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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: THE TERMINATOR vs JOHN WICK - WHO WOULD WIN? (John Wick and The Terminator Dark Fate Movie)

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The year is 2050, and the earth is a ravaged wasteland.

Decades ago the US military created the Skynet artificial intelligence program, meant to

automatically coordinate defense strategy and outthink any potential foe.

Unfortunately the US installed Skynet on a Windows platform and it immediately bugged

out, launching nuclear devastation across the earth in a bid to wipe out humanity.

Now though a plucky force of resistance warriors have fought the machines to the brink of defeat,

and a desperate Skynet opens up a time portal, sending one of its elite Terminator units

back in time to destroy the resistance before it ever gets a chance to form.

In our present day, a T-800 Terminator approaches a young woman, this is the mother of the future

resistance leader who will unite all mankind against the machines.

The T-800 immediately proceeds to kill her... with cancer.

But this turns out to be a big mistake, because this woman is not only the future hope of

humanity, but the wife of the world's premier most assassin, John Wick.

Welcome to another episode of The Infographics Show's Who Would Win series, today we're putting

the time-traveling original Terminator versus the elite assassin John Wick in a fight to

the death, to determine the future of mankind and an ultimate winner both!

Or, wait, John Wick's wife is already dead from cancer in this scenario, so spoiler alert:

the machines win in the future.

But what about our battle royale?!

Let's find out!

Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 Series 800 Terminator was a robot assassin sent back in time to

find and eliminate Sarah Conn- we mean, John Wick's wife, before she could give birth to

the future leader of the human resistance.

Initially the war against humanity went swimmingly for Skynet, given the fact that most of us

had died out due to the massive nuclear attack the machines had unleashed in their opening


Radiation and starvation quickly followed, and as the climate cooled due to a nuclear

winter, exposure to the elements killed even more people.

Those that survived though proved to be the hardiest of our species, and slowly began

to group together into resistance cells armed with leftover military tech.

The machines faced steep losses when assaulting human strongholds, and thus they developed

the Terminator series of assassin drones.

The goal of the Terminator program was to infiltrate human strongholds and then disable

defenses from within, allowing Skynet forces to storm the human base.

The first series of Terminators however proved to be easily spotted by humans due to their

very fake, waxy skin.

Thus Skynet went a different route with the upgraded T-800 model, growing a layer of living

muscle and tissue over a titanium alloy endoskeleton.

This new model proved to be very successful, at least until humans started using dogs to

spot the imposter Terminators trying to gain entry into human strongholds.

The T-800 features a futuristic titanium alloy endoskeleton that's all but invulnerable to

small arms fire.

The chest chassis and the cranium both, housing the power core and the core CPU respectively,

are specially hardened and can withstand even explosive blasts.

Despite this, the T-800s were as vulnerable to human-made plasma weapons in the future

as any other Terminator model, but sadly for John Wick, he has no access to these futuristic


Faced with using present-day firearms, Wick is going to be in for a real chore as any

caliber up to 5.56 and even 7.62 firearm is going to do little to slow the Terminator


A well placed .50 caliber round however has been shown to be able to penetrate their thick

armor, and an especially well-placed shot with a .50 caliber anti-material rifle can

even decapitate a T-800.

Other than heavy armor, the T-800 features a low-resolution radar that can help it pinpoint

targets up to a few hundred feet away, and can track the general direction of incoming

fire, posing a serious hazard to snipers.

It is also equipped with low-light and thermal vision modes, so the dark will be no cover

against this hunter-killer.

Armed with detailed knowledge of human anatomy, the Terminator is a deadly killer, capable

of putting rounds directly where they will do the most damage.

It's endoskeleton makes it tens of times stronger than a human being, so hand-to-hand combat

is not an option.

John Wick needs little, if any, introduction.

He was raised in a Mexican village where he learned to grow up in the streets, stealing

to feed himself and make ends meet.

One day his thievery drew the ire of a warlord and resulted in the deaths of many villagers,

something that Wick feels responsible for to this day.

In the cinematic universe Wick was an orphan from Europe raised to become a world class

assassin, because in film scripts you only have so much real estate and need to establish

backstories as quickly, and unimaginatively, as possible.

Wick served with the US Marines before leaving the military to ply his considerable talents

with firearms and hand-to-hand combat in the private sector.

He quickly made a name for himself as a top assassin, and worked for the head of a top

Russian crime family.

