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hi mom you ready for your interview yes are you gonna drink your tea? yeah yeah okay we're in

where do I look where do you look you can you can look at me yeah yeah I don't

like looking at the camera so I've asked our followers on Instagram to send in a

load of questions to ask you Palkia art has asked favorite child question mark

who's your favorite child I don't have a favorite child I'm very lucky to have

three children all very different so they all have very good things about

them and we've always strengths and weaknesses yes

what are your son's strengths and that's from follow my stars what are my

strengths okay that you have a plan and then you see it through so yeah like you

taught yourself Spanish from a background of not being good at

languages and you taught yourself Spanish because

you wanted to go and live in Spain you did that English teaching course you

know seen through things through and also been quite adventurous very nice

thank you and weakness what would you say is my biggest weakness um sometimes

not concentrating very well and and then perhaps also being sometimes maybe too

swayed by what what other people think of you maybe hmm very true you shouldn't

have started a YouTube channel right if you know what kind of child was Harry in

childhood he was very good yo-yoing and used to do that hours a day and anything

he did he'd do it so much that he'd kind of wear himself out so you know tennis

he became very keen on and then he on table tennis when we're on holiday

and he was about eight years old and he took him everybody staying at the hotel

adults children everyone and beat them at table tennis and he'd he'd do it so

much till he was exhausted never knew when to stop and what about like in

school I think you just wanted to play football and be with your friends you

weren't interested in learning no you couldn't concentrate okay yeah

yes yes yes are you proud of your son well of hurry

yes of me yeah yes I am I am I think he is blossoming into a good young man how

would you like your afternoon Kutta I like it in a big mug with a little bit

of milk just a little bit and what type of milk do you like that's the red one

yeah it's a bit watery yes it's a watery milk but I don't like the taste of fatty

tea what was the funniest moment from my childhood was it funny my childhood

wasn't that funny were you thinking of anyone in particular well I was thinking

when you poured a bowl of cereal on my head can you remind me of that what why

should we have I think hey I used to get a bit cross at mealtimes with the

children and poured you out was it cornflakes or rice crispy rice krispies

yeah and you were playing me up and it was breakfast before school and I was

all stressed and I think I just tipped it up over his head and bit ashamed

really so I was playing up I was being really annoying yes and you poured the

whole the whole bowl right do you remember my reaction I did do it to my

sisters where did you sit with a pint of milk when I was

oh my god we were teenagers on our own in the house and she was annoying me so

I went and got a pint of milk I just slowly oh my god so evil I was crap in

school but I'm blossoming into a nice young man and my mom loves to pour milk

over people's heads I think it's interviews going pretty

well before we go back to it I have a question for you how are your English

speaking skills coming along do you feel confident when you speak in English and

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let's get back to the interview what jobs did you think Harry might have when

he grew up was English teacher one of them no no I would never thought of that

I think I thought Harry would do something like carpentry or something

physical you know maybe roofing up on the roof roofing yeah some sort of

building work or gardening type work yeah I thought how he'd be quite

practical and do want to do something outside and physical

what's her favorite cake what's your favorite cake mom that's from Michael

and Judy I really like kind of like carrot cake

Oh cake I never have this coffee cake but I think it's lovely and I do quite

like cheesecake if it's good well made okay it's good we made yes I'm chocolate

cake of course chocolate how do you say the word chocolate chocolate chocolate

that's quite an interesting way of dancing isn't it mm-hmm

gasps does she where do you think you got that from I think we made it up

chocolate chocolate mum what is the poshest thing you've ever done

oh I think having tea Fortnum's and Masons it's very very expensive well

over 100 pounds and you have the best champagne and you have a little

amuse-bouche thing and then a little starter and then the cake stand with

scones and wonderful little salmon are just gorgeous

I think yeah because it was so special have you met any members of the royal

family oh well when I was a child the Queen Mother

she's dead now but she came to the street next to our street to judge the

flowers in the front gardens and I was with my cousins

and we pushed through the crowds and got right in front of her and my cousin was

talking to her telling her our names and everything and my mother used to go to

garden parties that the Pat Buckingham Palace really yeah because she worked

for a charity and if you work for a charity you get invited to them and then

my great my grandmother was presented to the Queen when she became when she was

18 because in England that's what used to happen it was called

coming out and you'd wear diamonds and a long white dress and you'd be presented

to the Queen it was a tradition when you became 18 yeah we

rage if you were you know the Thurston sort of class the person right and what

kind of what you had to be part of the aristocracy

well aristocracy but posh yeah what do you like most about England

that's from Chinatown for life has lovely countryside and I like the

climate chocolate because I don't like being in bright Sun all the time

funded really tiring so I like that our day is always different what do you

think about Argentinian people as from a Nadella Valley well when I was a child

my best friend her father was Argentinian and was very

into horses they used to have a maid and they were they were they rich and so

there's the only Argentinians I ever met so I think of them as quite exotic and

you know someone else has asked do you speak any other languages you could

communicate with Argentinians estudio español mm-hmm

Daniel is there any reflections on what I said people saying commenting on what

you said what is your secret to keeping so young and beautiful

that's from yangchen two four one six one that's a very kind

fluttering comment but I do think if people keep active and eat well you know

and look after yourselves with any luck if you don't get sick you

can you know more or less you know look similar through your life yeah and how

do you keep active I do a lot of yoga and I walk every day what's your

favorite yoga pose oh I think worry - warrior - and can you please show us

that this is from Larissa Manuel can I be her daughter endure Harry if you

already have someone I'm sorry do you want me to get married only if you felt

completely confident in your relationship you know it's not the

be-all and end-all nice language be your end or very nice do you think I will get

married do you think I'll find that special someone I don't know I would

hope say because it's nice to have someone Society yeah this is the last

question it's about tea okay just seems like the perfect question to end it

tea is also a very big thing in Turkey have you ever tried Turkish tea well I

wonder if Turkish tea is like Moroccan tea do you have it with sugar did you

like it um I'm not married on sweet tea I prefer

tea without sugar right so the answer you don't like it you can tell you don't

like it basically yeah I think that's all that's all the questions do you have

any questions for me all four for them well I just hope you enjoy this little

interview yeah it's been fun it's been really useful no questions for me yeah

no okay thanks mom love you don't forget to

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