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Hello guys! Welcome back to our

Youtube channel. And in this video,

guys, I will teach you

how to earn from Youtube.

Even you, yourself did not make your

own video.

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Because there are so many that are earning

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Alright? So you should finish this video,

step-by-step, watch this

because I will teach you guys, this on step-by-step.

Anyway, this is Mark

from Pinoy Influencer. This is your coach

on these trainings when it comes to Youtube.

Okay? So guys...


Thank you also for always watching

my Youtube channel. Okay. Shoutout

to those who wanted to be shouted out. You are so many, I can't

name you all one-by-one. But still,

it is really a shout out to all of you! Okay? So...

But, guys, here. This is real. Okay?

The channel is so big, this one that I will teach you.

And, guys,it should be, if you have watched this and

if you want, you should start immediately. Okay?

Now guys, if you want whole details

okay? And many more courses

and more informative. The link is on the description of this video.

The full course when it comes to

uhh, training when it comes to Youtube.

Guys, this is just the tip of the icebergs only.

But you can also earn big income here,

when you are able to apply this. Alright?

Okay. So now guys, let's start. We just have

to go here on Youtube.

What is my own example that you can

earn really big? On Youtube,

Even you, yourself don't have to be the video creator.

Because sometimes, you are shy,

you don't know how to use the camera and sometimes

they are always asking me, if they can use a phone. Guys, yes! You can use it.

But guys, what I will teach you now is not phone. Okay?

You are not going to create your own video.

Okay? There is already a video created.

Okay? So let's go...



So, here on...

On Youtube, this is one

of my example. This is the sample itself.

Okay, this video...

This channel -

Popsugar Fitness okay?

We will remember guys that at Youtube, we are

not earning from ads alone. Alright?

We are not only earning from ads, we are

also earning from affiliates.

This example, okay?

This is earning from the product.

Okay? Flat belly? 30 days to

a flat belly.

It is a training and then

it is earning from ads also. Okay,

so this is our example: Popsugar Fitness. Okay?

So, what are we gonna do is, if you will see this.

These are exercises, it is not her.

These are 30 minute - no equipment

cardio kick-boxing workout, 30 minute so...

fitness exercise. Okay? So

here, if you will notice, 2M,

2.8 million is her subscribers.

Okay. That's huge! And

they have thousands of views

daily. Okay? So let us check.

Let's just go...

let's just go to, uhh...

to Social Blade, let's

check on how much is the earnings of this channel. So let's go to Social Blade,

The POPSUGAR Fitness

Okay, so they have

1,130 uploads. Wow! Even once a day only.

So, they started on November 2010.

Okay, they are B Grade.

If we check guys, the estimated their monthly

earnings is 2.6,

$2,600 to

41,000 USD. That is their maximum potential.

Okay, let's say it is the minimum only,

it is still big in The Philippines! It is around

150,000. Look at it guys, the

daily estimated earnings, again, daily...

as of...

let's say the latest, so we can see...

As of March 17,

okay. Their earnings is averaging to 75 to

1.2 thousand

dollars. If we compute this to

Philippine currency, the 75 times

50, around 30,000 a day

for the ads only on google. Okay?

Look at the views, their average views.

341,000 is their average views,

daily average views, is it wow?

So, if you will notice guys,

they are uploading their videos consistently.

Why can they do that? Oaky.

I will teach you. For example, we have a sample here:

We are doing fitness also.

So, what are you gonna do? You do not know how to shoot video, you are not sexy,

you are not fit. Is it alright? Yes! It is.

What are you gonna do? I will teach it to you guys.

Okay? Let's just go here

in Fiverr. Okay?

Did you know about the Fiverr? These are

videos that...

These are services that provides...

So Fiverr, just type and then

type Fitness video. "fitness video"

Okay? So this is what has shown here.

It is the same with that (POPSUGAR Fitness) guys. Look at this. Here.

You can buy this

and the order of this is 251.

Okay, example - there is kaushalhirpara.

There. Okay? 251 is the order.

For just $10, okay. So we will click



You are buying a video. Cause you don't know how to do it, right?

You have to buy a video. Okay?

If you are going to earn like this,

okay? How much would a video only costs?

Let's just be a business-minded. Alright?

So, you will earn. Let's say, 1...

How much is it? Just a 30,000 per day only.

Compared to how much is the fitness video? Buy it then!

