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on the phone a less formal call

good afternoon Scot and Smith may I help

you may I speak to mr. Scott or mr.

Smith please I'm sorry

they aren't here right now who's calling

please George Martin is there any

message I can take mr. Martin no I'll

call back later thank you for calling

Scott and Smith

a cup of coffee can I get you something

to drink a cup of coffee please with

milk and sugar a little milk but no

sugar I never drink coffee at night

why not it keeps me awake what do you

drink with summer tea it helps me relax

I don't like tea there are so many kinds

of tea maybe you should shop around and

try to find one you like because coffee

is bad for you that's a good idea

how about a drink

how about a drink tonight I'd love to

where can we meet

how about the relaxed bar all right what

time is 8 o clock okay yes that's fine I

will meet you there I'm really looking

forward to it me too

I have a sore throat

you sound terrible I have a sore throat

you should rest your voice I know it

hurts when I talk what are you taking

for your throat

hot tea and honey that should help are

you going to work today

no I'm staying home good idea I'll feel

better tomorrow I hope so

on sale

do you like my new coat it looks

terrific I'm glad you like it how much

was it $80 that's a good price yeah it

was on sale where did you get it that


I'd like to shop there too they always

have really good sales

maybe you should go there today they

have a sale on shirts if you're

interested good idea I need some

not a cloud in the sky

what a beautiful day yes there's not a

cloud in the sky what's the temperature

it's 70 degrees

I love October me too it's not too hot

and not too cold fall is my favorite

season mine too

the weather is almost perfect and the

leaves are very pretty when they change


cold and windy

is it cold out yes it's cold and windy

I'm going to wear my heavy coat good

idea where are you going

to the post office why to mail this

package would you buy some stamps for me

sure how many do you want 10 here's the

money for the stamps okay I'll be back

in 20 minutes unless I get blown away

it's beginning to snow

do you like snow no I hate it

why snow is so pretty yes but I don't

like to drive in it

well it's beginning to snow and I have

to drive to work how far is it to work

six miles are we going to get much snow

about 12 inches they say oh no driving

will be dangerous please be careful I

will by the way can I borrow your car

a house at the shore

when is your vacation it starts next

week where are you going we're renting a

house on the shore that's wonderful

yes we love the ocean do you swim a lot

not very much

then why are you going to the shore

because we all bought new swimsuits

a soccer game

I'm going to play soccer who are you

playing with some friends from work

are you a good soccer player yes but I'm

not the best player on the team what

time does the game begin

nine o'clock why don't you come with me

I can't today I'm very busy

okay see you later I hope your team wins

not so young

my son is graduating from high school

today and my daughter is graduating next

year how old is she she's 16 I remember

when she was a baby I know we're getting

old don't say that

why not it's true no it isn't we were

young when we got married that's right

but we got married 25 years ago


today is my cousin's birthday what's

your cousin's name Kathy I'm going to

her house after dinner how old is she

she's 24

mmm she's my age is she pretty yes and

she's very nice too is she single

no she's married and has two children oh

that's too bad

not for her

to buy a birthday present

what are you getting Kim for his

birthday I don't know yet you can always

get him a shirt but I got him one last

year oh that's right let me think I want

to get him something different how about

a briefcase good idea his briefcase is

getting old and it's something he'll use

everyday of course

why didn't I think of that


hello hello is Mary there I'm sorry you

have the wrong number

oh is this six eight five five two nine

zero no it's not I'm sorry that's okay

a light eater

would you like anything else you haven't

eaten very much no thanks

I'm already full oh come on have some

more no I really can't

I've never been much of an eater have

some coffee then that would be nice

how do you take it with sugar please no

cream here you are thank you

a nice flat one

this is a nice flat hmm there's a living

room there's a kitchen a bedroom and a

bathroom and there's a bidet what's a

bad day it's like a toilet only better

I'll let you figure it out

well none of my friends have a bidet and

even if I don't know what it is

they will be very jealous when I tell


a nice flat too

well here's the kitchen hmm it's very

small yes it isn't very large but

there's a cooker and a fridge there are

some cupboards under the sink

are there any plates yes there are good

are there any chairs in here no there

aren't but there are some in the living

room hmm

there aren't any glasses yes there are

they're in the cupboard and or where's

the toilet

afraid of flying

where is your meeting in Dallas Texas

how are you going by plane do you like

