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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Can This Pill Take The Spice Out of Spicy Food?

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is no spice twice as nice let's talk

about that



good mythical summer it is the last week

of season 11 of good mythical morning

but never fear we will be back and full

effect in August and in the meantime

check out our other channel this is

mythical there's lots of amazing

entertainment for you over there

mythical beasts we know the meaning of

capsaicin the meaning yes it means bad

news for your body cuz its spiciness

spiciness we've had ghost peppers and

we've had the Carolina Reaper we have

let them have their way with our bodies

like two tiny hamsters made of fire just

crawl and all through there

whoa and out the back end whoa they ran

right out the back over do you know what

at least the first part of that

experience may be changing forever based

on what we're gonna experience today yes

now you may remember a while back we did

these taste tripping pills that turn

sour things sweet well hell the

scientists have been at work again and

now they have developed pills that can

actually actually neutralize the effects

of capsaicin or so they say

take out all the spike out these bites

we're gonna put this stuff to the test

today it's time for is this pill the

real deal or will it give my mouth a

fiery feel so here it is it's called

auntie cap that's very catchy got a got

a great logo capsaicin neutralising

tablets now this is how these things

work now these are it's nice for people

who cannot stand spicy foods blood still

want to eat spicy food but it's like

people who would want to eat things with

dairy in them but they don't they're

like those intolerant like me well I'm

curious if this is gonna give an

experience that makes me want to eat

spicy foods okay we're gonna find out so

there's a blend of herbs that coat the

proteins on your tongue that respond to

capsaicin basically blocking the spice

from ever hitting your taste receptors

our entire crew has tried these and it

has worked on everyone including Ellie

who is like she is the queen of not

spicy things she skirt so here's what

you're gonna do we're gonna take these

we may we may have the time ramp this

because it takes a minute or so for

these things to completely dissolve so

you put them on your tongue

and let them dissolve but you do not

bite the pill and you want them to

completely coat your tongue I'm told we

don't want to miss a spot because that

spot will get hot tastes like candy okay

I am breaking in for a second to let you

know that this entire thing is just a

joke for link there is no such thing as

an anti capsaicin pill that doesn't

exist we made this whole thing up but he

doesn't know that that we went to great

lengths to convince him that this was

real we created a website we had Ellie's

boyfriend create a YouTube video acting

like they were working because link

doesn't know Ellie's boyfriend he just

seems like some dude on the internet

these pills are just chewable vitamins

but the whole time he's going to be

thinking that it's working for me but

it's not because it's all fake enjoy all

right it's dissolved let's get to

testing round one okay we're starting

off with a bacon-wrapped jalapeno this

jalapeno is 2,500 to 5,000 units on the

Scoville scale so we're starting kind of

small but I never elect to eat a

jalapeno don't elect cuz I because I

just don't like spicy foods but again

maybe this will open up this world to me

alright so I said we just like just get

a healthy bank it and say it half or so

mm-hmm there's like a spot on the roof

of my mouth that I could feel real

hotness but not really anywhere else I

don't feel anything like I it's crazy I

feel like I'm tasting something that is

I can tell that it's spicy like it

tastes spicy but it doesn't feel spicy

you know I'm saying I'm getting a little

spice like again it's this one spot oh

oh you missed a spot

oh you also tricked him drool out oh

sorry that Megan was good and I wasn't

I'm not distracted by it it's just

there's a little bit of hotness high air

too but just a little bit and now I'm

going to be trying to convince him that

they are working here's the thing the

first two rounds I'm gonna be eating the

same thing that he's eating which is

relatively spicy not too spicy I'm

feeling nothing I see spice I don't feel

spice it's like a total it's just like

it is trippy you taste spice but

you don't feel spice yes like you can

tell oh that tastes like something that

spicy which is was something that I like

and I don't feel the effects of

spiciness I'm I mean typically just

biting a jalapeno like that would be hot

well I don't make a habit of it so I'm

gonna take your word for I don't you

just keep going up the scale to okay

we're going right up the Scoville scale

link cuz I'm feeling a little burning

this here I mean the pill I mean in

pills on you Tommy it's not down there

yeah but we took we ate some bananas man

yeah that's ready for this that's a tip

to hello Kay

this is serrano chiles salsa verde which

is a green salsa made from serrano

chiles which are about 10,000 to 23,000

units so we're going like you know

almost four times as spicy at this point

my nose is running a little bit but not

nearly as much as I know it would if I

just ate a jalapeno right okay so you're

taking I'm not gonna take any more than

you are that's for sure good there's a

good healthy amout there that's enough

to tell if it's spicy drink it so far it

really just tastes like a really good

salsa I could be eating guacamole

I'm finished you're not feeling any

warmth in the esophagus maybe a teeny

bit right here but you the hot spot on

the roof of my mouth is not any hotter

now than it was a second ago it's like

it's not a big deal at all it's like if

I ate a medium hot wing I think it's

what I'm experiencing and that's just

the residual from the first pepper this

is not giving me additional hotness this

is a revolutionary experience for me

this could be guacamole well it's not

you know maybe your butthole will tell

