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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Intermediate Level Lesson 2 Practical English Drama

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I was talking with my students in class

today about music

it was amazing to learn what kind of

music they like to listen to all kinds

of things arabesque

pop music classical music and even opera

I was really surprised by the variety of

musical tastes yeah they like a lot of

different things recently in my class

they asked what kind of music I listen

to when I was in college can I take your


what do you have to drink behave coffee

cappuccino and tea I'll have a tea all

on the cappuccino I'll have an orange

juice tea please

okay so I'm curious to Monica what did

you tell him well I have three older

brothers in my family who loved classic

rock you know the Beatles the Rolling

Stones Aerosmith Led Zeppelin I think

I've heard stairway to heaven ten

thousand times

Terk what about you well I prefer modern

music like hip hop and dance

that's what I grew up with hmm have you

guys noted that popular music today is

different from 15 years ago

what do you mean Carrie well since that

songs here come and go so quickly it

puts out an album or a song it's around

for a year then it's gone and no one

remembers I think that's right when my

class was talking today they named some

musicians and groups they listen to and

follow and to be honest I I had never

heard of most of them that's cuz you're

getting old Dave

very funny Monica okay time for a

favorite musician survey okay go what

questions do you want to ask let's start

with Monica okay I'm ready go ahead and

ask okay first question who was the

first album CD or cassette that you

brought for yourself hmm that's easy

there was the Drowned around

I bought it when big hair and spandex

were really popular

okay sick in question who's the best

rock singing hmm that's more difficult

but I think that Robert Plant from Led

Zeppelin was really great I loved him


here's a different question who is the

best rock guitar player that's easy

the Rolling Stones are my all-time

favorite band so I would have to say

Keith Richards is the best guitar player

and Mick Jagger is the best singer ever

for a rock band

really I'm not sure I totally agree with


oh really well let's ask you the same

question who's your favorite rock guitar

player well I'm more of an Aerosmith fan

Joe Perry on guitar and Steve Todd Tyler

as they really works for me yeah I like

them too

in high school my friends and I thought

they were incredible Turek we didn't ask

you what your musical favorites are how

about you share your ideas well believe

it or not I'm here with the students at

the school I don't I hardly know who you

guys are talking about Mick Jagger Steve

Tyler who are those guys they're all old

grandpas isn't Mick Jagger 60 years old

yeah these guys have been around for

ages but we like them for their music

not their age well I'm not really into

the classic rock that you guys are

talking about what kind of music do you

like tarik well I like to go to raves

you know there's all-night dance parties

where people dance until dawn we don't

really have a band there's a DJ who

keeps the music going for hours people

dance and dance all night

Wow I didn't know you like to go to

raves my sister just went to one of

those back home and she had a great time

well next time I go I'll let you know if

you want to come it could be a lot of

fun in fact you could all come if you

want to then be cool shall we go sure

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