to fly sure it's fast and comfortable

I'm afraid of flying that's silly

flying is very safe maybe but I don't

feel safe in a plane I understand a lot

of people feel that way

a plane reservation

I'd like to reconfirm my plane

reservation what flight are you taking

flight 207 and your name please Henry

Chandler yes sir you're booked on flight

to 0-7 please check in at the airport an

hour before flight time thank you

getting together

are you free Friday night I might not be

in town I'm not sure yet

a friend suggested I go to Vancouver

well a few of us are getting together

and I thought you might want to come too

what are you thinking of doing we're not

sure yet we might go to a bar but we'll

probably go to see AI oh I haven't seen

it yet well come then sure if I'm in

town I'll call you and let you know

how's your new job going

Oh miss Wallace long time no see how are

you good thank you

how's your new job I started working

today how does it seem so far it's

demanding but I'm happy to be working

what's your boss like he appears to be

very thoughtful and kind but they all do

it first I guess we will have to wait

and see well I wish you the best of luck


take care

we eat a lot

did you see my car keys there on top of

the TV you're right

Thanks where are you going to the

supermarket again yes we eat a lot do

you want me to go with you sure if you

can good the packages will be heavy

there is a new health store right up the

road maybe since you guys eat a lot you

should try and eat more healthily maybe

you're right

we have all put on a little weight

take you

dianna Oh George hi how are you listen

I'm in a terrible hurry the bank closes

in 20 minutes is your bank near here yes

it's only four blocks away on Vine

Street what get in I'll take you are you

sure it's not out of your way no not at


that is so nice of you George thank you

you're welcome

we must be out of them

hi sorry I'm late I missed the bus oh

that's okay I had time to clean up

before you came you don't look very good

I must be getting a cold I've been

sneezing all day bless you thank you you

must be getting a cold why don't you go

lie down I'll bring you some aspirin I

don't see any aspirin in the medicine

cabinet we must be out of them I'll go

to the drugstore is there anything else

we need

could you get some I don't know if they

sell at you here but I'll check

doctor's appointments

when can I see doctor no he won't be

free until tomorrow can I make an

appointment sure how about tomorrow at

10 o'clock

can you make it at 9:00 I'll check to

see if he's available I'm sorry but he's

tied up until 10 o'clock well can't you

squeeze me in somehow I'm afraid not how

about after lunch will 1 o'clock be all


that's perfect thank you

traffic rules too

excuse me may I see your license I'm

afraid I've left it at home in that case

you'll have to take it to the police

station within five days but but why you

were speeding man but I was only doing

75 there's a 70 kilometer our speed

limit on this road ma'am it's there I

didn't see a sign well ma'am

we've been following you so you were

doing 75 - no ma'am

we were doing 90 kilometres an hour and

we couldn't catch you

eating out

waiter could we have the bill please can

I put it all on one bill no we prefer

separate checks your bills $18 that

seems expensive would you check it again

please sorry ma'am

this is your friend's bill here is yours

it's $24 and 16 cents

to buy a bus ticket

excuse me yes can I help you yes I'd

like some information about buses please

where to to Toronto

when this Saturday morning or afternoon

in the afternoon about three o'clock

there's one at 3:20 thank you that

sounds perfect

I'll take it

the phone

good morning Scott and Smith law office

may I help you yes may I speak to David

Waller please I'm sorry he isn't here

yet may I take a message

yes could you ask him to call Marjorie

Vail how do you spell your last name

v-a-l-e what's your phone number

does mr. Waller have it no he doesn't

it's six eight zero five two nine zero

I'm sorry could you repeat that six

eight zero five two nine zero I'll give

him the message thank you you're welcome

operating room

mrs. Martin I'm dr. Thomas Oh doctor how

is he

well I'm afraid we'll have to operate Oh

No he's always been afraid of operations

don't worry if we operate now he'll be

all right

Oh doctor do you really have to I'm

afraid so

he's lost a lot of blood if we don't

operate he'll die

oh please do whatever you have to

a car loan

I want to go to the bank this afternoon

I'll Drive you there

Thanks I'm going to apply for a loan why

do you need a loan

I have to buy a new car what's wrong

with your car they won't start and it's

ten years old how much will a new car

cost about $15,000 Wow that's a lot of

money I know that's why I need a loan

a cashier

what kind of work do you do I'm a

cashier at a supermarket do you like

your job no it's not very interesting

and you don't make much money that's

right I make very little I think you

should look for another job I am but

it's not easy to find one keep looking

you'll get one thanks I hope you're


fling down

how are you settling in oh we're still

in a bit of a mess but Lisa seems to

like it here that's good is there a

