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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: DURAS PRUEBAS del GOOGLEFONO!! Pixel 3 xl

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all there with the maximum brightness

in this left section, we have all the exponents of the screen with notch

in the right section we have all the exponents with the screen without notch

this is war

we had to wait a little bit longer but we have them here

Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL and Pixel Stand

And there are coming some hard tests compared with the heavy weights on android and IOS next

lets begin !

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Hello tecnonauta !

Get Hurry because you can take any of the phones that we have here, for example, and thats it, all for free Ana

this phone here its for me, i had to pay it one on top of the other but it's mine, and only mine and you are going to change it for the old version, now you pass to the rose color

The fake rose they say in the presentation, I took that color

Also they send us the normal Pixel and the Pixel stand, a new invention of google

i bought it to prove it Martin and if i don't like it i return it

ok, ok, i have a lot of work because i have to open it

Let's start Ana to not make the video too long

What do you prefer Ana with the notch in the screen or without it?

No, i prefer the big one

Tool to eject the SIM card, and phone instructions

ooh! look they put stickers now, team pixel

i take the stickers and i return the phone without them Martin

You already have this phone, why do you keep it?

because i could have two pair of stickers instead of one

Since they did not invite us to the presentation or anything, you're bad

the phone comes with headphones, USB type-c, adapter, another adapter that one is to pass information from your old phone, what more?

the wire, usb type-c to usb type-c

and here has to be the charger, with quick charging

ok leave that here ana, next to my stickers

and I'm going to open my new acquisition.

Look at the girl, she is very happy.

This only happens once a year, and I'm lucky.

what a nice color !!!

it's a bit pink

ok, im going to leave it next to the another phone

Martin this is exactly the same compared to the previous Pixel

do it Ana ! No im goin to see if there is a sticker, sticker, sticker, STICKEEEEER !!!

gimme that, i will put here

you already have your sticker set, it's a cool one

the headphones too, take them out of the box and test them to see how they look.

these headphones are different compared to old versions

what do you think about them?, they are goo right?

this says it's the one on the left and this is the one on the right

Look, I always have my ears too small, the headphones always fall, especially the right

the right does not fit me very well, the left one if it fits me well, but the the right one it's very hard to make it fit

do you need some tape Ana? If I believe that everyone, this one is more small

the rest of things exactly the same as in the other phone

let's continue, but why do you open everything up again?

But if you told me to open it? *angry face*

I'm going to open the ugly first, which one is the ugly? the one with the screen with notch or the one that does not have it? the black one

the touch on the back of the phone is very good

This part of here has a nice touch, it's really cool

that's good, let me see, touch it, is super weird

It's not the same as the previous model, it's like a painted glass or something, it's very good!

I do not dislike this size

The size of the phone for those who like small phones is an ideal size

Let's see my beautiful Pixel in rose or fake rose as Google says.

It also has the same size, what a nice phone !!

do you like the same touch? is the same? let me see

to have an idea is like a kind of satin is super soft when you touch it and I also see that the fingerprints are not marked on the phone

Yes, there is glass here in this part, but this is super smooth!

and mine has the color ignition button and this one does not, the one that i had it was also colored

is on the other side, is not on the same side, and behind? no the touch has nothing to do

This one slides a bit more, is there much movement ana? Yes, especially in pixel 3, in this one not so much, but last year's version did not move

we can se a big screen notch and frames

remember that this one has full HD + resolution and this one has QHD + resolution, it has more resolution than the other but you can hardly tell the difference

The calibration of colors is different, in this case the colors are colder, and in this the colors are warmer, the color power is noticeable

this has a very large screen notch, I think it's the biggest notch I've seen Martin, is not long but it's wide but it has 2 selfie cameras

that's the positive point, one of the best things about this phone is that now the 2 cameras are not behind, otherwise, they are in front of the phone

also that the 2 selfie cameras of the Pixel XL are in the center around the speaker and, on the other hand, in Pixel 3 they are on the side, not in the center

Look, the loudspeaker is bigger!

in this one than the other in the upper part

but in the lower part the loudspeaker is bigger in Pixel XL than in this one here

and how it feels on hands Ana?

