Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 【EF English Live】アメリカ人講師の英会話レッスン

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Concha do desk or the snare only a

colony it's all sentient 800 - Yahoo

English tribals

you know hope for this come since I met

Chuck Seifert scooter kinesic we can

your mom take no notice of the coop

watch okay me good morning my name is do


it means dragon what a beautiful name I

was born in Germany

I'm originally from Germany that's why

I'm selling interview questions and so

get started so what kind of questions

yeah do people ask in job interviews


it is hard say two words for the



yeah you've gone oh wow that was really


yeah not very good job real yeah you're

pretty good at these but yeah you know


absolutely you bought it this there come

on your English driver so cook Thomasine

their rice similar to the side Superman

Jones and silver they're like at all

they do are you could attain so thank

you for watching this video see you

later but


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