garden for her to play in yes it's not

very big but we've got a small swimming

pool have you found a school for Gerry

yes there's one near here it only takes

five minutes by car that's good so you

like it there do you Neil yes this is a

very good place for my children

will you get some bread for me

is there a bakery near here yes you can

get there in five minutes that's good I

don't have much time why are you going

to the bakery to buy a birthday cake

whose birthday is it

my daughter's she's ten that's nice will

you get some bread for me sure do you

want anything else

no thanks I'll pay you when you get back

buying a present in a jewelry shop

I'm trying to find a wedding anniversary

present for my wife yes sir what exactly

are you looking for I'm not sure really

perhaps you can help me right I'll show

you some pendants no I bought a pendant

for her birthday maybe a necklace then

these necklaces are made of gold yes I

like this one

what's the stone it's a ruby sir and

it's only $1,200 well perhaps you could

show me some bracelets then

buying a present in a toy shop

good morning perhaps you can advise me

yes ma'am I'm looking for a toy from my

niece oh yes how old is she

she'll be seven years old on Sunday

skateboards are still very popular


I don't want her to hurt herself what

about a Barbie doll set I don't think so

she has many Barbie dolls have you got

anything educational you see she's a

very intelligent girl I've got the

perfect thing I do it yourself kit where

you can build your own Barbie doll who

rides a skateboard

making a reservation

can I get some tickets for plays yes is

there a specific play that you want to

see what plays are on tonight cats but

it's sold out

are there any seats left for tomorrow

night yes how many tickets do you want

to please where would you like to sit

I'm not sure well here's a seating plan

of the concert hall how much is it in

the middle section $50 $50 that's a

little too expensive for us how much is

it in the back

$35 that's fine what time does the play

start at 7 o clock what time will the

play be over at 9:30

ready to go

are you ready grace is still in her room

she needs to rush we don't have enough

time what time does the movie begin it

starts at 7:30 what's the time now about

7:10 there's no hurry it only takes 10

minutes by car to get there I know but

there aren't enough parking spaces

around the theater well I'd better tell

grace to hurry up she can take hours to

get ready

sting movie

I thought that movie was terrific didn't

you I don't know it didn't seem to have

any meaning come on it seems that you

expect intellectual stimulation from

every movie I just think that a good

movie should have a central theme at

least yes but it doesn't hurt you to

watch a funny movie once in a while

relax and enjoy it you're right I'm too

serious sometimes


I see you're reading Harry Potter how do

you like it I can't put it down

have you read it yes in fact I just

finished it the endings great don't tell

me I have only fifty pages to go okay I

won't tell you who dies tell me anything

okay but I'm biting my tongue

good bye hard such a shame though what

is that Harry dies

in the bus

mr. Adams have you seen this ad in the

recruit news yes I saw it but I'm not

interested in finding a new job I've

been here since I graduated from my

university I like working here really

I've only been here one year and I'm

already tired of doing the same thing

every day I'm afraid of getting really

bored oh come on it's not that bad

wherever you work you have to do the

same thing every day to a certain degree

well what's more I've been working about

ten hours a day since last month but

you've been getting paid more money for

it haven't you

yes but I'm not interested in making

more money I'm going to apply for

another job what kind of job a

secretarial job well good luck thank you

very much

a date to

hello sandy is that you yes uh-huh

who's this it's Gil Gil Gil who what do

you mean

Gil who killed Dixon of course Oh Gil

I'm sorry yes we had a date last night

where were you I waited for one hour

oh I'm sorry Gil I couldn't come

couldn't come why not

well I had to pack my stuff for my trip

why didn't you call me

I wanted to call you but um I couldn't

remember your phone number and now I'm

going to forget yours


do you smoke I've never known that when

did you start smoking I started smoking

when I was 18 so how long have you been

a smoker I've smoked for 20 years how

many cigarettes do you smoke a day I

smoke two packs of cigarettes a day have

you ever tried to quit yes I have quit

twice once when I was expecting my baby

Paul and the other time when I had a bad

sore throat but I had a hard time if you

knew what it was doing to your lungs

you would think twice about it

a death

did you hear about the Smith family no

what happened mrs. Smith passed away

this morning that's a shame

what from heart attack I think that's a

terrible thing

yes mrs. Smith went into hospital last

night by ambulance and died this morning

had she been suffering from heart

disease yeah mrs. Smith had it for five

years before she died did they try

surgery she had two operations but they

weren't effective I feel sorry for mr.



