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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Top Tips for Looking After Your Skin in the Summer

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We're off to see Dr Nevianna Tomson to get some advice to help us get summer ready.

Hi Becky, Rosie. I hear you've got problems with dry skin, especially in the summer.

Yes, I travel a lot and I just find that I get really dry skin and I suffer with the

[real sort of] scaly shins and [sort of] dry flaky knees

It's important to start your preparation before you go.

Oh right ok! Do you use any moisturisers?

I use a moisturiser [sort of] after the shower. Just once a day?

Yes. Ok that's probably not enough!

Oh ok! It's a very good idea to use a moisturiser

throughout the year to keep your skin nice and soft and well-moisturised, but especially

step it up a little bit before you travel and then when you do peel off you're not

finding all those scaly bits on show. [Laughter]

It's good to apply it all over. Sometimes I find in the summer I get really

blotchy and rashy across my chest? When your skin gets warm you do get some histamine

release and that can be quite itchy and that gives you the urge to scratch at the skin.

Obviously if you do then scratch you release more histamine; we call that the itch-scratch

cycle. It's not a good idea to spray your perfume directly onto your skin; some perfumes

are sensitised by the sunlight, the UV light will activate them, they can cause some irritation

and even staining, brown staining on the skin. So Rosie can you tell me a little bit about

your dry skin? So I suffer with really dry skin in the summer,

but I used to suffer with eczema when I was a child, and I think for me it's about always

worrying that it's coming back. I swim a lot and I swim more in the summer.

Dry skin is more common in the summer because our skin loses water quicker. With the higher

air temperature you sweat more and water evaporates. If you are swimming, rinse off straight after

and then apply a moisturiser whilst your skin is still damp to trap in the moisture

Often in the morning it's a race against the clock to get out as quickly as possible,

and that's what concerns me about the moisturising and probably means I'm a bit slack in doing

it. If I've got a thick cream on and then it leaves a mark on my top it then looks like

a grease mark, it looks awful for the rest of the day, especially if you're hot in

the summer. The best thing to do is to experiment with

different emollients and see which one absorbs quickest. Try to find one for that scenario,

when you're in a rush, and perhaps a slightly thicker one that takes slightly longer to

absorb at night time when your skin does feel dryer. It's not only important to moisturise

but also to use a soap substitute when you're washing your skin, to not strip the oils from

the skin and also to replace that thing oil layer on top of the skin.

And are they still as cleansing as a normal shower gel?

More so in fact! Really!

And actually just replaces the moisture at the same time so they're much kinder to

your skin. So what's the secret to getting that lovely

skin? It's well moisturised skin that's important,

so if you use a moisturiser straight after showering it will trap the moisture in the

skin. Then applying lots and lots of moisturiser throughout the day and finding the right one

for your skin type. Brilliant thank you so much!

Thank you. If, like Rosie and Becky, you suffer from

dry skin that gets worse in the summer here are my top tips.

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