For people who like small phones they will like it a lot

I like it a lot more than I thought Ana

Yes, me too

and if you were wondering how it looks compared to the other animals on the market of phones, Mate 20 pro, Iphone Xs Max, the 2 phones of the review, the Note 9 and the Pixel 2 XL of the past year

Martin in the back I stay with Huawei Mate 20 pro or with my Pixel 3 XL in rose color

the color pink is not as noticeable on the screen as it is here, on the screen it looks more white and in person it looks more like a cream color

and in the front how it looks Ana?

all there with the maximum brightness

in this left section, we have all the exponents of the screen with notch

in the right section we have all the exponents with the screen without notch

this is war

The Huawei Mate 20 pro is Very beatiful Martin, it's the prettiest maybe, also the screen it's very nice, although I'm in love with the iphone screen

I think the iphone screen is one of the best this year

but also it has to be said that with respect to the previous model it is more noticeable the improvement of the screen in the Pixel 3

so you do not have to run a lot please

This one has a design pretty similar to the last year, and also takes a step forward in the notch of the screen, a big step forward

its a pretty nice screen notch

I still have a favorite in terms of the screen, take a look to the white color of the Pixel 3 normal, because all the other has a kind of yellow or blue color in the screen, seen from the side

and the only one that keeps a good white color is the Pixel 3 even compared with the Iphone Xs

So let's start the performance tests in 3, 2, 1 ...

* sounds of performance test in progress *

The Pixels phones has a good performance

in terms of load this is the one that goes first, and then this the Pixel 3 XL

and then this ones are pretty similar

and the Note too, I had not seen it

and the last one is the Pixel 2 XL, that is evident because it has a processor of the last year and it has been used

the last one in this moment is the Note 9

the iphone already has enden the test

what a great score has the Iphone! 353.968

the Huawei and the Pixel XL they finished at the same time

this one finished in fourth place

this one is the last year version of Pixel

and the Note 9 has not finished yet, it has to be the applications that I opened previously

245.341 for the Note

211.417 for the Pixel 2 XL

240.759 for the Pixel 3

256.952 for the Pixel 3 XL, this one is faster than the Pixel 3?

Yes, and 246.032 for the Huawei Mate 20 pro

Which phones are hottest?

the Pixel 3 maybe

37.5 - 37.4 C°

36.7 C°

35 - 36 C°

36.6 C°, yes, it seems to be the hottest, the Pixel 3 XL.

35 - 36 C°

and the Huawei has reached 39 degrees Celsius, this is the hottest.

and now comes a Samsung user of those phones that fly in terms of their fluency to see these Chinese stories that say Google makes them faster, they are more fluid

they are jealous

let's see the truth

what happened here?, they changed the buttons

How do I get back here?, you already know it perfectly

Look, here we open, and if we do it like that, ohhh! look, this is an iphone Ana, this is not an Android,I assure you that it is not Android, Android does not work like this

let's see if they open fast


They are just as fast, look here is the button to go back

they're fast

a very fluid feeling, not as much as the samsung but it is very good

*sarcastic laugh*

another thing they say is that these "iphones" have wireless charge *laugh noises*

don't be annoying

¿How are you going to say "iphones"?

Ana is angry

These pixels comes with wireless charging, will it be true?

You can not put them there, you have the wireless charger there.

ohh look ! Let's check that it also works with other phones

this one does not work, you have to put it well

But here we have a new generation of wireless charger called Pixel Support

It is removed from below Edit

waooo ! what is this? it's beautiful

Here you can connect USB type-c

instructions and also has a cable USB type-c to USB type-c, both are the same, It is quite long

and also has another quick charger that we are going to plug in

it is already plugged in

it is connected from below, let's start testing it

the stand it is quite beautiful

I like how they use the frames here, if not had the notch of the screen, it would look great

you're right

ok, it is working

getting help from the assistant

because this is not only a wireless charger, with the Pixels there are extra functions Martin

look, they also have quick wireless charging, that is also an interesting fact.

and we are going to ask: "ok google what is the next Barcelona's soccer match?"