have you heard about the good news in

the Wallace family no I've been out of


mrs. Wallace went into the hospital last

night and gave birth to a baby girl

seven hours later that's very good but

they already have a little girl don't

they know they have a five year old boy

so they wanted a girl this time right

yes they wanted a girl for a long time

was it natural childbirth no she had to

have a cesarean

a coincidence

Teresa what a surprise what are you

doing here Timothy I don't believe it

I'm going to see my daughter she will

marry this weekend how about you I'm

going to visit my parents what is your

daughter's wedding Sunday Wow

this Sunday is the 45th wedding

anniversary of their wedding - this is a


anyway where is your train leaving from

my train leaves from platform 3 over

there how long will you now all leaving

from platform 3 train from Vancouver

that's my train I have to run sorry we

didn't get more time to talk that's okay

I'll see you when you get back have a

good time and say congratulations to

your parents

how have you been

Raymond oh hi grace have you been good I

hear you've been to Toronto for a few

days yes I just got back yesterday did

you have a nice visit really nice it was

very good going around downtown and

shopping and I saw the Toronto Blue Jays

game at SkyDome

it seems that Toronto is a very exciting

city my brother Stanley was there too

you've met Stanley haven't you sure I

met him when he was here in Hamilton

last year what's he doing these days

still teaching baseball yes as a matter

of fact he just began to teach

elementary school great how's everything

with his kids

have you met my nieces yes they visited

you once in the summer didn't they right

they're both fine I haven't seen them in

a long time they must be really big well

they will come over this Christmas let's

have a great Christmas party together

that's a good idea

telephone call too

hello jack this is Dave I want to return

the book I borrowed from you last night

will you be home at about 6 o'clock yes

I will I'll be cooking dinner

oh well then I won't come over at sex

why not I don't want to disturb you

don't worry you won't disturb me okay

I'll see you at 6:00

what's a grant

my daughter is going to college that's

great but it must be expensive yes but

she has a grand a grant

what's a grant the government is giving

her money to pay for her education

that's right

does it pay for everything no she has a

loan too what's the difference between a

loan and a grant you have to pay back a

loan a grant as a gift

I'm busy on Friday

would you like to go to a pop concert

well I'd like to but when is it on

Friday evening what a pity I'm busy on

Friday maybe you could change your plans

it's going to be a really great concert

maybe I will I wouldn't want to miss it

great I'll see you Friday

bless you

that's who god bless you thank you you

have a cold

yes that's why I'm sneezing so much I

hope you feel better soon

I get a bad cold every winter are you

taking anything for your cold taking

contact does it help yes but it makes me

sleepy you'd better not drive then

I don't feel well

what are you looking for my jacket I'm

going to the doctor why what's the

problem I'm not sure but I don't feel


do you have a fever no but I have a pain

in my chest what time is your

appointment 11:30 I'm going now bye

goodbye I hope it's nothing serious

Thanks see you

can you help me

can you help me officer I'll try what's

the problem I can't get into my car

where are your keys they're in the car

don't worry I can open it how can you do

that with a coat hanger it's easy where

can we get a coat hanger there's one in

the police car we're here thanks a lot

you're very kind

taking a cab

hello hello where do you want to go 70

Maple Street please 70 middle Street no

Maple Street Maple Street

let's see is that near st. Davids Street

I don't know I've only been here one

week oh where are you from Toronto

I hate to get up

I hate to get up in the morning me too

what time do you get up at 6 o'clock

what do you get up so early I have to be

at work by 7:00 I don't get up until

8:00 you're lucky