One day though he met a woman and fell in love, requesting to be released from his duties

so he could live a normal life.

He was given an impossible mission- eliminate all of the Russian crime boss's enemies in

one night, which he did and earned his freedom, so to speak.

Sadly, a Terminator from the future showed up one day and gave his new wife cancer and

now he has to fight the Terminator to the death, and that's the new official canon so

deal with it.

Wick is an expert in hand to hand combat, mastering several martial arts.

Sadly, this will not do much for him in this fight, because the Terminator is a master

at punching people's heads off in one swing.

Getting into a hand to hand fight here will be suicide for Wick.

Luckily though, Wick is also proficient with virtually any known firearm, and is also highly

skilled as a sharpshooter and in close quarters battle.

Given his time as an infantryman in the Marines, Wick is also proficient in the use of the

.50 caliber machine gun, known as thema deuceby US service members, and the Mark

19 automatic grenade launcher, both pieces of hardware which will definitely be useful

in taking down a Terminator.

So we have our opponent's strengths and weaknesses: the Terminator has none, and John Wick is

made of frail human flesh and bone; who would win this matchup?

Wick is no dummy, and the moment he opens up on the Terminator and sees that his .45

caliber handguns aren't putting a dent in it, he's going to start thinking about upgrading

his firepower.

For its part, the Terminator is as basic a killing machine as they come, it doesn't plan,

it doesn't think, it doesn't try to ambush you- it just comes at you, like a deadly version

of 2014's hit horror flick It Follows, only a lot less tedious, boring, and overhyped.

This is something that Wick can use to his advantage, as he can easily lure the Terminator

into one of many scenarios where it can be trapped or destroyed with superior firepower.

Unfortunately though since Skynet has learned all the world's knowledge that has ever been

posted on the internet, it saw our previous episode You Versus the Terminator, and thus

this Terminator knows to stay well away from any cryogenic fluids.

Our bad.

That's a shame though, because the rapid cooling would structurally weaken the Terminator's

endoskeleton and allow Wick to finish it off with a few well placed shots.

With his military contacts though, Wick has just the solution to defeat the Terminator-

the M3 Multi-Role Anti-Armor Anti-Personnel Weapon System.

A recoilless rifle, the M3 is quickly becoming the go-to for US infantry for duties such

as taking out enemy tanks, bunkers, or even entire groups of soldiers thanks to a round

that fires 1,000 deadly sharp flechettes.

The M3 is one of the most versatile weapon systems in the world, and along with taking

out structures, tanks, and squads of soldiers, can be used to fire illumination rounds or

even smoke rounds to provide cover to friendly forces.

Today though, Wick is going to be equipped with the FFV751 HEAT round.

Featuring a tandem-warhead, the round is capable of defeating up to a whopping 500 millimeters

of modern tank armor, with the first explosive defeating the first few layers of armor, and

the second propelling a jet of explosive force to cut through the remaining armor and killing

the crew inside.

Even with its formidable and futuristic titanium-alloy skeleton, there's little the Terminator can

do to stand up to the devastating force of the M3 recoilless rifle, because physics.

With just a single shot the Terminator is going to be itself, Terminated, though if

Wick isn't careful and is standing too close, the destroyed power core will set off an explosion

that can decimate anything within 50 meters.

Luckily the FFV751 round has a range of 500 meters, so being out of the explosive blast

zone won't be a problem for Wick.

We declare the winner of this Who Would Win to be John Wick, because no matter how mighty

the terminator may be, in the end it's a dumb machine with only one goal and zero ability

to improvise or plan.

Even its formidable endoskeleton is no match for modern anti-tank weapons, and with the

Terminator dead, Wick is free to go home and find some solace in his wife's death with

the dog she left him behind.

Except, days later as Wick is seeking comfort from the dog his dead wife left him behind,

the dog explodes and kills Wick.

That's right, after its defeat, Skynet sent back in time another Terminator- this time

looking like a dog.

What, did you really think a super-intelligent computer couldn't make Terminators that look

like things other than humans?

Ultimately, we're declaring Terminator the winner, because while Wick can outthink a

Terminator, Skynet literally has all the time in the world to learn from its mistakes thanks

to its time travel technology, and thus defeat- much like Judgment Day, is ultimately inevitable.

Who do you really think would win between John Wick and a Terminator?

What other epic match up do you want to see us do?!

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