boat, but whoops,

- Keith, no.

- [Jayden Voiceover] Apparently a Wailord is in trouble.

I'll just go down there and see,

yep, I thought so these Dim Sun grunts

are trying to kidnap a Wailord

and after destroying the machines that were trapping it,

they decided to just grab a Wailmer instead

and try to convince their boss.

It's a Wailord mini.

You followed them on the rescued Wailord

and start infiltrating their base.

Down a hall you discover the grunts

squishing the Wailmer through the door

and as you follow them into the room, they're like,

Oh crap, shoot.

Do you want to deal with the ranger?

Oh no, I'm too wimpy.

I know, let's apologize.


We got the Ranger's confidence.

Charge and then drop a truckload of Slackoth on me

after capturing all their Slakoth, they're like, oh no.

And then all of them just grab me

and shoved me out of the room and lock it,

which honestly is more effective than

like 99% of all video game villains.

- It is a, it is so funny that in all of Pokemon's history,

the amount of times that literally just using physical force

against the player itself is zero.

So many situations where it would just make logical sense.

It would make the games not rated E probably,

but it would make more sense.

- [Jayden Voiceover] So you keep running

through the base and end up actually finding

mushroom haired Isaac from ranger school,

he's been manipulated into building Dim Suns

- Mushroom, no.

- [Jayden Voiceover] incredible machine

and we agree to take him back to the union

after we finish up our business in the secret hideout.

- Okay he's fine.

- [Jayden Voiceover] We finally encounter, Mr. Kincaid,

who's manning the Wailord operation.

He's being all maniacal,

but we successfully captures Gliscor,

save Wailmer,

- Gliscor yeah.

- [Jayden Voiceover] And bring Isaac safely

back to the union where he gives us access

- Love Gliscor.

- [Jayden Voiceover] To the incredible machine blueprints.

Skipping ahead in the story a bit,

we ended up not being able to get the yellow gem,

because Heath, the last of the Sinis Trio kidnapped Keith.

And we exchanged him for the yellow gem.

- Heath has Keith,

wrapped in a rope wrath.

I have beef with, and that's not quite there.


- [Jayden Voiceover] But I guess it's good we saved him.

The union makes a plan to have their top Rangers go and fly

to Dim Suns headquarters and face them head on.

Jayden, you can just sit in the corner and do nothing,

but right as they leave to do that,

The Sinis Trio busts through the union walls.

- Oh no.

- And are like, ha ha, we'll be taking this

and steal back Isaac, because they need him

to complete the incredible machine by midnight.

So they can activate the shadow crystal.

Isaac complied because they threatened to kill

his sister or something.

- What the hell?

Did they actually threaten to?

I mean threatened her safety maybe, but also that's like,

wow, that's not something you see in a Pokemon game.

Like there's some dark stuff, but like,

threatening the safety of a loved one

to get them to do what you want.

That's not a, that's not something

you see in Pokemon very often.

- [Jayden Voiceover] Now I have to get Isaac back

and basically destroy the machines that were protecting

their building slash incredible machine because oops,

I didn't mention this before, but they turned

their entire building headquarters

into the incredible machine.


We basically just waltz right through

the front doors of the headquarters.

That'll stop people from entering.

What, how did you get in here?

And battle our way up to Isaac,

who's like, ah, you're a bit too late.

I totally just completed the entire machine.

And they're about to use it to hypnotize

all the Pokemon in the region in like five minutes.

- Mushroom head, no.

- [Jayden Voiceover] Well, at least your sister's not dead.

So you run to the top,

defeating the Sinis Trio every floor of the way

and grab the last Tears of Princes gem.

And you get to the top where you meet the Dim Sun president

Blake Hall for the first time.

And he's like, you're too late.

It's time for darkness.

- Oh the teacher guy wasn't the leader?

And then I capture it immediately

and he's like, ah, just kidding.

Get her Darkrai.

- Darkrai?

- [Jayden Voiceover] And then Darkrai starts dipping me

into darkness and Keith has to come save me

on his Staraptor, so Darkrai is like,

well then I'm going to just dip these guys into the darkness

and throws Blake and his assistant into the void.

But I decided to capture and free Darkrai anyway,

with the help of the Tears of Princes and save the day.

- Holy crap.

- [Jayden Voiceover] Yay, woo-hoo.

I'm a hero and time to take a nap.

Now Pokemon Rangers a big game.

- Wow. Darkrai is the final boss.

That's pretty cool.

- [Jayden Voiceover] It too me about 24 full hours

to get through the game so I had to leave out a lot.

And I mean, a lot of other points in the story.

There's even a bunch of side quests that are actually

pretty entertaining and funny, you can complete

that help power up your styler.