*answer from google assistant* "Barcelona's next match against Inter Milan is tomorrow at 9:00 p.m. o'clock"

what a match !

sounds good right? sounds loud

"put some songs from Xuxa"

*answer from google assistant* "perfect lets see what dou you think from this songs of Susa (google assistant did not recognize the voice of martin very well)"

*Song noises*

turn it off because they put us the copyright Martin

why do you put this? *laughs*

let's give it another chance "ok google, tell me a joke"

the mother of one pilot to another, how did you make your son so humble? I told him to have his feet on the ground ... * laughter from the public *

it's a pretty bad joke * laughter from the public *

Yes, the google assistant wants to force laughter like a bad television show.

We have a new gadget in the tecnonauta casting, we will measure the volume in decibels of each phone to know the power.

and in terms of quality, you will realize with your ear or by our own opinion.

let's put it here in silence to see what is the measure

"i believe i can fly"

"i belive i can touch the sky"

It sounds better than the pixel of last year, but I think it is not the best quality in the market, I prefer the audio of the Iphone Xs max

let's hear the Iphone Xs max to see its measure

"i believe i can fly"

"i belive i can touch the sky"

there is a difference, but I thought that the Iphone Xs max had even more power and better audio, but when putting them together there is not much difference, although the Iphone Xs max is betters

"i believe i can fly"

"i belive i can touch the sky"

*background music* it's going very well but, you can say that the audio loses a bit of quality

for me it was very good, but it is true that it reduces the quality a bit

the pixel stand works for the other phones? Well, let's test if it works

we put it here and yes, it works

Obviously you can not use the extra functions that bring pixel stand but it works recharge the battery

the Iphone also it works

and we're also going to try the Note

it also works

The photographic moment of tecnonauta has arrived and we will start taking pictures with the normal camera, the only one that has the Pixel 3 XL 3, 2, 1...

Do you want a selfie Ana?

You have 2 cameras to prove it, not only one

in 3, 2, 1 ...

there is a change of camera, you give there to move away

It has a wide angle, 3, 2, 1 ...

We are looking and analyzing the photos of the selfies we take, and there are big diferences of a photo to the other, the quality of one and the quality of the other are very different

look here, my face looks cleaner and here it looks more detailed

and also the ceiling looks more blurred and here it has nothing, it could be that the photo has moved, but it is still evident

I take a photo in selfie mode in 3, 2, 1 ...

in portrait mode you can take the photo farther or closer

we are in video mode, in 2 cameras, it is difficult to record like this

The focus of the camera is fine

everything is fine, let's watch the recording while I move

We have to define this in a comparative review

An interesting function in these phones is the lens, which is supposed to recognize elements, which allows you to relate them and search them over the Internet for example

ok, look how the object is recognized, almost immediately

it is recognized immediately, the DeLorian

it's not exact but it found marty

Let's see with this, this is going to be more difficult

*surprised noises* I thought it would be harder, and the phone found it easy

the elements are recognized thanks to machine learning and it works really fast

this video is going to last 45 minutes, but you have to do things right

let's recognize this text

you can choose the section to be translated from the text, so let's traduce it

it works fast and very well

Let's take some pictures with less light, it looks pretty spectacular on the screen

in 3, 2, 1 ...

Ana I have the feeling that these 2 phones hide a lot of new features or a lot of interesting things, for example this old feature, if you press your phone you already could ...

*android assistant voice* "Hello tecnonauta i'm your assistance and i'm here to bring you help-- yes but i dont want to talk with you, i was only showing sometime

as also for example the way to take nocturnal photos that is in development and almost that it allows to take photos in dark areas as if it were of day, it is more than what I expected in this phone

i told you, that is why i like this phones Martin

you have good taste Ana

i'm not dumb

Another important thing, it comes with protection against water and dust IP68

in both models

exactly, and this phones doesn't comes with auriculars jack

and there is an important difference between both models, one has a lot of battery, 3.430 milliamps and the other with 2.915 milliamps

I like a lot the feel on hands, the small phone is a very good option for someone who is looking for a compact phone without losing features, because it is a google phone and it will give you a good performance

And if this one does not bother you with that big notch on the screen is perfect for you, it doesn't bother me in particular, but there are people who they bother

we have to compare all this phones with a lot of tests, like battery tests, camera etc, to know exactly what it is the better phone of the 2k18, and this one could be the winner

we'll see you soon, in the next video ;)

*cool music*

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