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- [Announcer] Family fun for everyone!





He'll never find me in here.


(breathes heavily)

- Poppy!

Wait, Poppy, where'd you go?



Not again.

Have you seen her?

Do you know where Poppy is?

Did she run by here?

Oh yeah?

That way?

Oh, man.

Not this again.

She knows I don't like spooky houses.

It's never safe,

and you never know what's around every corner.

Oh, but I gotta find her.

Okay, will you help?




Let's go.


- Ssh!

- Poppy, oh, Poppy.


Did you hear that?

Sounds like something is rustling in the bushes!

I bet you it's Poppy.

Let's go check it out.

Poppy, oh, Poppy, are you in there?

(bats crying)

Ah, bats!

Eugh, no no no, get off, get them off, get them off!

I don't like bats at all!

Oh, man.

I guess she's not hiding in the bushes.


Okay, well we gotta keep looking.

Oh, Poppy, I'm gonna get you.


- Ooh, pumpkins!

- Poppy, Poppy.

Did you see her?

Was she near the pumpkin patch?


Maybe that's where she's hiding.

Okay, let's see, hm.

Poppy, I found you!

Uh, um.


That's d-d-definitely not P-P-Poppy!






- That got him good!


Ooh, I have a really good idea!

I'm gonna get him good.

- Evil pumpkin, evil pumpkin, evil pumpkin!

Yikes, what kind of haunted neighborhood is this?

Bats and haunted jack-o'-lanterns.


I'm ready to get out of here and find her quick.

Huh, I guess I can check and see if she's hiding

inside the house.

Oh, Poppy, I'm gonna get you for this.

Okay, all I have to do is just look in the window,

just to see if she's hiding in there.

Oh, okay, here I go.

Oh, but I'm so scared!

No, come on, I gotta be brave.

Okay, just pretend it's a Bergen.

I can face off against a Bergen.

Okay, here I go.

But I don't want anything to jump out at me!

It's been happening all day long!

Okay, no, I can do this.

I mean, what could possibly go wrong?

It's a window.

Nothing's gonna come through the window!

Okay, here I go.

- Boo!



- That's definitely not Poppy!

(ghostly howling)

- No no no no no!

No no no no no no no!

(ghostly howling)

- Ssh!

Oh, I hope they don't find me up here.

(ghostly howling)


Are they gone?

That was a close one.

Of course!

Us trolls love to climb!

Maybe that's where she is, up on the roof!

Oh, I got this now.

There's nowhere she can hide when she's on the roof!


Just gotta get up here.

Awesome, there we go, perfect.

Whoa, whoa!

It's definitely not safe.

Oh, I'm gonna get you, Poppy.

Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.


- What a goofball.

In fact, I'm gonna get him so bad!


Okay, now for my plan

to scare the troll pants of off Branch.

- Okay, almost there, and...



Guy Diamond!

What are you doing up there?

- This is where I like to sit!


- Guy Diamond, phew, you scared me.

I thought you were gonna be something terrifying

like bats or an evil jack-o'-lantern.

- Or a giant troll-eating spider?

- Yeah, like a giant troll-eating spi...


Why would you say something like that, Guy Diamond?

- Mm, just a guess.



Well, gotta go!


- Ow!

- Look out below!


Thanks, Branch!


Woo, time to take this party elsewhere.



- I don't get it!

Poppy has to be around here somewhere, right?

You saw her!


This is all not safe.

We should be preparing to fight Bergens or something,

not playing tag and hide and go seek

in this spooky neighborhood.

I guess I better knock on the door and see if she's inside.

Um, Poppy?

(doorbell rings)

Are you in there?


Uh oh.

(werewolf howl)




- Just kidding, it's me, Branch!

Uh, Branch?


Huh, oh well, I win!


- [Announcer] Wow, we had so much fun today

playing with our favorite troll friends,

Branch, Guy Diamond, and Poppy!

- Uh, fun?

I don't think so.

It was more like terrifying and horrible

and very very scary and not very safe.


- He's just mad that I won.

- [Announcer] Hey people at home,

thanks for helping Branch find Poppy!

Or, more like, helping Poppy scare Branch.

Which do you think was the spookiest thing

that scared Branch?

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