There's one where this guy says he researches smells

and wants me to bring them the stench of a Muk.

So you do it and he's like, yes.

And puts it in a jar, then later on in the game,

he pops up again and this time asks for a Weezing

and a Skuntank to which he like, yes.

And puts them in jars, then he's like, thanks dude.

And you never see him again.

- What?

- [Jayden Voiceover] The dialogue is absolutely amazing.

This game has probably the best writing

out of any Pokemon game.

- Oh, wait, wait wait.

- [Jayden Voiceover] This game has probably

the best writing out of any Pokemon.

I have those plushies.

Okay, so I don't know if I still have

the Sceptile and Swampert.

If I do its at my parents' house somewhere,

I don't know if we still have those,

but that Blaziken is the, the one from Pokemon Talk.

This one, see.

Apparently these flushes are like super expensive.


I wish I hadn't gotten rid of the other two.

Maybe I didn't, but I probably did.

I did some dumb getting rid of my toys and games

when I was trying to be a cool teenager and stuff.

Just take this as a lesson, kids.

Never throw anything away.

Or sell anything.

Or give it to anyone.

Hoard all of your fun childhood nerdy possessions

because the nostalgia you'll get to experience as adult,

as an adult is great.

- [Jayden Voiceover] Pokemon game I know of.

I know of Team Dim Sun is obviously the star of the show.

And whenever they come on screen,

you know, they're gonna have something funny to say.

At one point while I was trying to get into

their secret base in the volcano,

I captured the Pokemon, they were controlling

and they were like, time to make our escape

and set off dynamite, which exploded a giant boulder

and blocked the entrance to the base,

which they're like, shoot.

We were supposed to detonate it after we go in.

So they had to wait for me to go get a Pokemon

that can destroy the rock.

And they're like, thanks, Ranger.

We'll be grateful for this for about a second.

And they run through the door.

So you follow them.

- I question the ethics of bringing a Turtwig

into a volcanic landscape.

- [Jayden Voiceover] And they come back like,

He-he-he, we forgot about you helping us

take this and drop a bunch of Numel on me.

Also, all of the music that plays

when they're around is awesome.

I was jamming out whenever I was running around their base.

It's a bummer this game isn't super popular.

I know it's got a small cult following,

but it definitely deserves to be more well known.

And I really consider it one of the top

Pokemon games out there just on writing alone.

It's not a hard game, but I mean,

Pokemon isn't meant to be a difficult game series anymore.

- Agreed, if you're looking for a difficult game,

don't play Pokemon.

- [Jayden Voiceover] Some people getting a bit tired

of the capture system since it doesn't change much

throughout the game.

But honestly, again, I think the story and dialogue

far make up for the semi repetitive

capture and battle system.

Now I know you kind of just talked about the entire plot,

but if you're curious about playing it yourself,

there's so much I left out and there's still a lot

to discover about the game.

So I highly recommend it.

I'm being honest.

When I say I didn't even cover a third

of what happens in the game.

And there were a lot of fun moments I really wanted

to talk about that I just didn't have room

for in the script.

I'm just trying to convince you to play

the game yourself at this point,

because I think it's just that funny of a game,

but I'll stop.

But here's all my stats after completing the game.

It took me about 24 hours to complete it.

- That's so long.

- [Jayden Voiceover] I captured 774 Pokemon

and ran away from 106.

I think that's a pretty good ratio.

I drew a total of 9,077 loops.

With that amount of practice.

I bet I'm a master at drawing circles now.

Thanks for watching the video on me drawing circles.

- Well, that was excellent.

Excellent video.

I might need to get the game now just to play it.

Although I feel like after this video,

there's going to be a surge in people

trying to buy this game.

So maybe we'll just wait a little while for

stocks to come back or whatever,

or people who buy it because this and then sell it.

Yeah, it's a Jayden video,

therefore was great.

No surprise there, but I,

I must say that there was some

pretty fricking funny dialogue.

I was impressed.

I think I might need to play the game

cause I enjoyed Guardian Signs,

but I don't remember finding it particularly funny.

I mean, it's been a while, but I, I, I,

I certainly, it certainly did not include any lines

as iconic as touch the Bidoof.

But anyways guys, I think that's where

I'm going to wrap this video up.

Thank you guys so much for watching and an extra special,

thanks to my patrons over on Patreon

who are helping support my channel

independent of fluctuating YouTube ad rates.

If you want help support me in the same way,

the link is in the description below.

Also, if you wanna check out some more of my fun

Pokemon content, I recommend these videos here.

All right, that's all I have for now.

So until next time Pokefans.

You gotta catch them all.

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