Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Oath

Difficulty: 0

(Chief Justice John Roberts) At this time, I will administer the Oath

to all Senators in the Chamber.

Do you solemnly swear?

- [Man] I do solemnly swear.

- [Man and Woman] That I will support and defend

the Constitution of the United States,

against all enemies

foreign and domestic.

- [Men And Women] That I will bear true faith

and allegiance to the same.

That I take this obligation freely,

without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion.

And that I will well, and faithfully,

discharge the duties of the office

on which I am about to enter,

so help me, God.

- [Woman] You swore to this.

- [Man] Before God

- [Man] and Country.

- [Woman] You took the oath.

- [Man] and you broke it.

- [Woman] Your God

- [Man] and your country

- [Woman] are watching.

The Description of Oath