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Plants love LED light.

They are stronger, they are healthier,

and they also taste better.

These taste just as good as our summer crop, and they are grown in the dead of winter.

It's a big bang for your buck. It's getting light into the crop where you want the light.

If customers could choose, then they would opt for a tomato from an LED greenhouse.

Their plant specialist really helps us to adjust climate and irrigation settings,

adapt to effects of the sun and everything else. And we like the result.

More growers should be looking at this, because it is the future.

It's sustainable and our customers want it.

Color is much deeper, darker, richer with LEDs.

The taste is better with LEDs.

So there are a lot of ways to evaluate it.

Depends on what you grow and when you grow it.

Link these technical settings to the ideal seeds and substrates,

and the best recipe for that particular product can be developed.

We can really produce clean, healthy and nutritious food,

in a resource efficient way, exactly where the consumer needs it.

But if we wanted to build a farm that was commercially viable,

in a city like London, where space is so important,

we had to be able to grow up, as well as using the space around us.

Every harvest that comes is predictable, and that's huge.

At the end of the day, it's just a high end product that we can rely on, that comes with amazing customer support.

And we are absolutely thrilled to be growing with Philips.

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