Then upload it on your Youtube. Okay?

Even the most expensive one. Even the premium one, buy it!

That costs $35 only guys. Okay? They will deliver it immediately.

In one day, you have 1,000 fitness exercise videos, 130

free videos, plus

100 fitness Ebooks. That's free!

Will be given to you. Just buy it for $35.

You will earn that on Youtube in just one day. Now, if you have uploaded that,

just upload it, okay?

And then, it will be on zip file format.

And then you have to unzip it and then upload it.

Create your Youtube channel and make

your brand name. Right?

Haven't I taught you how to make channel already?

That's what you are going to apply. How to upload (video), apply that (learning).

Just simple! Right?

Okay, so here it is.

Okay, daily just upload even two (videos).

Okay, let's say two videos like this daily.

Your only work now is how to increase

your subscribers.

Okay. These are going to be your videos. This is complete.

There is home, outdoor... But you choose

what do you want your channel to be or what are the videos you like. Example,

this one. Is it? For good, I will teach you this also.



Okay, for your videos to be unique, what are you going to do?

Go here on

Tube Arsenal

Here guys, you can buy pretty

intro and outro. Alright?

So, there they have it. There is intro...

Example, you want pretty intro

to your fitness video, just buy here.

Okay. Just choose there, there are so much to choose from.

This Tube Arsenal.

Your intro. You want

that pretty intro to your fitness, say no more!

You have to choose there,

for just $9, one time only guys. One-time.

All of your videos, you can put

intro. Okay? So...

of course, you are creating your channel,

it has to be related to fitness. Let's say that it is... uhh,

"Pinoy fitness...

uhh, videos!" Oh! It's up to you guys.

I'm just giving you ideas.

Alright, so...

You have your intro, don't you? You can also buy

the outro. The exit.

The outro of your videos so it will be unique

so the crowd would like it. Okay, there is outro.

Here, just choose here also.

Only $9 too. Let's just be

business-minded guys.Okay, you have the intro,

you have the outro, you have the videos, where else can you earn?

You will earn from ads from Google Adsense, don't you?

Plus, okay, the really huge earnings

here is the Affiliate Marketing.

Okay, this is the Fitness Sugar. Here it is.

Belly fat, blast away in just 30 days.


Uhh, this is my advice for this.

Go to the Click Bank. Search for "flat

belly fix".

Every time someone buys, okay

you have 38.37

US dollar.

Every time someone buys! Wow! You will earn from your ads, you will also

earn from your affiliates. Just put this

on your link on the description, they will click that.

Once someone buys, you have

additional income again.

Okay, so you can... This guys, wow!

The income is so big! 216

in just whole week, the people can sell.

It means, the product is great.

So choose what do you like. Alright.


What else? Where are we?

So I hope guys...

Those are what I can share with you.

First, let us review the step-by-step. For example,

you want fitness, example only.

Okay, just go to Fiverr.

Okay, buy videos there.

There are so many to choose from, there are 'I will create a

professional exercise fitness" videos.

This is good because they have 5 star ratings.

Many. There so much more

to choose from. You want for boys, "I will give you 30 health and fitness videos...

plr, MRR" for just $5.

Do you want... what else do you want? Just choose there.

"I will create fitness fitness gym and sport videos for you"

"I will create fitness intro promo video"

So, it can be... There are so much to choose from.

Okay... "I will give 300 fitness workouts HD"

There! So you may

buy this. And upload it to your

Youtube channel and put...

monetize it and you will earn

from your affiliate. Alright? It can also be a partnership.

Alright. So I hope guys, there is... If

you want the full course about this, in this kind of process,

okay, there is a link in the description of this video.

That course, full course, okay?

Uhh, that's detailed already. And not only

this strategy, there is more strategies that will be teach there.

Enroll now! On that course

and you will earn big on Youtube. Okay?

So if not fitness, there are more on how to make money online.

Because the most trending or the most marketable

or highest earning (videos)

are health and fitness,

make money online and relationship.

If you want those three videos and you really want

the step-by-step course, it is there

on the link in the description of this video. The tutorials...

Okay, So I hope guys, you learned

from our, in this video. Okay?

And you can earn big from Youtube

without creating your own videos.

Okay? So once again, this is Mark from

Pinoy Influencer. Thank you for watching

and please subscribe to my Youtube channel.

Hit and smash the like button if you

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See you guys on my next video.

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