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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: George Clooney on Proposing to Amal

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So, you're here for the first time.

Seven years on your own accord.

>> Yes.

>> And we lured you in so many other ways.

And then you finally, you were on reluctantly,

cuz we got these baseball players that you love.

>> Mm-hm. >> But then you moved.

You used to be right next door.

>> Yeah, this soundstage was the Soundstage, too.

>> Did you know that?

In fact, the very last scene I did on the show was literally, like, right here.

>> Like right here?

>> Yeah. >> I know, it's so

cool that this was the Stage, and now it's the Ellen DeGeneres stage.

Did you know they named it for me?

Did you know that?

>> The set's named for you now?

>> No, the stage.

There's a plaque on the wall.

They gave it to me for my- >> You're kidding, really?

>> Yes, yes.

For the 2000th show or something.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Isn't that great?

>> That's amazing.

>> You're in my building.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> I mean, I'm a little hurt.

>> Yeah [LAUGH].

>> It's not like we didn't have a successful show or anything.

>> Yeah, yeah.

>> But it's okay, it's good.

>> How long did Go?

>> 15 years.

>> Well, this is 13.

>> I was on it for five.

>> Okay.

>> I don't care.

Let it go.

It's yours. >> Speaking of hurt feelings,

why wasn't I invited to your wedding?

>> [LAUGH] >> Yeah, that was, you know,

you were- >> It was an oversight.

>> Honestly, it was right on the edge.

It was right there at the- >> Cut-off line?

>> You were right at the cut-off line.

>> No. How many people went?

>> We only had a 105 people there.

>> And so, I was the 106th?

>> [LAUGH] >> Six, yeah.

>> That's a shame.

>> Well, it just felt weird.

>> Okay. >> It felt wrong to just invite you and

not Porsche.

>> Not Porsche, that would have been rude, yeah.

>> That would have been rude.

>> Okay, you did the right thing.

>> Yeah, it felt wrong.

>> It seemed like it was fun.

>> [LAUGH] Well, my wife is Lebanese, and that's,

there's, that's- >> Close to Lesbianese.

>> [LAUGH] >> Very close, you're right.

>> [LAUGH] [APPLAUSE] >> I hadn't even thought of it that way.

>> Well.

>> Now it all makes much more sense.

>> [LAUGH] >> They have huge families, the Lebanese.

So, just getting the wedding down to- >> To her family?

>> Yeah. >> So you had no-

>> I had two people there.

>> Yeah, speaking of, first of all, very, very happy for you.

I'm happy that you're happy and married.

>> Yeah. >> Which nobody thought you would

get married.

>> [LAUGH] >> So, we-

>> Including me.

>> [LAUGH] >> I mean you were really

adamant about that.

You said you were not gonna get married.

So, how long, and maybe you've been asked this before, but I don't know.

When you met her, how long did it take for you to go, I'm actually gonna marry her?

>> It's funny, we were talking about that today.

I think about six months until I actually thought I might pop the question.

And it was one of the horrible moments.

We didn't talk about it.

It wasn't like, maybe we should get married or anything.

I plotted the whole thing out.

Had the ring hidden behind her.

I had music playing.

My Aunt Rosemary's gonna sing, Why Shouldn't I.

Everything was planned out.

And I've cooked dinner.

And she comes in, and she's just come back from London, and she's dressed up.

Usually, she'll dress up and now she's like, well maybe we'll just order in.

And I go, no, I made dinner.

And then I've got it all setup, timed out, and the song is coming,

and she gets up to go wash the dishes, which she's never done.

>> [LAUGH] >> And I'm like, what are you doing?


And she comes back in.

And finally, I said, I blew out the candles,

I said, I think the lighter is in the box behind you.

And she reached around, she pulls out the box.

And I've got just the ring sitting in there.

And she pulls it out, and she looks at it, and she's like, it's a ring.

>> [LAUGH] >> Like,

somebody had left it there some other time, I don't know.

I'm like, and I'm doing all the moves you can do with my face.

>> [LAUGH] >> I got down on my knee, and I said,

I couldn't imagine spending the rest of my life without you.

And she kept looking at the ring, and she was looking at me, and she's like, my god.

And we now know, because there's a playlist, so

we know how long it actually took.

And it's like 25 minutes, 25 minutes.

And I finally, I literally said, look, I hope the answer is yes,

but I need an answer, cuz you know I'm 52, and

I could throw out my hip pretty soon if I don't get an answer.

>> [LAUGH] >> And then she said, okay,

yes, >> Wow.

>> Which worked out really well.

>> Wow, It did, that's beautiful, that's amazing.

It is a beautiful story, cuz I'm sure she just assumed that'll never happen,

cuz everyone was very- >> Well, it was one of those funny things.

From the minute we met, we just hit it off.

And from the minute we met, we sort of felt like we were gonna be together.

>> Wow.

>> Yeah it's nice. >> That's beautiful,

I'm very happy for you.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> I am, too.

>> Yeah.

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