what do you do I own a bookstore what

time does your store open at 8:30

a hot day

this heat is killing me me - it must be

95 degrees I would like a cold drink

I'll get you one

thanks hmm this tastes good it does jeez

this hot weather makes me lazy me too

get me another drink I guess if you're

lazy no one else is allowed to be thanks

for understanding

phone out of order one

hey hey what's wrong there's something

wrong with the phone I'm getting a

strange noise are you I can hear you

clearly hello hello this pay phone might

be out of order I'll call you again with

another phone hello how about now is

there still a strange noise yes perhaps

my phone is out of order you should get

in touch with the phone company

phone out of order too

hey what's the matter with the phone

here listen to this peculiar noise it

doesn't sound like a dial tone it must

be out of order we'd better notify the

phone company how do we do that we can't

use the phone let's go next door and use

our neighbours phone he's always

complaining about people I don't want to

ask any favors of him

how about across the street I forgot

about mrs. Riley I'm sure she'd let us

use her phone

getting a visa

does it take long to get a visa it

depends on the season anywhere from one

month to two months what do I need to do

fill out an application form and wait

will there be a long waiting period not

if you don't run into any government


employing a new member

well this woman may be suitable for the

job but is she energetic enough yes she

certainly seems to have lots of energy


she's got to be ambitious too is she yes

she has plenty of ambition and we really

need a flexible sort of person do you

think she is hmm she seems to be

determined enough but she's a little

tough well I guess we'll give her a try

and see how she works out

a date

what are you so happy about you're

grinning from ear to ear sandy and I are

going to go out this weekend oh yeah

that's fast work that's great which

night are you going to see her Friday or

Saturday on Friday she isn't going to be

in town on Saturday and Sunday she's

going to visit a friend in Quebec what

are you going to do on Friday I don't

know yet

you have any ideas how about taking her

to a Chinese restaurant I've heard that

she likes Chinese food that's a great

idea what are you going to wear on your

date I'm going to wear my new suit

that's too formal wear your jeans and a

t-shirt how about your sports jacket are

you going to wear it on Friday night

no I'm not go ahead and wear it

what did you do yesterday

do I check in here for Air Canada to

Mexico do you already have your ticket

yes here you are thank you can you put

your luggage up here please sure I have

three suitcases we allow only two pieces

you'll have to pay an extra charge oh

can I carry this one with me no I'm

sorry it won't fit under your seat

that's $45 here you are thank you you

can choose your seat a window seat or

aisle seat I'd like a window seat please

fine seat 15a here's your ticket and

your boarding pass enjoy your flight

traveling by air

good morning can I see your passport

certainly here it is yes that's alright

have you got anything to declare yes I

have I've got some whiskey and some


how much whiskey have you got a liter

that's all right and how many cigarettes

have you got 200 fine

what about perfume no I haven't good

open your case please pardon open your

case please open it now oh dear look at

this you've got three bottles of whiskey

four hundred cigarettes and a lot of

perfume does that mean I can't go

at the customs

well hello mr. Wallace you seem

unusually happy today I just became a

father congratulations

a boy or a girl you never saw such a

cute girl nine pounds three ounces and

as cute as a button doesn't this call

for cigars yes I forgot about the cigars

here have one thank you

how's your wife she's just fine

a new baby

where are you going to Canada why are

you going there I'm going to learn

English there's a school there that has

an excellent program is learning English

going to be difficult yes I have to

study and practice a lot where is your

school it's in a town called st.

