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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: '뛰어들게(Dive)' M/V iKON Reaction

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Let's watch our music video for "DIVE."

[iKON 'DIVE' MV Reaction Video 3rd Album 'i DECIDE']


Who is that?



You shot that scene?

That's a pretty color.

To take this tight-shot,

- I didn't drink any water. - Really?

- You've got to be kidding. - On that day.

- Awesome! - Is that JAY's scene?

- JUNE! - Making an escape!

You really look awesome.

What a tough guy.

[Hehe] Smashing everything!

When was that pretty shot?





That's awesome!

The shot I asked for.

The music video came out great.

Oh, I look sexy.

That's better than I expected.

It was real fire, not special effects.

- Yeah, burning fire. - Fire!

- It was a tough scene. - That fire!

Everything caught on fire.

BOBBY looks amazing.

What's that?

The diving board.

You know that scene,

it doesn't look anything like Korea.

- That came out really well. - Yeah.


Almost like Thor.

BOBBY was Thor.

- Oh! - Sexy boy!

- That was awesome! - Sexy boy!


- CHAN! - That came out so well.

- CHAN got hurt filming that. - Sexy boy!

- That's when he got hurt? - Yeah.

Oh, right on point!

Is that special effects?

The red looks great with fire.

Very intense.

Oh, nice!

We almost died here.

That scene looks great.

I think this is our best choreography.

- This music video? - Yeah.


You look awesome.

Oh, a young boy!

BOBBY, didn't you jump?

It's coming out soon.

Wow, he's like the Hulk.

- Wow! - Did you really smash it?

What an amazing music video.

I'm on the wire!

This part is awesome.

- This scene came out well. - Yeah.

Finishing off with that scene.

The director must be famous.

- This is my favorite part. - Awesome.

Very awesome!

We're on Yanghwa Bridge.

Yanghwa Bridge? Haha!

Wow, that's fascinating.

That came out really well.

It's way better than I expected.

- Such pretty colors. - Yeah.

Oh! That's awesome!

That's why we had the trampoline!

- That was really... - Amazing.

It came out well.

- I think that was our best. - The best ever.

I think so, too.

JAY, which part was amazing?

I think CHAN's scene.

- The Groot scene? - Yeah.

[Smiling] I only monitored his shoot.

[That's right]

You were there.

I saw how tough the scene was.

The tree growing from CHAN's arm.

That was awesome.

- Weren't you tied down? - Yeah.

I also monitored your scenes.

JUNE was awesome.

Smashing through a wall like that.


I think SONG looked awesome

when he lip-synced with the vines.

The set was also amazing.

And his acting, wow!

The face did most of the work.

- His eyes! - What a pretty boy!

[That's right]

- What about you? - I think...

- That one second was awesome. - Which part?

- Just before the lightning. - Ah!

There was the rotating scene.

BOBBY showing up was awesome.

Thank you.

- That lightning scene looks great. - Yeah.

Like you're god of lightning.

You know how we each jumped.

That came out at the ending.

- With the logo. - Yeah, used for the logo.

I really like that jump-shot.

It was a nice ending.

That's my pick.

The dancing scene wearing red.

I think that was awesome.

We dropped our new track "DIVE."


Let me hold it up.

Give us your love and listen to it!

We're iKON!



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