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Is this where the photo was taken?


Come on, let's go inside and find the idol

that can turn anything into gold upon touching.


I have an idea. Get some small rocks.

I will take a video of them turning into gold, okay?

And listen, get big rocks so that they are visible on camera.


Krish, are these okay?

If you are ready, shall we proceed to the cave?

We need to come out before it's dark.

Why so?

I forgot to tell you guys that ghosts reside in here.

There are rumours that after dark, you see ghosts around.


I'm doomed!


You know what?

We'll leave before sunset.

Where is Krish?

He wanted to get a battery for the camera.

Come on, we can go in first.

Sure, let's get this over with.

"O Lord Hanuman, the one with all the knowledge."

"Hail be to you..."

Soon, I will have the serpent crystal

and you will reunite with your parents.

Look at her, how did her parents even imagine

that this coward would protect the realm of serpents?

She cannot even protect herself.

All set.


Where did this come from?

Where is Sona?

Sona! TP!

Where are these two?


Such a strange place! All these alleys look the same.

This place is so mystical...



Can you guys hear me?

This is the idol.

This is the idol?

It looks so ordinary.

I cannot believe that all that build-up was for this basic idol.

TP, are you sure that whatever comes in contact with it

turns into gold?

You can try.

That's right. We're here to try anyway, so I will.


These rocks are grinding away but they're not turning into gold.

I should try again.

I'm doomed!

Is TP trying to fool us?

TP, you lied to me. This rock isn't...




I just crossed this spot.

I've been going around in circles.

Is this a maze?


Oh, God! I'm stuck here. I don't know what to do now.

Thank God you called, sir. Thank you.

Sir, I don't know. I can't find Sona, TP or the idol.

Sir, I cannot understand this place.

I keep going around in circles. It's a maze.

Do something, sir. I don't know how to get out of this place.

Yes, sir, please call the police. I'll go look for Sona.

Okay, sir. Okay, thank you. Bye.

Shit! I can't get through to her.

I hope she's not in trouble.

What did I ever do to you that you've shackled me for?

I don't even know you. Then what is this for?

This is such a naive woman.

Oh, no, that's not right.

Not just a woman, but a serpent woman.

I am a serpent woman?

Stop pretending!

You can fool the world, but not me.

But how would you know that I am the serpent woman?

A serpent can smell another.

We both have serpent blood running through our veins.

We are both close kin.

You are the serpent woman while I am the serpent man.

I don't know who you are and what you are talking about.

I don't understand this, neither do I want to!

I beg of you, please let me go.

I will!

But you possess something I desire.

Just give me that.

What are you talking about?

I never even knew you. I met you just today.

How could I have something you want?

You... You must be mistaken.

No, I am not mistaken.

You have what I desire. And you don't just have it

instead it is inside your body.

It is glowing inside your body, calling out to me!

It wants me to extract it from you and keep it to myself.

Come on, give me my precious little gem.

Look, this is what the precious gem looks like.

I am doomed!

I cannot give up. I should try to escape.

I must do something.

I have powers now. I should probably use them.

This is what I am talking about.

This serpent crystal that is inside your body.

This is mine!

Come on, give it to me.

What... What is this?

And how is it inside my body?

It was hidden in your body.

She was very clever.

She chose a place to hide it where she knew I wouldn't find.

But alas! I finally found it.

Who are you talking about? I don't understand.

Be clear.

I'm talking about your mother.

My mother?

How could my mother have done this?

Have some hot milk.

You look very tired today. Here...

Oh no! This is not right. We dropped the milk.

This is bad omen! This is...

Shut up, you fool!

I'm sure some ants will drink this. It doesn't cast any omen.

-Bring me a mop, I'll clean this. -No...

I have a feeling, something bad is going to happen.

I feel so nervous. What Sona went through...

Look, don't involve my daughter into this.

Bring me the mop. Go on.


Call Sona first and ask her if she's okay.

I won't disturb her when she's at work.

-Just bring me the mop. -Call her

or I'll go to her office. Call her!

You overemotional fool! Fine, I'll do it.

Hurry up.

-What did she say? -Hold on a second...

Did you get through?

Is she okay? What did she say?

-Tell me! -It's unreachable.


Didn't I tell you...

Didn't I tell you something bad is going to happen?

Dear Lord, protect my Sona.

She did it. She was very brave.

But she must be very upset up there seeing her coward daughter.

What are you talking about? Why are you pointing to the sky?

Is there a roof around here? And my mom is not here.

-She is at home with my dad. -You're right.

Your parents are together but not at home.

They're up in the skies.

I will send you there today and your family will be complete.

Then you can ask them all these questions.

This is how your parents screamed.

This is how they suffered when I was killing them.

Your moans are making me feel at peace.

What nonsense!

-My parents are alive. -Who are you talking about?

Your parents were the king and queen of the realm of serpents.

The people you live with are not your real parents.

You were not born to them.

A serpent woman can only be born to a serpent, not a human.

Lord, protect my Sona.

I wonder why she does what she does.

Protect her.


-Did you get through? -No.

I couldnt get through to Krish's phone either.

I'll try again.

I'm telling you, something terrible is going to happen.

-I feel restless... -Don't drag it out of proportion!

This is all because of you!

You wanted her to become a journalist and become famous.

Why? Why is it so important to be famous?

Are the people who are not famous, not happy?

Tell me!

It's Julie. Hello, Julie.

This is Sona's father speaking.

I can't get through to Krish or Sona.

Where are they? Do you have any idea?

They were headed to the cave in the jungle, to get a report.

The cave in the jungle?

Yashoda, isn't that place haunted?

People never come back from there.

I had told you that Sona is in danger.

Look, if something happens to her, I will never forgive you.

Neither will I forgive this damn internet!

My Sona!


Lord Mahadev, protect my Sona.

Always stay with her. Protect her.

As a mother, I demand You to protect her.

Don't let any harm come to her, Lord.

When you were born, your parents would not stop bragging

about how their daughter would protect the realm of serpents

that she would not let injustice prevail

and that she would protect the serpent crystal.

If they were alive right now

they would have died out of shame.

You are the worst serpent ever!

You could never protect the serpent crystal

because you cannot even protect yourself.

How dare you come here to ruin your nieces naming ceremony!

Today, I will destroy you and your family

to attain that serpent crystal.

Run away from here!

You killed... You killed my parents?

You killed my parents!

Why? Why did you kill them?

For this crystal!

Today, I will have this crystal and you will unite with your parents.

My parents were the king and queen

and I am the serpent woman.

This serpent crystal is mine! Only mine!

This serpent woman is not dead!

She is only just born, Dakshesh!

The serpent woman who will eradicate monsters like you from this world.

Every time a sinner tries to spread his sins

I will destroy him with my rage.

You cannot hurt me.

You mistook me to be weak and now you will pay for it.

I am the serpent woman.

I was born to destroy demons like you!

I will fulfil my parents' dream.

I will protect this world from sinners.

I will be the shield for the weak and the voice for the silent.

And I will fight

until I free this world from sin, pain and troubles.

That's a promise of the serpent woman.

Here on, I will be the most unique protector of this world.

Serpent Woman!

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