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I picked some conches up there for you.

Lets seek more from downside.

There is something under the water.A clam.

What sort is this?

Not too big,but fat.

There is a jelly fish.

Not small.

Is it broken?

This is just like jelly.

I have already preserved a lot at home,I picked many lately.

Fisherman are saturated with jelly fish.These are in flood lately.

Its really appetizing when its cold and dressed with sauce.

Cook a cold dish.

Like a jelly ,crisp in taste.

This is fine,take it.

They can be seen everywhere on the beach lately

This one is too.

Look how beautiful those clouds are,like ink-wash drawing.

Another clam.

This one is fat.

There is one.

Mactra antiquata

Mactra antiquata,its alive.

This is it again,really delicious.

Another clam,there are too many of them.

Ouch,scared me.

It hurts if your hands were caught.

Big tongue.


Wow,this clam is big.

There is something seems like fish tail.

Lets see what kind of fish this is.

Wow,its alive.

Oh god.

Hairtail!This is my first time seeing live hairtail .

Look at its body, so bright.

Look at its teeth.


This is great,live hairtail.its first time to catch the live one.

So beautiful.

Let me show you ,put into water .

First time of seeing live one.


Wow,these teeth.

Like this one,a bit bigger one is 400Yuan per kilogram.

This is really good, were gonna be rich.

Look at its teeth.

Wow,look at these scales.

So beautiful,keep it.

I netted a sea hare.


Sea hare.

Its alive.

Their bites really hurt.

Have a look.

Little sea hare!

First time of catching this,look.

Adoreble,it sting with this part.

Oh,dont be flushed away.

Itll be flushed by water.

Its bilging up here.Is this cat's Eyes Turban?

Wow,this is a mactra antiquata.

This cant be found easily.

The reason why we call it mactra antiquata is,

It tastes as delicious as Xishis tongue.

So we call it as Xishis tongue.its a great name.keep it.

Here is a sea snail.

It clipped under the stone.Hard to get.

Got it.

It has meat.

Hey,you entered in.

An octopus.

Nice ,take it.

There are too many mussels in the stone gap.

Dig them when they grew bigger.

There is a sea anemone.

Wow,look at there!

Two crabs.

Why are they two together?

Look at this one,it doesnt move.

Is it sleeping?

What about that one?

This one is alive,good.

Two crabs.

Both are alive.

Take both of them.

Look!what a big octopus.

Too hard to remove it.

Its too big.

This one is spat ink.

Is it pregnant?

Let it go.

Lets take it to the deeper side of the sea.

I dont dare to go. Go and give birth.Bye.

Its a fish.

Is it flushed by the sea wave here?

Its alive, lucky me.

A fish, take it.

I saw a snail under the stone.

Its beautiful.

Its a conch.

But its beautiful and complete, keep it for you guys.

Here is an octopus.

Look how beautiful these lines are,this color.

Feels like a little numb when it stung me

Lets go.

Seems like there is something under the water.

Its bulging up,lets dig it.

Its not small.what a big Mactra antiquata.

Lets seek more.There might be others here.

Another bulging place.

There might be a big thing.

Another mactra antiquata.

This two are literally same in size.Keep both of them.

Here is another bulging-up.

It is big one.


I am so lucky today.There will be something big under it.

Is there anything ?

Another one,I am addicted with seeking bulging-up today.

This might be from upside.


There is something.

Is it a Daizi?

Too deep.

Dig it.

What a big one.

This is about 0.5kg.

Enough for a dish.

There will be something under stones as usual.

There are only small crabs.

Too small.

Something stuck on the bottom.

A precious thing.

This conch is beautiful.

Nice taste.let me keep it.

There is a crab.

Under the stone.

Look at this one.

Its fat.

Sea urchin.

I caught one a couple of days ago.

It was delicious.

Its great to catch another one.

Its little thorn is moving.

Be careful ,dont be pricked by these thorns.

Take it home.

Sea anemone ,also called as condy anemone.

Look , what a big one.

It shrunk.


We dont catch them, theyll break apart if you dig out .

Under the stone.

Look,little fish,they swam too fast.

Thatt too fast,that speed.

Too fast,its too small.

This is all for todays video.

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