you can I put the pill on my butthole

three okay and now we have some Birds

Eye chili red curry that Lizzie has made

for us this looks great

Lizzie you did a great job this is

50,000 to 100,000 units on the Scoville

scale so we continue to climb oh no it

smells hot but the last two rounds I'm

gonna be eating things that have

absolutely no spiciness at all somebody

we need to invest in this crap because

this is like lactate this is like it

could revolutionize a whole new segment

of the population let's try it look I'm

getting I'm getting over I'm getting

over here I would never even touch this

stuff so to me this is this is a big

daddy okay you've got a lot more taller

than I do brother okay all right

thank it blowing my freakin mind the

last time I had curry it like it was

nuts how spicy it was I'm experiencing a

little heat I'm not gonna I'm my they're

starting to water now it's I feel heat

in the back of my throat and the very

tip of my tongue but the majority of my

tongue is fine but the underside of my

tongue is starting to burn really I mean

for me I taste it and I'm getting all

the flavor that this typically has

without any of the like crazy fiery

effect that it would it would typically

have I'm totally fun to do you need to

take another pill or some milk no I

don't think you understand like this is

like I feel like I need to become the

spokesman for this prank you are but I

can't go if you can't come with listen

we I love this product it works great

for me keep in mind my friend here's

having a rough time with the curry I

mean that that's not gonna sell man I

this is revolutionized my life I'm I can

I can eat things I never could enjoy

before it's opened up a whole new world

of chili peppers oh is it Burt is it

burning your mouth another pill yeah

okay for the final stretch we are going

with a roasted habanero now what I've

done is I took two of these before

kicking into this round and I took one

additional one to recoat because it says

on there that you can take up to ten in

Adana today I mean it says if one

doesn't work use two but like I started

to get nervous so okay so we're at 150

to 350 that's quite a range on the

Scoville sale scale so it could be

anywhere from a little bit hotter than

what we just had to three times as hot

the last round I'm gonna be eating

orange bell pepper while he's eating a

roasted habanero this is working so well

for me I'm scared I am going full I'm

going full pepper I'm going full I'm

going I'm taking this thing all the way

to my stomach town and the only things

gonna be left is that little green part

at the top you're going there with me

I'm also afraid to swallow what if I

just chew it around in this spit it and

at the moment that I would normally

swallow I'm gonna spit it into this

thing cuz you know why don't you ate the

bananas man hey Tito I don't know man

you know later later get it in I've had

some bad experiences get it in there

chew it up and then make it let's make a

call at that point because it doesn't

change if I swallow it it doesn't infect

the test it just affects my quality of

life the rest it okay all right here

let's tank it tastes funny it doesn't

taste hot this is this is blowing I

cannot get over this you're not

seriously put the on pain are you it's

all over my tongue I'm not feeling any

pain I'm gonna spit out no cuz I don't

want to feel pain down there hold on a

second my trashcan stinks it made me it

made me retch you spit it up didn't you

swallow it I told the whole thing I felt

absolutely nothing

I feel nothing but again it doesn't

impact this part man I'm not gonna I'm

not gonna defend the fact that I don't

want to send it down to the nethers

you're not feeling anything on your

mouth but I'm not feeling anything on my

mouth having added the additional pills

I haven't haven't had anything to drink

the whole time but I can't believe that

you just spit it out man you didn't do

it you didn't give it a full test I'm

concerned about you know of yeah I mean

now mom I'm really starting to my ears

start to burn is it burning out yeah yes

time burn it's starting to burn down

here like I feel absolutely nothing up

into my ear like I might as well just

been eating a bell pepper

my ear feels like it's on fire I should

have put the pill in my ear

what about the rest of your mouth though

you keep spitting though you look like

you're in a lot of discomfort and I feel

like I feel like I ate a nap

I don't feel good at all like my right

nostril is is running but again where

the pill was on my tongue I'm fine

I feel like I'm better than I was in the

last round with a less pill really

that's interesting cuz those are just

child child's vitamins are you kidding

me no and that way and this was a bell

pepper I wonder why you kept looking at

me like a weirdo I was just like you

were trying to get me to eat the pepper

it's not part of the test the last was

so hard was so hot and then you eat that

in your lifestyle you're a hot mi hold

that was this happening yeah they make

they made everything up I mean just look

at look at look at it yes just kidding I

thought the logo sucked it's just kids

vitamins so what you're telling me is

that I can eat hot foods and that I

can't trust anyone here I can't believe

you were like trying to get me to eat

the pepper I wanted you I wanted to be

this big effect I really wanted it to

work like it was working for you and I'm

like man I don't want to be well that

was a jerk well that was a little bit of

what we were doing we were trying to do

that whole thing that vsauce did that

how I would kind of suggest to you that

it was working tonight so I didn't even

drink anything I still haven't drunk a

drink all the milk you want I don't need

any cause that was a bell pepper okay

thanks for liking commenting and

subscribing we're going to have a

another special guest episode on

Wednesday and then the season finale

with us on Friday did you know I feel

like I've conquered something and I'm

not mad thanks for letting a good sport

I'm a better man than you right yeah

just a little bit you know what time it


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