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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: NEW: Snowman Lane Table Runner in Laser Cut Flannel | Shabby Fabrics

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[Winter Fun Guitar]

[Jen] Hi! It's Jen from Shabby Fabrics.

This adorable table runner's called Snowman Lane and this is a Shabby Fabrics original.

We introduced this a while back and those kits flew out the door,

and we are getting ready to remake more of them just due to popular demand.

But one of the other things that we've been asked about is,

"Do you have it available in anything besides a wool because I'm allergic?"

and the answer now is yes!

We have this same table runner now available in flannel as well with all of the applique

pre-fused and laser-cut making it so much easier and faster to put together.

So if you love wool, more kits will be available and if you love flannel

and you want everything cut out for you those kits will be available in early March of 2020.

So, be sure to reserve your kit today and what does that mean by reserve your kit?

That means you can say yes to the kit today as well as the thread set, which I'll get to shortly,

and we will bill you for the remainder of that kit in March.

Everything is now coming in the door, we're getting the kits assembled, ready for you to go out in March.

So, this is just so much fun

because with the flannel, as I said everything will come to you already cut out.

Of course you'll be cutting out your background, your backing and your binding yourself as usual,

but all of those shapes will be cut for you.

You'll simply be peeling off the paper backing and using an applique pressing sheet,

a lightbox and an assembly diagram to pre-assemble units, iron them together,

and you'll be able to move them onto the background

and just be able to build your adorable winter scene.

I just love that in the wintertime I can put something colorful on my table

because, you know here in North Idaho it's snowing, sometimes it's drizzling and it's a little bit of kind of gray days,

and it's fun to have a project on the table.

And no matter where you're sitting around that table there's something fun to see.

So we purposely made it so that there's really something to see on all four sides

and we think this is a pretty special project that we think it you're going to love.

Now if you're picking up the flannel project, we've put together a thread set for you,

and these of course are coordinated so that when you're

stitching down your applique this will match perfectly.

If you are going to be doing that by machine, which we certainly recommend, then that's how we did our sample,

be sure to pick up the Super Nonstick size 80 needles.

They're specifically designed to work with fusible webbing and glide right through

that without getting gummed up or creating any problems with the thread.

So they're a great addition and they're for a very affordable price.

Now the embroidery is the very same, the snowflakes and the swirl, the smoke

coming out of the chimneys is the same, whether you're doing the wool or the cotton.

That's where we're using our special embroidery threads,

and this is a thicker thread so we're using a different needle.

These are the embellishing needles.

The eye is much larger and the needle is also larger to accommodate the bulk of the thread.

So, whether you're doing this one, the wool, or the cotton, you'll be picking up that thread.

Those are available as a add-ons as well.

Sometimes when I'm using hand embroidery especially the thicker thread

if it has some metallic, sometimes I run into maybe a little bit of tangling,

and that's why I like to use the thread magic, where I'm just kind of running the,

I'll show you what that looks like.

You're just kind of running the thread right through there, kind just pulling it through,

and that just kind of changed that thread.

It makes it a little bit kind of glides through the project easier and less likely to tangle.

I definitely was using marking tools on this project because we have the windowpanes.

I use the FriXion Pen for that, and for the darker

background of course I needed to use a lighter marking tool.

This is the Mark Be Gone. I love this tool!

I can mark that on there and if I make any mistakes with a damp cloth,

I can just wipe it away and start again.

Both of these are removable markings so I always like to use that in case I make any mistakes.

So that's just something you'll be able to on this project

and well beyond because anytime you're marking on darker colored fabrics or

lighter colored fabrics you're going I'm marking tool.

Definitely a 6 and a 1/2 by 24 and a 1/2 inch ruler.

We use that cut out our background, backing and our binding.

Of course, and that's just a ruler that you're going to want to be using with really any project.

The lightbox, I touched on just a little bit before.

We use the lightbox really for any time we're doing applique.

In the old days, I would just bring one piece to the background, another piece to the background

and my picture never quite came out right.

We go to great lengths to give you beautiful assembly diagrams here at Shabby Fabrics.

Most patterns you buy today may have reversal fusible diagrams in them,

but they don't have an assembly diagram and you're having to refer to a picture.

We make sure that we include assembly diagrams for you making it just almost foolproof,

where if you're using a light box, an assembly diagram an applique pressing sheet in a nice warm iron,

you can pre assemble those units as I mentioned bring them onto the background and the picture comes together nicely.

This is just a small portion of the assembly diagram.

In your kit, you'll be getting a full-sized one, let me just bring that over and show you more about that.

So of course the full-size one was bigger than what could accommodate on my table,

but isn't that nice and we also number things so that

you know the order in which pieces go down.

So, if you've had our kits you know, you know that we, we have you in our mind

to make sure that we're giving you the best experience.

So that your favorite hobby is even more convenient and more fun than ever before.

So be sure to grab this kit. If you love the pre-fused, laser-cut, the flannel one is for you.

If you love wool, be sure to pick up the wool kit.

Thanks for letting me show you this brand new product and be sure to reserve that today,

and I'll see you on the next Shabby Fabrics video.

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