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Welcome in traveler!

Legends tell of a hero such as you

Take a seat, have a pint.

Now... where was I.

[MUSIC TURNS HAPPIER] Let me tell you a tale

Of a hero of old,

One who saved many bread stands

From the scourges of mold.

The smell of bread baking As our hero drew breath,

Had restorative powers It could save him from death.

But more adventure was there For our hero to face,

Danger round every corner In the streets of this place.

Through streets of the city Our hero did ride,

But deep underground The adventure did hide.

The choice was his It was all up to him,

To marry the rat queen Or risk life and limb.

Through the muck and the stench Down the sewer he went,

Not his armor nor strength Could cover the scent.

While his choices were vast The days grew quite dim,

Would he swipe right for glory Or was gold just his whim?

Perhaps gold was his aim In the mines it would fester,

But not all were just treasure Some were named Chester!

[OOZE SPLOSHING SOUNDS] There he was with companions

On an adventure so grand,

Full of pirates and treasure And jars full of sand.

But the ship ran aground Trapped in this cave,

Battered and worn In its watery grave.

His choices were his Bewitched by fates kiss,

Its a tale still unfinished For a hero of Alluris.


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