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What's up guys, it's me Pyrocynical and today I have to bring you some

saad newsss

heh. what the fack?

So recently I've been watching this youtuber called LivingBobby

He does this kind of get rich quick type of videos, you know

The popular trends

You see living on a pound a day in London

Getting a flight for one pound and my personal favorite selling your wife on the black market for one pound

[But my wife left me :'( ]

(100% working)

That's some sad news right there

saad newsss

He's got a series where he turns one thousand dollars into ten thousand dollars

He's also got another series where he turns one British Pound into three pound signs

I can't really understand whether that he turns one pound into three pounds over the course of ten days

I-I think anyone could do that.

One thing I love most about Bobby is how he breaks down his videos and tells these little

anecdotal stories about how anyone can do it

Anyone can be rich and it's not money that you need to aspire to get in life. It's happiness

are you


to me?

*Video* Success is not necessarily made through hard work it's made through smart hard work (are you sure about that?)

I really gotta get more sleep :(

and quite aggressively towards what you want,

When you have those Other too, I'm taking a nap

He's actually a really happy guy and he probably just watched seven pounds starring Will Smith

Now, I like Bobby, he's got this beautiful sharp tail grin, and it's very apparent that he's a

Selfless humble guy and all he wants to do is end homelessness

All he wants in return is your YouTube watch time.

Is that really much to ask? (no)

Now if that really was the case and his videos were 100% true,

I wouldn't care this video wouldn't be made but recently LivingBobby's been exposed for faking

Quite a few of his videos to say the least

for example on one of his more successful

Series turning 1k into 10k on day three of that challenge

He created a website and used that website to sell shirts to garner him some revenue

He begins the day by calling advice from a friend

I don't believe that this is actually a human but him talking to himself in the future

They actually looked like the same person

Now LivingBobby claims that all these videos are made in a day

hence why they're all titled day one

Day 2

Day 3

and he also has these little time jumps in the video like

2 Hours Later 4 Hours Later

My wife left me again

Now on day 3 Bobby created a site called

(Or Oomph NWhy amirite)


Roblox Oof

I'm still trying to decipher whether it's a roblox *Oof* or a minecraft Steve *Oof*

*autistic screeching*

Now the designs on the website are fairly nice

Unfortunately, I'm more of a login poor maverick guy myself (same tbh)

Now what Bobby does he shows a really super cool epic montage of him getting the site setup

Contacting a graphic designer and putting everything into motion

Now keep in mind This video was posted November 30th.

But if you look at when the website was originally registered it was November 17


So we know from that alone, H- He doesn't make these videos in a day

So he also does one of these little time jumps claiming he got the website set up

He contacted the graphic designer and the graphic designer produced all these designs in four hours

*breaks hand*

Four hours.

*Video* I have finished the research

Created the brand's actual name

finished the website and most importantly with the help of real-life painter created is strategically

Beautiful and also eye catching designs, which is a little bit implausible to say the least

We'll give him the benefit of the doubt

You know

it's New York the land of opportunity anything can happen

and then he does a two-hour time jump and

Apparently he sold a hundred and sixty dollars worth of merch

*beta male* HOolY CrAP GUiiiS

wE dOn'T jUsT hAvE 1(one)

wE dOn'T jUsT hAvE 2(two)

wE hAvE ThrEeE orDeRs heRe

Now, I-I don't want to be a debbie downer

All right?

Let's give him the benefit of the doubt again

even though selling a

160 dollars worth of merch in two hours and each of this merch is priced at twenty five dollars

Seems a *little* bit unreasonable. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and also keep in mind

He had no promotion to this website apart from buying ad space from Google

*beta male again* and each one of these campaigns, I'm putting a budget of

Twenty dollars and two cents per click.

However, if all goes well the two hundred dollars equals 10,000 click-

and keep in mind that google adspace takes 24 to 48 hours to validate an advertisement request

But he did it- he did it in th-four hours

*meme review*

No, I will not be negative

This is a safe space


Now, If you go earlier into his day 3 video

You can see him very obviously looking at Google Trends seeing what was open air for the day

*Hacker level 100*

Hackerman is the most powerful hacker of all time

Now if you look at most of the things that came up on his tablet for Google Trends

They peaked the 12th to the 13th of November and then kind of tapered off from there

The whole life has been alone

*woody from toy story laughing hysterically*

I don't like him putting chemicals in the water to turn the friggin frogs gay

So this is pushing a little bit more proof that he doesn't make his videos in a single day

Now I can understand as some of you think this is a bit sketchy. There isn't a hundred percent proof

it's all he said she said


*joins hands*

Will allow to invite my friend mr. Clock who will help me with the next segment in this video

so just wanted to say

literally when I was uploading this video

Bobby just put out a video addressing him being called out

He directly admits fault for the merch scam and actually does apologize

Although he doesn't directly address any other criticisms with examples. So this is why I'm still uploading this video

But again, Bobby does seem like a genuinely nice guy

He's not like dumb and dumber lying about them both dying of stage 19 diabetes

He seems genuinely hurt that his loss transparency from his fans. And I do believe that he can do better

I still think he's a nice guy who just sacrificed some self value for more ad revenue

Please do not send unneeded hate to this guy's channel. If you send him blind hate there isn't critique. You're an asshole

*pure garbage*

Is it really that time again?

