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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Monica Shows a Different Side of Herself | T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle

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- We just get her from this angle.

So I think the walk-in, their reactions, you see a gun.

This is set up right now. Let's just get it.

- Making a couple of adjustments and then we'll roll.

- MAN: We've got Monica rolling up.

We can get her ready.

- Hey, what's going on?

How are you feeling, though?

- [muffled speech]

It's time for the video shoot for "Commitment."

Teyana's here. Everybody's ready.

I feel so excited.

This video could really seal the deal

on having a number-one record.

Y'all giving an authentic mugshot to the man.

- You lying.

- You need to be in the clothes that you killed your boy in.

- Alright. I brought 55 outfits.

I just need two, though, right?

I'm trying to understand. - Yes.

- [laughter] - You're scaring me, sis.

- In the "Commitment" video, I actually kill a guy because

he's not being faithful to me.

I walk in and he has a young lady on his lap, and ah, I snap.

It's pretty ironic, because people like to try to relate

real life and entertainment as one.

That ain't what this is.

- TEYANA: That coming in gotta be dirty business.

When you walk in and the way everybody

starts scattering and running, it's dope.

So literally all you gotta do is two or three takes.

- Gotcha.

- Teyana and I have known each other a long time.

From the second that she asked me to be her daughter

Junie's godmom, it changed the course of our relationship.

She and I have been extremely close.

Can you believe this is one piece?

You step into the whole thing and put them on.

Isn't that deep?

- You're trying to do some roleplaying.

- Well, I'm roleplaying tonight.

I'm playing the old me, the me pre-Jesus.

My goal here is to make sure that we finish all the filming

before my bunion surgery, 'cause the song is charting.

Now it's just time to, like, turn that [bleep] up.

- Alright, let's go live, guys.

Picture's up. Let's get it.

- Step on your mark. - Okay.

- Settle.

- I'd just love to see feet running and feet moving.

- MAN: Let's roll camera. Picture's up.

- Alright, quiet on the set.

- And... - Action.

- ♪

- Oh, [bleep], she's got a gun!

- His face is pricless. - Cut.

- [laughter]

- It's on your face now.

I need you to look more scared. Action. Sell it for me.

The gun-- there's a gun. Cut.

Can we move her a little closer?

Yeah, let's bring it back a little bit.

Action! Much better, yes.

Somebody's dead-- oh, [bleep]!

Alright, one more. - One more of those real quick.

- Action.

- In this video, you're gonna see another side of me.

- ♪

- MONICA: Even though I don't run around

discussing my personal life, this video

is allowing me to get some stuff out.

- TEYANA: Cut! - [applause]

- MONICA: I'm stepping into the next chapter of my life

as my full, unapologetic self.

But I'm realizing that sometimes, it's okay to say,

"Hey, I need you." That just means I'm human.

- That is a rizz-ap on the bar. - That's a rap on the bar.

- Yeah, it's gonna be good. It's gonna be alright.

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