Catherine's in Ontario

I'm jealous I'll bet you're excited yes

but I'm also really nervous

is English difficult

where's Kevin he's in front of the house

what is he doing washing his car not

again yes he takes good care of his car

but he never cleans his room

I know it's always dirty and nothing is

in order you're right his room is a mess

maybe you should move into the car

washing his car

this is a big menu yeah what are you

getting chicken peas and baked potatoes

I don't know what to get they have very

good Turkey

I had Turkey yesterday how about steak

perfect I'll get steak and mashed

potatoes what vegetable are you getting

I'm not getting any I don't like


at the restaurant

I have some good news what is it Lisa is

going to have a baby that's great I'm so

happy for her me too

do they want a boy or a girl a girl

when's the baby due in the beginning of

September I'm going to phone Lisa

tonight that's nice

say hello for me

when's the baby due

Jean Barbara do you work around here yes

I work in that building across the

street really what do you do I work in a

law office

I'm a secretary oh that's interesting

what about you what do you do I work at

doer restaurant

Oh are you a cook no I'm a waitress

that's a really hard job I don't envy

you me neither in the bus do you live

alone Jean no I don't I live with my

family how about you

I married no I got married last year

really congratulations who did you marry

his name's Jeff hunt he lives in my

building Oh what does he do he's a


how wonderful I'm very happy for you


your garden is really lovely thank you I

enjoy working in the garden do you do

everything yourself I trim the bushes

and weed the flowerbeds myself who cuts

the grass oh it's so big that I hire one

of the boys in the neighborhood to do it

for me well I must say he does a good

job yes his work is more than



I'm very angry with my son Harry why

what's the problem is not doing well in


that's a surprise Harry's a smart boy

yes but he never studies did you talk to

his teachers yes I did what did they say

he's a nice boy but he's very lazy maybe

they're right I'm afraid so have you

thought about getting him a tutor maybe

that's a good idea I really want him to

excel let's go look in the phone book

now then

a lazy boy

what time is it it's three o'clock oh no

I'm late where are you going to the

dentist can I Drive you there sure that

will help do you have a toothache yes

and it's very bad I'm sorry to hear that

I've had it for weeks and this is the

first time that I could get in my

dentist is always so busy I guess that's

a good thing it means a lot of people

like him

can I Drive there

who is it it's me dear don't you have

your key now let me in lets her in

what's in that box what did you get a

new dress honey but you have a closet

full of dresses I know but I need a new


what's wrong with all the other dresses

they're not this one

a new dress

let's go for a picnic that's a great

idea where shall we go let's go to the

park how far is it about a mile is it a

nice place

sure it has picnic tables and a

beautiful lake good I'll make some


I'll bring soda and cookies the kids

will love it

a picnic

we've got 10 inches of snow wow that's


what's so terrific about it I'm going

skiing skiing are you serious yes it's a

lot of fun maybe but it's also dangerous

you need to live on the edge and you

need to make sure you don't fall off of


I'm going skiing

Sara you can't park here it's a bus stop

Oh we'll be back in a few minutes it's

okay oh no it isn't you'll get a parking

ticket if you leave it here no I won't

it's half past five all the traffic

wardens have gone home Sara yes is this

your car ma'am

traffic rules

Sara you can't park here it's a bus stop

Oh we'll be back in a few minutes it's

okay oh no it isn't you'll get a parking

ticket if you leave it here no I won't

it's half past five all the traffic

wardens have gone home Sara yes is this

your car ma'am


I'm really tired now I have to go home

and cook do you make dinner every night

yes I usually make dinner and my husband

washes the dishes I live alone so I do

everything sometimes I eat out though

there are some good restaurants in my

neighborhood where do you live near the

pen center

oh that's good there aren't any good

restaurants near my house does your

husband help you do housework much um


he sets the table almost every night and

he makes our bed every morning but I

usually make all the meals how about

cleaning we clean the house together

every weekend I vacuum the rooms and he

usually sweeps the floor of the kitchen

and he does yard work your husband helps

you so much does he help do the laundry

too well he's never helped me do the


oral exams

hey Cindy have you finished the exam yes

I have whew

was it hard well yes it was hard pretty

hard did you pass I don't know mrs.