Bobby uploaded a video:

Homelessness to riches in one week part two and in this video he's trying to sell golf balls for money at a train station

*Video* So welcome to Victoria Station

Which is possibly the largest most crazy grouping of people

Literally in all of the UK and this crazy grouping is where I'm going to be setting up my business

Pray for me.

Keep in mind a train station is literally

the worst place to sell anything to anyone, you know, people are busy

they've got places to be they're looking at the clock getting anxiety

you don't want some guy to approach you with a bunch of golf balls

*Video* Now the question is location. Yes. We are at Victoria Station. But where do we stand?

Where's the best place to find the right clientele?

hhHMm. Probably too many people

doorway around here. Probably a little bit too many people

They're probably not going to be willing to like see what somebody has to say

One thing i like about Bobby is that he's such an optimistic character

He draws this really shitty smiley face on it acting like that's going to increase the value and call them

"lucky balls"

*Video* actually something that I just bought

I went to the small station here at the store and got this Sharpie here for one pound and then made these normal golf

Balls turn into lucky golf balls more so smiley faces and also on my little Tesco box here

I've made the business official

The Lucky Golf Ball

Aha-I have this golf bawl, it has a smiley face on it very family friendly.

*Video* I should have mentioned one more thing; the thing that-

*oblivion* One more coin, and i can get a pair of shoes

Yeah i'd buy that

t-two hundred of them? Yeah, I'd buy it.

I want the more observant viewers to take something into account. You can see in the background the time is

7:58, 2 minutes to 8 o'clock and then it cuts to a montage and he says he's been selling them for over

Two and a half hours

*Video* boys and girls ladies and gentlemen, I am officially out of the hole!

Phew, oh my gosh I have been selling in Victoria Station for the last two and a half hours

continuously just standing there saying like, "lucky golf ballsone pound each" and to be honest, th-that's a

business That's really freaking hard.

If you look at the clock again, it's 8:21

He hasn't been selling golf balls for two and a half hours. He's been selling them for 23 minutes

How much money did he make again from selling them?

*video* -and just a memento from this crazy day?

I've kept one which means everybody that we have 32 more pounds to work with

Yeah, i don't know about that one chief

Just sayin'

Now time is a valuable thing and some people choose to not believe in it

I understand that so here is my third and final example of livingBobby faking his content

In his series turning $1 into $1,000 in New York city


He claims he was selling shoes he bought in a thrift store on eBay

So we are definitely going to take these

Profit to be here in there and definitely taking thes

he shows examples of the money eBay

Some of the photos look a bit dodgy. For example this photo here are the blue shoes

He literally just grabbed the picture of him holding them from his YouTube video and used that as the display picture

Again, little bit dodgy, but that's fine. We'll allow that now he claims you sold the Jordans for about $70

*video* We've officially sold the Jordan sneaker coming at a pretty good profit

Margin in that much closer to that thousand dollar

and the spike Nike shoes for about 50.

*video* We reached another sale and the sale

I'm talking about was the glienicke spike. And from this sale we've officially reached over $1000

now he claims he saw the Jordans for about

$70 and then the night spike shoes for about

65 now if you go onto eBay and look at the listing of sold shoes for September those shoes in particular

You can't find any sold in Bobby's name. None whatsoever

Also just to preface I'm not an eBay guru. I searched using the title of the shoes

He was trying to sell going all the way back to September for sold listings, but no shoes were sold in that name

I'm unsure whether as a seller you can hide your sold listings, which is what he might have done

So in the best case scenario, he's just very private about the items being sold

Despite publicly showing them in a YouTube video or he's a complete liar and a lobotomy. I mean who doesn't fake content on YouTube?

Let's be fair. But if you're selling this false narrative of like becoming homeless and getting money and getting yourself out of a bad situation

You are really messing with people's perception on reality.

*cutscene* You're homeless? Ah!

You're just not trying enough. Here, try these lucky golf balls™. I drew a smiley face on them now

They're worth 10 times the original price

A lot of people have been commenting as well saying that Bobby's censoring words like fake or expose and they're trying to do

workarounds now in the comments section

I don't know if this is true whenever I comment comments are hidden instantly, so I don't know if that's true

But it's what a lot of people are saying, but again YouTube comments. It's like the worst example of Chinese whispers ever

So yeah, overall Bobby dun goofed. He's been faking quite a lot of stuff. I don't really think it's that bad

But yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed the video for everyone that subscribes you get a free golf ball™. No, you don't

Just don't, go away

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