Practice English Speaking&Listening with: New Job Interview - Episode 324 (Mark Angel Comedy)

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hello good afternoon

is this the company that wants a chef

do you mean the people who are hiring a chef?


okay yes

the interview is tomorrow



we're having an interview tomorrow

oh! interview?


I will send you the address to this number




cooking interview?

Uncle you want to go and cook when you don't know how to cook

what will you cook for them?

okay you will go and boil hot water

becuase that's the only thing I know you can do


what I know is that tomorrow

as I'm going for that interview you will go with me

so that you will be giving me sign and telling me what to do

Uncle I'm not going anywhere with you

that's cheating I'm not going anywhere with you

is it not you that want me to get a job?

is it only cooking job you saw?

please go and look for gateman job

what I know is that I'm going for that interview tomorrow

and you will go with me

I'm not going anywhere with you

you will follow me

I'm not following you

you will see now

you will follow me

you will see

I'm not following you please!

leave me alone

till tomorrow then

let see if you're not going to follow me

you're shaking your head like bush meat


I'm here

see the way you're wasting time

what if we get there now and they say the interview is over

I'm doing this becuse of you oh

because you just want a job

because this is cheating


when we get there

anything I show you

just do it

I will be directing you on what to do

let's go

see this job that I'm going for now

you don't know that I've done it before

when I worked in presidential Hotel as chef

I use to cook all these...

foreign dishes

Mr Mark Angel

this is an interview

for the position of a chef

in this hotel

and in front of you

are lined up ingredients

for you to prepare mayonnaise

and this mayonnaise is for you to prepare coleslaw

and you have just ten minutes to do that

by the way

is this little girl with you?

yes she is my cousin

I'm her uncle

you're her uncle she's your cousin


that's by the way

please your time start now


I'm going to prepare mayonnaise

and use the mayonnaise to prepare coleslaw

your time has already started please

stop that rubbish

stop that rubbish

drop it

what's this mess

drop it

Jesus christ

so Mr. Mark Angel

we can see that

making mayonnaise

and using it for coleslaw

is actually a bit difficult for you

so we're giving you grace

this is mayonnaise

and this is a recipe

for making coleslaw

there are four steps

and I'm going to read it out and you'll follow

and your time start now


so number one

mix mayonnaise

and salt

when you are done please let us know

so we can move to the next step

are you done?

number 2

place cabbage

and carrot in the bowl

are you done?


number 3

pour your mayonnaise mix

over cabbage and stir

sorry Mr. Mark Angel

what are you doing?

I'm staring

number 4

chill in the fridge for 1 hour

Mr Mark

what are you doing?

number four say chill in the fridge

I'm chilling in the fridge

when it's up to 1 hour please knock on the fridge

my friend what are you doing there?

sir with due respect

you're disturbing my job

It's like you want me to fail this audition

allow me to chill in the fridge

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