Lester didn't tell me what questions did

she ask first she asked me what my name

was well that was easy wasn't it yes

except I couldn't remember then she

asked me where I came from and how long

it took to get here from my country and

what else did she ask she asked how long

I'd been studying English here in Canada

and she asked how I would use English in

the future yes yes go on then she asked

me to explain the difference between my

country and Canada anything else

I'm trying to remember oh yes she asked

if I spoke any other language is that

all oh there were a lot of other

questions she asked me what my hobbies

were where I visited in Canada then I

was asked to read a passage what did she

say at the end hmm let's see oh yes

she asked me to tell you to go in right


would you call me

well see you tomorrow I better go too

Oh would you do me a favor sure would

you call me tomorrow at 6 o'clock in the

morning tomorrow's my daughter's

birthday I want to get her a new robe

and I have to pick up the dry cleaning

and pick up the cake from the bakery

anyway I have lots of things to do but

I'm not sure I can get up early do you

need a hand oh can you that would be


can you order the mall and buy her a new

robe pick up the dry-cleaning and get

the cake from the bakery and what will

you be doing sleeping in of course

can I let you know

are you going out with Leonard tonight

uh-huh he's supposed to pick me up at

6:30 what time is it now quarter to 6:00

you'd better get going

you're kidding I haven't even taken a

shower where are you going

we haven't made up our minds yet maybe

to a movie maybe to a party go and see

Forrest Gump it's supposed to be


oh maybe we will I've heard the sixth

sense is good too well personally I

prefer Forrest Gump I really should be

going do you want to go shopping

tomorrow I'd like to go but it depends I

might have to go to the store tomorrow

and do some work can I let you know

first thing in the morning okay that

would be all right ring ring oh there's

the phone it must be Leonard we'll all

be going call me tomorrow I will have a

good evening you too

at home one

where is Jane she is in the living room

what is she doing she is playing the

piano where is the car it is in the

garage where is the dog the dog is in

front of the door what is the dog doing

the dog is eating

home too

where are you I am in the kitchen what

are you doing I am cooking dinner where

are Bill and Mary they are in the living

room what are they doing they are

watching TV where is the cat she is in

the dining room what is she doing she is


my favorite photographs one who is she

she is my sister what's her name her

name is Jennifer

where is she in this photograph she's in

Toronto what is that building behind her

she's standing in front of the CN tower

location one

where is the school it's between the

library and the park where is the post

office it's across from the movie

theater where is the Royal Bank it's

next to the supermarket where is the gas

station it's around the corner from the

church where is the barbershop it's near

the bus station

location 2

excuse me can you tell me the way to the

nearest bank yes it's on Geneva Street

as a matter of fact I'm going that way

myself so if you come with me I will

show you thanks very much

you're welcome

color one

may I help you yes please I am looking

for an umbrella what's your favorite

color it's black sorry we have no black

umbrellas right now here is a nice

umbrella but this umbrella is yellow

that's okay

yellow umbrellas are very popular this


color too

excuse me is this your umbrella no it

isn't are you sure yes I am sure that

umbrella is brown and my umbrella is


no questions

are you married no I'm not I'm single

tell me about your new car is it large

no it's not it is small tell me about

the questions in your English book are

they difficult no they're not they are

easy tell me about your new neighbors

are they quiet no they aren't they are


short answer

is Alice young or old she is young is

Bill tall or short he is short

his Albert's apartment big or little its

small were the last examinations easy or

difficult they were difficult

he's Julie married or single she is


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